The First Time - Recap

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Brandon meets up with his old girlfriend Sheryl, who surprises him with a weekend visit. The two are catching up on old times, when Cindy mentions to Jim that he should have a talk with Brandon about safe sex. Later that evening, Sheryl goes to sleep in Brenda's room, but has yet another surprise for Brandon, when she slips in next to him, in his bed.
After their night together, Sheryl seems to be taking an interest in Dylan, which is infuriating to Brandon, who believes that it is Dylan who is pursuing her. As things progress, Brandon has had enough, and reading the situation incorrectly, punches dylan in the face.
Back at the Walsh home, Cindy receives s disturbing phone call from Sheryl's mother. It seems that Sheryl is a runaway, that had left home after a fight with her stepfather.
Brandon is devastated to learn that he was not the first person that Sheryl has slept with. She seems to be fooling everyone, except Dylan. He knows that she is into him for the wealth, and the car, and is not interested, despite what Brandon thinks.
Brenda develops a major crush on her algebra teacher. He asks her to watch his children for him, while he and his wife went out for the evening, she happily agrees. Kelly and Donna accompany her, and they set out for the teacher's house. Once there, the ladies are surprised to see how belittling the wife is to him. She barks out the orders, and he jumps to attention, this changes Brenda's opinion of her dream guy. The girls take on a little snooping, and get caught with the family photo albums out, pouring through old pictures. Embarrased, they say goodnight, and giggle off into the night. Brenda's crush is now crushed.
Brandon is depressed, he thought he had a better understanding of who he was dealing with, and who he slept with. He feels terrible for having let Sheryl come between his friendship with Dylan, as well. After a talk with Brenda, they both feel better.