Better with Crying - Recap

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The scene opens with Mia having the hiccups. Casey tells that the doctor called and they are having twins. Mia is shocked, but Casey tells that it’s not true, but her hiccups are cured. However, the baby now has them. Joel has the hiccups and Vicky tells him to go to the bathroom and turn on the shower so that she doesn’t have to hear them. Maddie has the hiccups and Ben tells her to sit on the couch and allow him to breathe in her nose and curse them. Ben tells that a guy at work did that to him. Maddie asks if the guy used his tongue too and Ben tells that was only special for her. Later, Maddie and Vicky tell that they are going to see another fitting and Joel tells them to say that Mia looks great so that he doesn’t have to pay for another altering. They leave and Joel asks if he can run his toast by Ben and he tries to get out of it, but Joel starts anyways. He starts to get emotional and then stares blankly. Ben asks why he does that and he says that he has to switch to a manly emotion so that he can push the emotions down. Ben asks what emotions are there and Joel tells that anger, arousal and itchy.

Meanwhile at the bridal shop, Maddie tells Vicky that she is going to tell Mia that she looks radiant. Vicky tells that she is going to tell that she is glowing, but Maddie tells that is the same thing. Mia tells that she is coming out and Maddie tells that she is going to look great and Vicky shouts out that she looks radiant. However, Maddie and Vicky don’t have to lie because Mia does look great in her dress. Another bride looks at Mia and says that she looks radiant. Mia tells that she is not going to be doing any boozing or dancing. They toast and Maddie tells that employee to get her water because she is pregnant. However, Mia tells that she figured out how she can toast with alcohol but without swallowing. She takes a sip and spits it out to her side. She asks if they want to know how she did it, but it is clear on what she did. Maddie gets home and Ben tells that he is going to make Joel cry. Confused, Maddie asks why he would want to do that. Ben tells her that Joel got emotional when practicing his speech that he found it an opportunity to get back at Joel for making fun of him when he lost his dog. Maddie tells that she wants in on it too for making fun of her for crying.

At Casey and Mia’s, Casey gives Mia a glass of beef and broccoli from his mother’s baby food maker. He tells that he hasn’t been eating anything solid since breakfast. Mia tells that she wants to postpone their wedding so that she will be able to do all the things that she wants to do on her wedding day. She tells that it is Putney tradition that the bride does the worm on their wedding day. Casey agrees and says that they will just get their deposits back. She asks why he cares so much and asks if it is because of seeing her do the worm and Casey tells that it is 70% the reason why. Maddie and Ben help Joel with his speech again and they very close to making him cry. However, he gets up and tells that he has to send a fax. Vicky comes in and tells that she knows what they are trying to do and tells them that she wants in. She tells them that they are going to have to do it at the wedding and Maddie tells that they are like the old James Bond villains. Ben says that Vicky is Pussy Calore. Disgusted, they walk away from him before he can explain further.

Mia and Casey run to the different shops where they put deposits down and tell that they want their deposit back. However, none of the shops will give back their deposit. Casey tells that he will tell Joel and if he gets upset, he will tell it was his idea, but if he gets really mad, he will tell that it was Ben’s idea. Mia tells that they need to forge an email from Ben telling them to postpone the wedding. At Maddie and Ben’s, Vicky tells that they are rearranging the seating to make Joel even more emotional and that they are going have photos for the visual aid and give Joel a hankerchief that was Mia’s blanket. Mia comes in and tells that they are postponing the wedding. Ben is upset that they are so close to see Joel cry. Vicky tells that she understands that Mia is a lesbian because her friend’s daughter postponed the wedding and now she lives with a woman. Casey comes in and tells that he told Joel about the postponing of the wedding and the fact that he can’t get the money back for the deposits. He tells them that he was so angry. Vicky tells that they have to stop Joel because he is unstoppable when he is angry.

Meanwhile, Joel arrives at the bridal shop and tells that he wants his deposit back. The manager tells him that they don’t do that and Joel tells that he will take $500 worth of things to make up for it. Mia and the rest of the family come in and Mia asks why he is so upset about her happiness. Joel tells that it is not about the money. He tells that he was looking forward to tell Mia on how proud he is of her in front of all those people. Mia tells that he can tell her now and he says that he is proud of her and starts to cry. Ben celebrates, but everyone is crying. Ben tries to get people to laugh at Joel and Joel turns it around and says that Ben is dead inside. Later, Casey gets in and kisses Mia. She asks what put him the mood and Casey tells that he saw chicken breasts in the refrigerator. Maddie gets in and kisses Ben. He asks what got her in the mood and she tells that she ate too much cake and it was an ice cream cake so they are going to have to do it twice. Ben asks if ice cream adds that much on and rather than “getting busy”, they look up the calories. Vicky kisses Joel and he asks if the TIVO won’t fast forward through the commercials and Vicky tells that she is in the mood and that he should just go with it, but her show comes back on and she stops.