Better with Dancing - Recap

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The scene opens with Mia and Casey getting home talking about the vows and Mia wants to say, “until death do us part” in them. Casey tells that death won’t part them and tells he would keep her head in a jar. Maddie and Ben get in and Maddie tells that she would hate to have to die like the girl in the movie. Ben tells that he could never get married again. Maddie is flattered and Ben ruins it by telling that he would travel the world. Maddie tells that they can still do that, but Ben says that he’ll wait. Meanwhile, Joel and Vicky are home and Joel is about to eat pasta. Vicky tells that if he eats that before bed, she is going to leave him. He doesn’t listen and eats it anyways.

The next day, Mia comes into Maddie’s place and tells that Casey can’t dance. Ben cheers to hear that there is something that Casey is bad at and Vicky tells him not to gloat because if they cheered every time Ben did something bad, they’d be rich. Maddie asks how bad Casey is and she tells that he did “The Zombie” dance. Joel tells that dance is perfect for people who can’t dance. Ben’s mother calls and Ben tells that Casey can’t dance, but she still likes him even though she has never met him. He tries to give the phone to Maddie, but she tells that she is busy. Vicky asks why she won’t talk to Ben’s mother and she tells that she talks to her all the time. Joel tells that some parents don’t understand boundaries and takes off his belt and unbuttons his pants in Maddie’s home.

Later at dance class, Casey is not doing well at all and the dance teacher, Phillip, tells that he wants to talk to Casey alone. He asks why Casey is faking to not know how to dance. Casey tells that he knew that he can’t fool a fellow dancer and Phillip says that his girlfriend thinks that he is a mechanic. Phillip tells that there is a dance group that meets. Casey has heard of the “Lords of the Lot”. Mia comes in and asks how he is and Phillip tells that Casey is the worst. Later at Ben and Maddie’s, Ben comes in talking to his mom and tells that Larry King is staying at his hotel, but he is not going to ask for his autograph for her. He tells that Larry King asks for 8 towels a day. He says that his mom wants to talk to Maddie and she talks to her for a minute and lies and says that there is someone at the door. Ben asks why she did that and Maddie tells that Ben’s mom talks just to hear herself talk. Ben lashes out and says he always spends time with her parents.

The next day, Larry King comes up and tells that he needs more towels. He stops and asks Ben what is going on. Ben tells that he told his girlfriend that her dad is a bald cheapskate and that her mother is a booze-troll. He tells Ben to take Maddie to the library and make love to her in the World History section. At Vicky’s, she gets Mia a foot tub ready and she tells that dancing class is not going well. Vicky tells that she needs to mock Casey because compliments make them lazy. She tells that Joel’s coffee was horrible until she started to mock it and made it perfect. Mia says that it seems pretty cruel. Later at dance class, Mia tells that it is like dancing with a malfunctioning robot. She keeps insulting him and Casey tells that he is an expert dancer. Phillip tries to stop him, but he shows Mia how good he is and dances with Phillip. She is impressed that he is that good and yells at him for dancing down to her. Ben comes in and says that the library thing worked. Ben feels good until Joel and Vicky come in and tell that she is not a troll and Joel has hair. Vicky tells that their Cinco De Mayo party is not going to include him.

Ben gets back home and asks why she told Joel and Vicky and she tells that it was before they “made up” and they were persistent on knowing. Ben calls her a snitch and they start to name call again, but then get back on track and Ben tells they can ask Larry King for his advice. Mia and Casey get home and Mia tells that he made her look bad. Casey admits that he is good at all girl things like wrapping presents, icing cake and French braid hair. He tells that he was raised by his half sisters for a few years in his life. She tells that Casey doesn’t have to hide the things from her and they can learn together.

Meanwhile, Ben and Maddie go to Joel and Vicky’s and Joel tells that Ben can wait outside. Maddie tells that Ben didn’t say those things and that she misheard him. They show that they brought coffee candy and they forget the entire incident. Ben tells that he loves them and Joel tells that they very much like Ben too. Joel tells that he has to take his towels out of the dryer and Ben asks what the deal is with older men and towels. She whispers something to Ben and he gets up and tells Maddie that they need to go and tells her to kill him when he turns 50. The episode ends.