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Episode #5 - HoH Comp #2 concludes & Nominations #2 - Recap

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After a recap of the first live eviction for our housemates, which sent David packing, we dive right into the next HOH competition. Teams of two, equipped with scoopers, have to make their way from one end of the field to the other. This wouldn’t be tricky except that the surface is slick and those scoopers have to be filled with barbecue sauce that they will then deposit into their partners scooper at a hedge wall in the middle. Their partner takes their newly filled scooper and deposits it into a jar at the other end in hopes of raising the liquid enough to get a colored ball out from inside the jar. In keeping with ball theme, the houseguests had to pull colored balls prior to the event to determine who they were paired with.
The couples are:


In the confessional a weepy Aaryn explains she is out for blood, since voting out David was personal.

Back in the competition, we see that there is a large jar and a smaller jar. If you fill the smaller jar first you get a bigger cup to pour the sauce with. This means a faster filling time for the larger jar.

It’s neck and neck for Jeremy, Judd, and Andy who are guardians of the jars. In the end though it was the team of Aaryn and Jeremy who come away victorious. Now it’s time for the team of two to decide which one of them will be taking the HOH slot. There is no hesitation as Jeremy calls out that he’s letting Aaryn take it. That’s news to Spencer and the rest of the moving company as they discuss in clips how one of their own needs to get that slot this week. Jeremy negates this in confessional by saying he has Aaryn’s ear and is basically still in charge.

Aaryn wastes no time once she hears from McCrae that she needs to name the four have-nots for the week. She asks who voted for David. When no one raises their hands she starts naming off Elissa, Helen, Candice, and Andy. Aaryn is going for instant gratification revenge and says so. In an effort to negate his chance of going up on the block this week, Andy seeks out Aaryn and explains he felt like he had no choice but to vote David off. She forgives him, thanking him for his honesty.

Dread fills the house guests as Aaryn announces it’s time to see her HOH room. A candid moment has Aaryn stating that someone had to orchestrate David’s departure. She turns to Nick and tells him if it’s him, she’s going to cut off his manly parts while he sleeps. He’s stunned momentarily by the truth before he covers with a laugh as she joins in.

Back downstairs the menu for the have-nots this week is revealed: Liver and Lima Beans. The house guests finally begin to comment on the amount of racism in the house coming from Aaryn. This isn’t a surprise for the audience at home given news of her firing, something that she herself is not yet aware of.

In the have-not room, Candice and Helen begin to put the pieces together of David’s eviction. Spencer seems to be the key. The conclude that he and Jeremy are actually working together and that they, Candice and Helen, are doing the dirty work without having realized it. Piece by piece they add in Nick and possibly Howard. In the kitchen, Jessie comes up to Nick with the assumption that he’s going to run. She’s said in the confessional that everyone in the house has had a lover and now she wants one. Jeremy gives him an excuse about making coffee and he gladly takes the exit. Jessie decides to follow him to the point of climbing in bed and staring at him over a cup of coffee.

Helen takes this opportunity to approach Aaryn about her part in continuing the game. She flat out explains that they are each going to have to vote out friends if they want to win. Rather than be the one to back-stab the people they like, Helen proposes they let each other do that.

At a mini moving company meeting, Spencer explains that it needs to be Elissa and Amanda on the chopping block. Time for the nomination ceremony and Aaryn admits this is easy for her to do. They all take their places around the round table and begin. Jeremy, Kaitlin, Andy, Nick, Judd, McCrae, GinaMarie, Spencer, Jessie, Amanda, Howard, and Candice are safe. That means that Helen and Elissa are up for eviction.