Better with a Shamrock - Recap

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The scene opens with Mia eating pizza and Casey telling that he is fine when she offers because he hasn’t eaten breakfast. Mia likes the sound of breakfast and tells that they can go out to eat after she eats the pizza. Maddie and Ben order a pizza too and tell the delivery boy everything that is wrong with the pizza. He tells that they are no longer on their delivery route. At Joel and Vicky’s place, Joel tells that it is 31 minutes and the pizza is free. The boy tells that he has been knocking for 12 minutes and they tell him to tell it to the door. Later Casey, Ben and Joel talk about a Japanese Game Show where they blindfold you with your nieghbor’s cat and make you walk through a room full of dogs. Joel tells that the Japanese are beating them at everything. Ben suggests that they go to Shamrock, a favorite bar of his where everyone knows him by Ted. He tells that he is close to getting his shamrock, a sign of being a long-time customer.

Vicky comes over and tells that she has an extra ticket to a charity event. Mia and Maddie talk in their made up language and Maddie tells that it is Mia’s turn. Mia agrees that she will go with Vicky to the event. Casey asks what they are saying and Ben tries to translate it but fails. Joel tells Vicky that he is going out with the boys and Vicky tells that it doesn’t sound cool when it is Casey and Ben. Mia and Maddie tell Ben and Casey that they hate to go with Vicky on the charity events because they have to not only suffer through the event, they have to suffer through the pre-event things. Mia tells that she hates the pick-up lines from the old men at the events. Such as “Hey you look like my dead wife”. Casey tells that he has to remember that. Ben and Casey enter the bar and Casey asks where Joel is. Ben tells that Vicky told him that Joel feel asleep on the toilet. Ben sits at the bar and Casey tells him to get his last shamrock and Ben tells that he has to tell the bartender a joke if he is to get one. Suddenly, Ben sees Nick Swisher, the Yankee ballplayer that missed a catch because Ben dropped the blanket on. He runs away and bumps into him. Nick recognizes him as someone else and he runs away.

Ben gets to the apartment and Maddie asks why he is pulling down the shades. He tells that Nick Swisher is at his bar and that he probably followed him home and is going to kill him. She tells that he is overreacting. Maddie points out that they are giving away a gift basket that has an original cell from The Little Mermaid. She tells that her mother used to call her Ariel. Ben tells that he would have thought that Mia would have been called that because she has red hair. Maddie calls Mia and tells that she will go to the event. She tells that she shouldn’t expose her baby to that boredom. Mia agrees. Mia reads the sees the same article that Maddie read and eats some cake. Later, Ben, Casey, and Joel go to Shamrock and Casey tells that Ben needs to get his Shamrock. However, he finds out that Nick Swisher bought the bar. Ben goes home to Maddie who is waiting for Vicky when Mia shows up dressed up too. She tells that she knows about the cell of The Little Mermaid. They tell that they will settle it like they have always done. They hold their breath and then realize it is not good. Mia tells that they will let Vicky decide.

They go over to the Vicky and Joel’s and he tells that she is still getting ready. Ben asks Joel and Casey how the bar was. Casey tells that Nick was giving away free beer. Ben is upset that he is not going to be able to go to his favorite bar anymore and Casey tells him that he needs to go and get his Shamrock and tell Nick the truth. Vicky comes out and tells that she doesn’t know who to take and Mia and Maddie realize that Vicky has six tickets and not two. She tells that she doesn’t like the tone and tells that she is tired of being the third wheel. They try to tell her that is not the case, but Vicky tells that she is going by herself. Meanwhile at the bar, Ben sees Nick Swisher and Casey tells him to go tell him the truth. Nick mistakes him as a gay guy who sold him his Escalade. Ben takes that as his identity. Vicky is at the event when Mia and Maddie come in and apologize to her and tell that she is not the third wheel to them. They tell her that they will teach her their secret language and also hang out with her more.

Later at the bar, Ben has a mudslide because Nick says that it is his favorite drink. Ben takes that and tells that he is only one stamp away from getting his Shamrock and Nick tells that he will give it to him. Nick walks over to Vicky, Maddie and Mia and asks if they need anything. They talk in the made up language and tell that Nick is cute. Nick asks Joel to toss the tape to him and Ben slips and has the banner cover Nick’s head and the tape his him in the head. Nick remembers Ben now as the blanket guy. He runs out. Later, Casey and Mia are eating cake and Mia tells that Casey can have the last bite and he takes it. Mia can’t believe him. Ben and Maddie are eating cake and Maddie tells that Ben can have the last piece. He denies it and tells that he won, but feels bad for not getting the last piece. Vicky is eating cake and Joel is in the other room. She whispers if he wants her to eat the last piece, don’t say anything. She eats the last piece. Joel peeks his head out and asks what is taking her so long and tells that he said if she wanted sex, for her not to say anything. She realizes that she has been tricked.