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BB7: Episode 5: Veto Competition 2 - Recap

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As the HouseGuests come to terms with the unexpected nomination of Nakomis and Diane, secret alliances take on more of a public face. Jase, George and Erika step out from behind their game masks, appearing to align with Chilltown in an anti-S-6 Alliance.

Diane soon begins to weep day and night about the fact of being nominated, and nobody can console her, not even the man who nominated her: Kaysar. Nakomis hates being put up, but hates the fact shes up against her only friend in the house even more.

Before the veto competition goes underway, odd things happen in the Big Brother house: Nakomis dies her hair red, Janelle and Marcellas recreate the household as a soap opera, and they name the tarantulas.

The Veto Competition is announced and it's a putting game at the "Big Brother Country Club", Erika is eventually crowned the winner, beating out Kaysar, Diane, Nakomis, Will, and James. Erika decides in the Veto ceremony that she would not use the power of veto.