Better with Skinny Jeans - Recap

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The scene opens with Casey and Mia on the couch. Mia gets up and grunts. She tells that it is because she is standing for two now. Casey wants to know if he grunts too, but he doesn’t. He tells that he is like a Ninja and should have been an assassin. Ben and Maddie are sitting down and Ben gets up and grunts. Maddie lets him know and says that he sounds old. She gets up and does it too. Ben tells that he can say that it is an old football injury. Maddie tells that they are going to have to act on it quick. Joel and Vicky get into bed and it is all groans and moans until they finally get comfortable.

Later, everyone is at Maddie and Ben’s and Mia uses their Washer because Casey was trying to record a new sound with bricks but it was no good. Mia says goodbye to her normal pants and tells them that she will see them in 6 months. Vicky laughs at the thought that Mia has that she will fit into her old jeans again. Joel concurs that Vicky didn’t. But, Mia remains positive and tells that she will never grow out of her “Angel Butt” jeans, the ones that make her butt look like little angels. Maddie tells that she calls her jeans “Robert Wadloads”, the tallest man in the world, because they make her legs look long. Vicky tells that she can’t believe Mia is still wearing the skinny jeans and then recants and says that is what Joel was saying. Vicky shows a wedding invitation to a friend whose last name is Herman and she is marrying a man with the last name Herman. She tells that she didn’t want to change her name so now she will be Margo Herman-Herman. Joel is shocked that she is already moving on.

Ben comes out in Mia’s jeans and Ben refuses to believe it until Casey reads the label “Sexy Chicks” and tells that he will go change. Later in bed, Joel asks if it is too soon for Margo to be remarried. Vicky tells that Richard is the number one pick every year. Joel is confused and Vicky tells that it is a “Fantasy Husband” list that the girls and her do at the club. She tells that if a man’s retirement goes up, so do the points. Joel tells that he felt guilty when the guys and him rated the womens’ boobs. Joel asks what number he is and she tells that she has to check the website and then tries to go to sleep and ignore Joel. The next day, Joel finds out that he is last on the list. He tells that he is going to raise his score at the club. Mia comes in and tells that she ripped her “Angel Butt” jeans because Ben weakened them. Mia tells that he owes her one because Helen Miram could have killed him.

The mail comes and Maddie gets excited. Casey doesn’t like the mail and Maddie retells the story when John Bon Jovi wrote her a letter with his hair. Casey tells that the mail had its day but are a lot better ways to communicate. Maddie takes on the challenge. At the store, Mia is trying to button the pants and tells that they moved the button. Ben suggests that they look at the pregnancy pants and she tells that Ben is a jerk. Meanwhile at the club, Joel is beefing himself up and lying out of his teeth. He gets on the leg machine and gloats about the weight being to low, but it retracts and he is stuck. At Maddie and Ben’s, Maddie has one shoe on and tells that she is waiting for it in the mail to prove to Casey that the mail is awesome. Casey asks Ben what he said to make Mia so upset. He tells that he suggested pregnancy pants. He tells that Mia doesn’t want to accept that she is going to have to change into the pregnancy pants stage. Maddie’s shoe comes in the mail and Casey shows his surprise by text and tells that texting is the way people communicate.

Back at the club, the women are meeting and Joel enters and tells that he needs to clear up that they shouldn’t hesitate to draft him and that his knees are fine. He then falls over. Later, Vicky comes in and tells that everyone is laughing and he can read it on the website. She tells that she makes up bad things about Joel because she doesn’t want to share him, even in a Fantasy Husband game. She touches his knee and he screams in pain. Meanwhile, Maddie tries to have the mailman deliever a fish bowl and the mailman refuses. Ben goes back to the store and tells that he wants to help. He consoles her and tells that she should try the pants because the pants don’t make her who she is and then tells about the past pants she wore. She thanks Ben and tries on the pregnancy pants. She comes out and they fit nicely. Ben comes out in a pair and tells that he just found next year’s Thanksgiving pants.

Maddie comes into Mia and Casey’s and tells that she built up the mailman to be more then they are. Suddenly a mailman comes in with Joel and puts him on the couch. Maddie is happy and tells that that she mailed her father and the mailman delivered him. The episode ends with Casey seeing Mia on the couch asleep. He scoops her up and carries her to bed. Ben sees Maddie asleep and attempts to scoop her up and she wakes up hitting and knocking him over. Joel sees Vicky asleep on the couch and scoops her up and puts her on the floor and sits down and watches TV. Vicky wakes up and asks what she is doing on the ground and he tells that she was like that when he came in.