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BB7: Episode 18: Live Eviction 6; Coup d’Etat 1 Awarded - Recap

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It's been an eventful week at the Big Brother house: the Coup d' Etat has been introduced and with only two of the clues revealed all houseguests except Janelle, George, and Marcellas have voted. The third clue is revealed, and it scares the houseguests: a Grim Reaper. Janelle soon casts her vote.

Mike "Boogie" is asked to go to the diary room. It is revealed that he has won the Coup d' Etat, he can hold onto this power for the next three evictions.

Marcellas is unsure about his future in the house, but Janelle insures Marcellas that he has the votes to stay from Chilltown, as Chilltown promised Janelle that they would vote Erika out. But Chilltown has a plan of their own: in the eviction ceremony Marcellas is evicted with a vote of 6-0.

In the HOH competition, the theme is "Big Brother Prom", and Janelle has been voted Prom Queen by America. The questions are based on the America's Choice ballot that viewers filled out on the Internet. Once a houseguests gets a question right they move forward on the board. The first houseguest off the board or the one farthest after eight questions win. After the eighth question, it is a tie between George and Danielle. In a tie breaker, George is declared winner.

In a surprise to the house, Julie announces this seasons first double eviction week. George is put on the spot and has to nominate two houseguests now, live. George puts up James and Erika for eviction.