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Series 16

1387 :16x01 - BB15, Live Launch

Live coverage of the housemates entering this years house, presented by Emma Willis. Ten housemates, Tamara Stewart-Wood, Mark Byron, Helen Wood, Steven Goode, Danielle McMahon, Winston Showan, Matthew Davies, Kimberley Kisselovich, Christopher Hall and Pauline Bennetti enter the futuristic house. Emma asks the viewers to use the Big Brother app, to decide which housemate should be given the power during the last ad break. When we return, Pauline is given the power. She is called into a control room, whilst the other housemates are sent into the garden. Pauline is then asked to choose one housemate to reward and one to punish, based on watching clips of the housemates VTs. She chooses to reward Mark and punish Matthew. Mark receives a £5000 cash prize, whilst Matthew is suspended above the ground and is told he will be excluded from the first night in the house.
Guest Stars: Rylan Clark as Himself

1388 :16x02 - BB15, Live Launch (2)

Emma returns to present the second live launch show. Highlights from the housemates first night in the house are shown. Pauline was voted by the public to become the power housemate, she had to decide to punish one housemate and reward another. She decided to reward Mark and punish Matthew. Mark won an instant £5000 prize and Matthew was suspended above the garden for the night, not been allowed to participate with the rest of the housemates. The housemates get use to their new surroundings, including a toilet fitted with a bidet. Matthew believes he always makes a bad first impression. Christopher's toilet habits leave a lot to be desired. Danielle and Winston spend some time getting to know one another. Tamara reveals she fancy's a housemate when she enters the Diary room. Pauline admits to feeling bad about Matthew, but is enjoying having the power. Big Brother talks to Pauline and she learns that once another six new housemates enter the house she has to select somebody to give a pass to the final too. Emma introduces the six new housemates as they enter the house. After everyone has entered the house Pauline decides to give the free pass to Helen. The housemates learn about the choice Pauline had to make. Pauline learns from Big Brother that she is immune from the first public vote and that she will have to pick one housemate on Sunday to face the public vote every week they remain in the house.

1389 :16x03 - BB 15 - Day 2 Highlights

Pauline, Tamara and Helen discuss Matthew's comments in his VT about not getting on with people who aren't intellectual. All of the housemates are summoned to the garden, to see Matthew been released from his box. Tamara and Steven discuss dating experiences. Helen gives her opinion on her housemates in the diary room. Matthew reveals how he feels about been punished by Pauline. Helen makes Danielle feel uncomfortable, when she discusses her abortion at the age of 15. Danielle breaks down in the diary room, as she feels overwhelmed by her experience so far, later she admits to Kim and Mark, that she's struggling. Winston and Tamara discuss their relationship status. Pauline is called to the control room, here she watches as six new housemates enter the house - she's been told she will have the power to grant one housemate a pass to the final. After all six enter, Pauline decides to give Helen the pass to the final, she is then told by Iris, that in 48 hours time, she will make a killer nomination, were the housemate she nominates will be nominated for the duration of their stay in the house. Winston gets to know Marlon, telling him he has his eye on Kimberley. Helen talks to Big Brother about becoming a finalist. Ashleigh is worried she will be judged, because she's the youngest housemate. Helen and Tamara admit they aren't a fan of Chris. Chris is worried he will have nowhere to sleep, as none of the other housemates have offered to share their bed with him.
Director: Ben Hardy

1390 :16x04 - BB 15 - Day 3 Highlights

Highlights are shown of life from within the house. Danielle feels the pressure of living in the Big Brother House and tells Mark how she feels. Jale tells Big Brother that she finds Helen very standoffish. Christopher and Mark talk about the other housemates. Mark talks to Big Brother and shares his concerns that everything is too happy and nice at the moment. He continues that he thinks that Chris could be out to cause trouble. Pauline, Christopher, Jale and Chris talk about conflict in the garden. Pauline selects Helen, Mark and Danielle to have lunch in her Power Pad leaving Christopher thinking they are her favourites. Pauline, Helen, Mark and Danielle talk about the new housemates. Kimberly and Danielle talk about same sex marriage.
Director: Ben Hardy

1391 :16x05 - BB 15 - Day 4 Highlights

Highlights are shown of life from life within the house. The housemates learn that they will have to nominate for the first time. Steven, Jale, Matthew and Marlon talk about conflict. Tamara and Winston talk about their relationships. Kimberly and Chris talk about how some of the others are forming packs. Jale and Toya talk about Pauline and the power she currently has. Jale thinks some of the housemates have distanced themselves from her. After everyone has nominated it is revealed that Jale, Danielle and Tamara have the most amount of public votes and will face this week's public vote. Pauline uses her power to call Danielle, Marlon and Ashleigh into the Power Pod where she gives Danielle a pep talk. Helen, Tamara, Mark and Christopher talk about Danielle. Big Brother call Pauline to the Control Room where she has to make her Killer Nomination.
Director: Ben Hardy

1392 :16x06 - Big Brother: The Live Surprise

Big Brother reveals live to the house that Jale, Danielle and Tamara will face this week's public vote. The housemates then learn that one of them will face the public vote every week they remain in the house. They are then shown footage of Pauline selecting Jale and her reasons for choosing her. Pauline then learns that she is no longer the power housemate. The housemates react to news of the nominations.

1393 :16x07 - BB 15 - Day 5 Highlights

Kimberly talks to Big Brother and tells them how she’s managed to bond with Danielle. Marlon thinks that Winston and Tamara would make a great couple. Danielle doesn't like the constant use of bad language in the house. The housemates go head to head to try and win back their suitcases in today's task. Mark tells Big Brother that he feels bad about nominating Jale. Pauline, Ash and Steven wonder what Big Brother has in store for them next. Big Brother reveals the results of the nominations. They then see Pauline selecting Jale for her Killer Nomination. Helen and Danielle end up being involved in a confrontation. Kimberly, Ashleigh and Christopher talk about Danielle.
Pauline and Jale talk about the Killer Nomination. Jale opens up to Toya, Marlon and Pauline about how she is feeling. Kimberly attempts to act as peace maker between Helen and Danielle but fails.
Director: Ben Hardy

1394 :16x08 - BB 15 - Day 6 Highlights

Highlights are shown of life from within the house. The house is transformed into a Positivity Palace for this week’s shopping task. Toya and Steven are called to the Diary Room where they learn that they are to become Big Brother’s Positivity Police. Helen give her views to Big Brother about last night's argument. Helen approaches Danielle and tells her that she believes that they should talk things through in a couple of days once the task is over. The housemates are told that all make up and fake tan must be removed as part of the task. Danielle goes to the diary room to talks to Big Brother about last night’s argument. The housemates are given some Positive Therapy in the form of electric shocks awarded to the winners of various titles as voted for by the housemates. Danielle says sorry to Tamara and Kimberly for the way she behaved last night.
Tamara talks to Big Brother about how it feels about being up for eviction this week. Steven and Toya select Christopher and Danielle as the most negative housemates to become happy campers and they have to spend the night in the garden. Some of the housemates share their views about each other.
Director: Ben Hardy

1395 :16x09 - BB 15 - Day 7 Highlights

Highlights are shown of life from with in the house. The Housemates continue with this week's shopping task. Big Brother calls Toya and Steven to the Diary Room to explain the next part of the task. Jales leads a positivity meditation featuring Ash, Mark and Chris. Pauline and Tamar atalk about Christopher and his intrusiveness. Christopher is worried that he could end up being ostracised. Ashleigh, Ash, Kimberly and Marlon play a game to reclaim each other’s suitcases. Marlon has a conversation with Danielle, clearing up any bad feeling about his nominating her. He says that he would rather she left the house instead of being singled out and picked on. The final part of the shopping task is called the ‘Un-fun Fair’. After the the task is completed the housemates learn that they have passed the task and they will be rewarded with a luxury shopping budget.
Director: Ben Hardy

1396 :16x10 - BB 15 - Day 8 Highlights - Live

Emma Willis presents the first of the shows tonight, as we look at highlights from yesterday in the house. Winston and Mark come up with a plan to seduce Tamara, with the help of Ash. Tamara heads up to the pod with Winston, whilst Ash and Marlon serve them spaghetti bolognese, the couple share a kiss. Matthew isn't impressed by the lack of drama in the house. Pauline and Jale discuss how much Jale hogs the duvet during the night, however the discussion soon turns sour and the pair continue in their feuding. Chris is told by Big Brother, he is the secret power housemate, as voted for by the public. He is told he will have complete control over the next round of nominations and will have to make them during the live eviction shows. The other housemates speculate over the idea of someone else been the power housemate. Pauline breaks down when she realises that Danielle may be about to be evicted from the house. Chris tries to resolve his arguments with Pauline, but she continues to ignore him. Kimberley and Ashleigh talk about who they think will leave in the eviction. When Chris finally gets to talk to Pauline, he sides with Jale. Meanwhile, Jale breaks down in the diary room. Winston and Tamara talk about what they want to achieve in the future. Mark tells Helen who he thinks will be evicted from the house. Emma talks to the house and reveals Jale is safe as she has receive the least amount of votes. She then tells the house that Danielle and Tamara will find out who's leaving soon.

1397 :16x11 - BB 15 - Eviction #1: The Interview Live

Emma Willis presents the first live eviction from the house. She goes live to the house and reveals Tamara is leaving the house. Tamara discusses her time in the house with Emma and reveals she wants to see Winston outside of the house. We then see that secret power housemate, Chris has put Pauline up for nomination. Big Brother then announces that the nominations this week have been cancelled and the secret housemate is in control of the nominations. Pauline finds out she is the first housemate up for nomination.
Guest Stars: Rylan Clark as Himself

1398 :16x12 - BB 15 - Day 9 Highlights

Highlights are shown of life from within the house. Matthew and Pauline talk about the upcoming eviction and Pauline compares it to a death. Helen talks to Winston about how his date with Tamara went. Christopher chats to Big Brother about his fall out with Pauline. Mark learns from Big Brother that the latest task is centred around his supposed psychic powers and he finds out that he has to read Tarot cards for three different housemates and predict the answers to a question for each. Jale talks to Big Brother about her on-going conflict with Pauline. Kimberly and Chris talk about the different personalities in the house. Tamara becomes upset about the prospect of being evicted later. The housemates later learn that Tamera is the person being evicted tonight and react to the news. Winston becomes upset in the diary room. Chris makes his first secret nomination to face the next public vote and selects Pauline. Big Brother reveal the news to the other housemates. Mark, Chris and Jale talk about the public’s reaction to Pauline during the eviction. The housemates speculate on who they think the Power Housemate is. Christopher becomes upset after arguing with Pauline again. Chris secretly selects a second housemate to face the public vote and chooses Christopher.
Director: Ben Hardy

1399 :16x13 - BB 15 - Day 10 Highlights

Ash, Danielle wonder who the secret power housemate could be. Christopher is relieved that now he is up for nomination, no-one can suspect him of been the power housemate. Matthew and Winston are upset that Tamara has left the house. Toya compliments Pauline. Christopher tries to clear the air with fellow housemates, Helen and Toya. Steven talks to Big Brother about who he thinks the secret power housemate could be. Pauline talks to Chris about how she believes the secret power housemate's nomination has been made tactically. The housemates reach a consensus regarding Christopher not been the power housemate because of how he reacted when he was told he was up for nomination. Jale and Chris discuss Pauline's behaviour. The housemates continue to ponder over who the secret power housemate could be, Jale has suspicions that it's Kimberley and openly admits it. Mark tells Pauline he's surprised she's still cooking for everyone after her nomination. Kimberley is set a task were she has to coach Ash, Marlon and Steven on some ridiculous flirting techniques. The other housemates are told in secret, to react to the flirtacious housemates advances. Steven wins the task after twerking on Pauline, the two enjoy a high tea as a reward in the garden. Jale upsets Toya when she makes a comment about her reaction to Ash during the task. Steven finds out he is nominated when his profile picture changes. Jale tells Big Brother how amused she is that no-one is any the wiser over who the secret power housemate is. Steven admits how upset he'd be if Chris was the one who had put him up for nomination, he gets a bit emotional with Pauline. Helen tells Jale off for using her lipbalm. Helen and Pauline bitch about Jale. Steven believes Marlon could be the power housemate and tells Big Brother, he hopes he gets a chance in the position soon.
Director: Ben Hardy

1400 :16x14 - BB 15 - Day 11 Highlights

The housemates aren't happy when Pauline's morning exercise regime wakes them all up. Toya tells Pauline and Helen she's planning on ignoring Jale from now on. Matthew tells Big Brother, he believes people are cracking up, he also comments on how the Power Housemate must be having a tough time. Ash and Marlon are insulted when they realise none of the girls are interested in them. Jale admits how awkward she's finding been ignored by certain people, with Danielle and Kimberly. Steven and Christopher discuss how they feel about been nominated. Chris is called to the control room and is informed that as the secret Power Housemate, he has to make another nomination, He has to shortlist two housemates, so he chooses Ash and Kimberly, Iris tells Chris the public will vote in a poll to let him know who his biggest threat is in the house. Big Brother announces Ash, Chris and Kimberly have been invited to enjoy a Chinese meal, giving the secret power housemate Chris, a chance to decide who he wants to nominate. At the meal, Ash admits he believes he's in the company of the power housemate, or that it could be Jale. Mark reads some tea leaves and comes to the conclusion that Marlon is the power housemate. Chris finds out the results of the public poll and is told that the viewers believe Ash is his biggest threat, after watching some diary room clips from the pair, he nominates Ash. Mark and Pauline end up arguing in the kitchen, when Mark attempts to help cooking. Marlon and Danielle comfort him. The housemates are thrown a party, were it is revealed that Ash is the next housemate who has been put up for eviction this week. When Helen calls Jale a slug, Kimberley isn't happy about how open she has been about their bitching. Toya suggests that Jale should confront Helen.
Director: Ben Hardy

1401 :16x15 - BB 15 - Day 12 Highlights

Pauline reassures Ash he won't leave in this weeks eviction Matthew tells Big Brother, he believes that either Marlon or Chris are the power housemate. Chris feels guilty about his nominations when he heads to the diary room. Big Brother tells him that he has another nomination to make and has to shortlist three housemates, who will then have to make a plea to the power housemate. He shortlists Danielle, Marlon and Mark. Winston takes part in a secret mission in which he has to tell tall tales that all end in vomiting. The three housemates shortlisted have to make their pleas regarding not been put up for nomination. Chris is also asked to make a plea, so the other housemates aren't suspicious of him. Chris decides to nominate Marlon and makes his nomination in the toilet. Marlon soon finds out he's now nominated and the rest of the group are shocked. Steven feels as though Chris' plea was worded strangely as he referred to himself as been an actor. The housemates discuss why they think they may of been nominated. Steven tries to impress Kimberly. Christopher and Jale believe that Chris is the power housemate. Whilst in the garden, Chris, Christopher and Jale overhear something from over the perimeter, someone shouts that Chris has the power. Chris denies the accusation and asks the others to use their own judgment. Later she tells Ashleigh and Danielle. Chris heads to the diary room as he's worried that people will now know. Chris and Toya have an argument when Chris misunderstands what she's talking about. Steven admits to Kimberley how much he likes her.
Director: Ben Hardy

1402 :16x16 - BB 15 - Day 13 Highlights

The house has been transformed for this weeks shopping task, with cages and a haystack in the garden. Big Brother talks to Chris about the after effects of a member of the public shouting over the compound yesterday. Big Brother tells the house that the reign of the current power housemate is over, but the title will be given to another housemate soon. Toya discusses her disagreement with Christopher with Jale and Ashleigh. She is unaware Christopher is in the room and he confronts the girls. Steven thinks that Jale and Danielle are trying to keep him away from Kimberley. Danielle and Kim discuss her relationship with Steven. Marlon, Jale and Christopher are asked to come to the Diary room. Here they are told about this weeks shopping task - the Farm. These three become the farmers and they are told to earn this weeks budget, they have to farm a sufficient level of produce for Big Brother. The other housemates become the farmers animals, the farmers have to split them into a group of chickens, a group of pigs and a group of cows. Danielle feels as though the task is degrading and ends up having an argument with Matthew. The chickens - Danielle, Ash, Matthew and Mark have to pass eggs to each other using only their mouths. Meanwhile Jale argues with Chris over the accusation of him been the power housemate. The housemates are told their farm has to diversify. Chris, Matthew and Kimberley are picked as the animals to take part in this part of the task and are sent for exploitation and re-education. The animals earn a hot meal when they are quizzed about one another. The farmers reaction during the task, splits the houses opinion on them. Toya tells Matthew he didn't perform well enough in the task. Toya confides in Ashleigh that she's reaching her breaking point and feels as though she's ready to leave. Helen tells Big Brother that the task has changed her opinion on Jale. The animals are told they have to sleep in a barn.
Director: Ben Hardy

1403 :16x17 - BB 15 - Day 14 Highlights

Highlights are shown of life from within the house. The housemates continue with this week’s shopping task. Following a mucky final challenge, Kimberly and Winston share a shower together, which manages to upset some of their fellow housemates. Helen, Toya and Pauline turn against Kimberly for breaking the supposed ‘girl code’. Even Ashleigh becomes involved and says that she’s distancing herself from the Playboy model. Toya warns Big Brother in the diary room that Hurricane Toya is on her way to a town near Kim. Helen flirts with Ash some more who admits to Steven that something could happen between them if he isn’t evicted on Friday.
Director: Ben Hardy

1404 :16x18 - BB 15 - Day 15 Highlights - Eviction #2 Live

Emma returns to present tonight's live eviction show. Highlights are shown of life from within the house. The Housemates talk about the upcoming eviction and Steven is worried about it. Mark tells Winston that he believes that Pauline will be evicted on Friday. Emma talks to the house and reveals that Christopher and Ash are safe from eviction. More highlights are shown of life from within the house. Jale talks to Christopher and Chris and tells them that she feels some of the housemates have behaved badly. Toya, Helen and Ashleigh talk about Kimberly. Pauline reflects on her relationship with Christopher and how she made a mistake about him. Big Brother informs the housemates that the Power is set to return to the House. Each of them has to vote for one person they would like to have the Power, with all those up for eviction are exempt from nomination. With four nominations, Toya ends up becoming the next Power housemate. Toya talks to Ashleigh and Pauline about Christopher. Helen opens up to Ash about her past. Steven, Kimberly and Pauline discuss Chris. Emma talks to the house for a second time and reveals that Pauline is being evicted tonight. Pauline says her goodbyes and chats to Emma about her time living in the house. Big Brother then reveals that Toya is this week's Power housemate and she has to select somebody to join her to become a Power couple. She selects Matthew and they have to select one housemate to face next week's public vote. They end up choosing Christopher.

1405 :16x19 - BB15 - Day 16 Highlights

Highlights are shown of the life from within the house. Mark talks to Toya about Pauline. The housemates have to become Big Brother’s prisoners as part of today's task. Christopher talks to Big Brother about the upcoming eviction. Christopher, Marlon and Matthew speculate whether there will be a twist after the eviction. After Pauline is evicted from the house, Jale speculates on what life will be like in the house now. Big Brother reveals to the housemates that Toya is the next Power housemate and she then chooses Matthew to join her as a Power Couple. They select Christopher to face eviction next week after Big Brother tells them thy have to choose somebody. Kimberly is pleased that Steven wasn’t evicted. Toya, Danielle and Ashleigh talk about Steven and Kimberly. Marlon and Jale talk about who they can trust in the house. After Helen and Kimberly steal a bottle of white wine, Jale asks for some and Helen pretends that she doesn’t have any.
Director: Ben Hardy

1406 :16x20 - BB15 - Day 17 Highlights

Highlights are shown of life from within the house. Power Couple, Toya and Matthew, talk to the other housemates about how the domestic situation in the house has already deteriorated since Pauline's departure. Steven enjoys the new domestic regime but Kimberly wants to take things even further. The second round of nominations are to take place today and the Power Couple are called to the Control Room where they are told by Iris that they have to veto three housemate’s nominations. They end up selecting Ash, Steven and Marlon. They then enjoy a Power Picnic in the Power Pod. The housemates enter the diary room one by one to make their nominations. After everyone has nominated Big Brother reveals that Marlon, Chris, Ash, Steven, Danielle, Kimberly and Winston will join Christopher and Jale in facing this week's public vote. They then reveal that the Power Couple had the power to veto three of the Housemates nominations and that they selected Marlon, Ash and Steven, and as a result Kimberly will now not have to face the public vote. Ash and Toya end up having a massive argument. Winston calling Toya a drama queen after the other boys become involved. Mark finds it hard to stay impartial in the house.
Director: Ben Hardy

1407 :16x21 - BB15 - Day 18 Highlights

After the argument the night before, Matthew tries explaining to Marlon that he and Toya as the power couple were trying to regain balance in the house. Toya admits she can't look at Winston, Ash and Marlon and she couldn't sleep after the row they had. Winston is suspicious of Toya and Jale's newly formed friendship. Marlon believes Toya is playing the victim and hopes the public can see through her act. Ashleigh and Danielle are not happy with the way Helen has been acting. Toya tells Chris that Helen told her to make up with Ash and to forget about Marlon.’ The housemates discuss the publics reaction to housemates on eviction night. Christopher believes Winston won't get any reaction as he's not controversial enough. Mark sticks up for Winston, as he struggles to remain on a neutral stance with the power couple. Jale tells the boys they need to remember it's a unique experience to be in the house. The Power Couple are called to the control room and they are told they are allowed to save one of the housemates from going up for eviction this week. (Except for Christopher (the Power Vote housemate) and Jale (the Power Nomination housemate)). They are allowed to watch the housemates VT's and are given a chance to spy on their fellow housemates in order to help make their decision. Jale asks Kimberley what's going on with her Steven, Kimberley tells her nothing's going on and she's surprised that Danielle was her first friend in the house. Toya asks Ash to come for a chat and tells him how intimidated she felt by his behaviour. Big Brother calls the housemates to the sofas and announces the nominated housemates again, the power couple are then asked who they want to save and they announce Steven will be the housemate they want to save this week. Big Brother then announces this will be the couples last action with the power. Big Brother then announces that Steven has to now nominate one housemate to take his place, he picks Toya.Toya decides to confront the group after watching their VT's, Mark warns her she will say something she regrets. Instead she tells Danielle that she can tell she's lost her spark since coming into the house and she was in tears when she watched her VT. Helen questions Toya about why she is feeling victimised by her. Danielle and Ashleigh mishear a comment Helen makes to Toya and believe she is bitching about them. Toya explains to Helen she has been different with her today because of the VT footage she had seen and she's worried the boys are leading her astray. Helen rants to the group that she believes Danielle is getting special treatment because of her beliefs and other housemates who also have special beliefs aren't getting the same treatment. Danielle confesses to Jale she feels as though her spark has gone after her earlier conversation with Toya. She says she believes one person has stolen it.
Director: Ben Hardy

1408 :16x22 - BB15 - Day 19 Highlights

Highlights are shown of life from within the house. Danielle talks to Big Brother about how she is feeling. Matthew, Jale, Toya and Ashleigh talk about Helen in the bedroom. Helen talks to Steven, Ash, Mark and Kimberly about how she’s feeling. Danielle tells Ashleigh that she doesn't trust Kimberly. Kimberly talks to Danielle about some of the other housemates and explains why they get along. The housemates successfully compete in a trust task set by Big Brother. Toya talks to Matthew about her strained relationship with Marlon. Kimberly and Danielle talk about Steven. Ash, Winston and Marlon speculate about this week's eviction. Kimberly and Steven talk about the barriers she puts up. Danielle talks to Winston about marriage. Some of the housemates enjoy an impromptu pool party. Kimberly and Danielle talks about Ashleigh and the influence Toya has over her.

Director: Ben Hardy

1409 :16x23 - BB15 - Day 20 Highlights

Mark isn't impressed when Big Brother tells him that due to other housemates tampering with the hair appliances during the night, the housemates are no longer allowed to use them. The housemates begin this weeks shopping task as they are tested on how much they believe they are alike. In order for them to get the 10 points from todays tasks they are asked to do a number of tasks and have to answer yes unanimously. If instead the group gives a mixed response they will only earn 5 points and refusal to take part will earn the group 0 points. Ash, Matthew and Kim earn the first 10 points as they all agree to twerk in floral swimwear. Ashleigh bitches about Helen to Toya, she thinks she'd enjoy herself more if Helen wasn't in the house and Chris, overhearing agrees with her. Marlon, Ash and Winston are summoned for the next part of this weeks task and are asked if they want to see which housemates have nominated them - all of them answer yes winning the group another 10 points. The boys are unaware that Big Brother will play the nominations into the living area in front of everyone. Ash is unimpressed by Jale's nomination and makes his feelings known. Mark is unimpressed and tells Ash his behaviour was un-necessary. Chris, Jale and Christopher take part in the next part of the task and agree to serenade one of their fellow housemates with a One Direction song. All three do it and gain another 10 points for the group. Chris talks to Big Brother and blames Helen's behaviour on how much she has had to drink. The housemates play a game of Truth or Dare and another argument erupts as the boys and Helen fall out. Helen is called to the diary room to calm down. Ash confronts Helen and she admits she probably went over the top with the language she used. Matthew tells Big Brother he won't react to her anymore as he believes she thrives on drama.
Director: Ben Hardy

1410 :16x24 - BB15 - Day 21 Highlights

Highlights are shown of life from within the house. The house is still left feeling rocked following the explosive row between Helen and Matthew. Mark talks to Big Brother about the argument. Steven, Ash and Helen talks about Mark’s friendship with Matthew. Helen decides to stay away from Matthew as she might say something she could end up regretting. The latest shopping task sees all of the housemates having to answer the same question unanimously and the points they accrue have to equal or exceed the number in Big Brother’s Brain Box. Ash says sorry to Jale for losing his temper after learning hat she nominated him. Helen talks about her warning from Big Brother with Steven and Winston. Matthew talks to Ashleigh and Toya about Helen. Mark attempts to build some bridges in the house. Big Brother reveals that the number in the Brain Box is 55 and with the total points won by the Housemates amounted to only 49, it results with the shopping budget talks being failed. Steven and Winston talk about Toya and Winston. Marlon talks to Big Brother about having seen a different side to Ashleigh. Matthew talks to Big Brother about his argument with Helen. Mark talks to Big Brother about who he believes is going to crack in the house. Helen informs Ash that she has been watching Ashleigh for weeks and that she told Toya to be careful around her.
Director: Ben Hardy

1411 :16x25 - BB15 - Day 22 Highlights - Eviction #3 Live

Emma Willis introduces highlights from yesterday in the house before tonights eviction takes place. Helen feels as though she's been burdened by been exempt from nominations. Chris admits to half the group he doesn't believe in sexual labels. Marlon tells Big Brother he'd be happy if Toya was evicted this week. Danielle and Ashleigh believe Kimberly and Helen working out together is part of them searching for attention. Helen admits that she hasn't behaved properly towards Jale, when she admits it to her. Steven takes part in his part of the shopping task, were he's set a secret mission, which see's him having to use five made up words to describe housemates whilst talking to them. He successfully completes the task and is rewarded with some alphabet potatoes. Matthew and Ashleigh bitch about Helen. Mark and Helen discuss the argument Helen had with Matthew. Mark reassures Helen she isn't a backstabber. Mark admits he's worried that Ashleigh may be about to crack and will end up in another argument. Emma speaks to the house and reveals that Jale, Christopher and Chris are safe from eviction tonight. More highlights are shown of life from within the house. Toya, Ashleigh and Danielle aren't impressed with Jale and the people she's started talking to. Matthew tells Winston he won't ever speak to Helen. Ash is worried about how the public will react to him if he is evicted and tells BIg Brother he's worried he will be booed. Mark gives Jale a makeover, complete with his trademark eyebrows. Mark is unimpressed when Matthew doesn't like his work. Toya, Ashleigh and Danielle bitch about Jale's new look. Steven admits to Kimberly how unique he finds her. Jale and Mark tell Matthew they believe if Toya is evicted, Helen will probably make up with him because the dynamics in the house will change. Helen is worried that the reason Tamara was evicted was due to her friendship with her and tells Ash she thinks if he leaves it would be down to her as well. Toya reveals what she feels about leaving to Ashleigh. Chris tells Big Brother he thinks Marlon will be evicted and he thinks the biggest ripple in the group would be caused if Ash was evicted. Emma speaks to the house for a second time and reveals that Toya is the third housemate to be evicted from the house. Toya says her goodbyes and chats to Emma about her time living in the house. Big Brother talks to the house and reveals that this week it is girl power in the house. The girls are now safe from next week's public vote and the boys will to try and impress the to avoid facing nomination.

1412 :16x26 - BB15 - Day 23 Highlights

Highlights are shown of life from within the house. Danielle and Ash talk about the upcoming eviction. Matthew tells Big Brother that he hopes Toya isn't evicted. Winston, Chris and Ashleigh are called to the Diary Room to take part in an impersonation task. Ashleigh, Danielle and Toya watch the other Housemates from the Pod. Ash, Winston and Chris talk about Kimberly. Matthew and Mark talk about nominations and Mark thinks that Kimberly could be up for eviction next week. Christopher talks to Big Brother about the upcoming eviction. Toya offers Ashleigh some advice on how to deal with Helen. Toya becomes the third Housemate to be evicted from the house and is happy to leave. Some of the housemates talk to Big Brother about Toya. Big Brother informs the housemates that the Power is returning to the house and this week it will be Girl Power, meaning all of the girls, including Jale, are safe from nomination and all the boys are up for eviction. The girls learn that they will be able to save some of the boys from facing the public vote. Kimberly, Ashleigh, Jale and Danielle talks about which of the boys should be saved.

1413 :16x27 - BB15 - Day 24 Highlights

The girls begin their regime of power, with Toya been evicted, all the remaining girls are called to the diary room and are told they have a decision to make - half of the boys will have to clean the house and the other half will staff the new spa area in the garden. Ash, Marlon, Winston and Steven are told they have to clean the house. Whilst Chris, Christopher, Mark and Matthew staff the spa area. The spa is amused when Mark does Jale's make-up. Helen enjoys a foot massage from Chris. Steven isn't impressed with the amount of housework he has to do. Ash admits he's worried about how popular he is with the girls and he may be facing eviction again. Danielle and Ashleigh tell Big Brother they don't like Helen and Jale. Helen admits to Jale and Kimberly she isn't sure what she's done to annoy Ashleigh. Winston and Marlon bond over a rap session in the garden. Mark tells Big Brother how much he doesn't want to leave the house and that he knows how much the power must be a burden to the girls. The girls try and make some decisions about who they'd want to save. Helen says they should look at who brings the most to the house and that Ash, Steven and Winston do more then their fair share of cleaning. Jale admits Marlon and Steven make her laugh. Ashleigh and Danielle say they want to save Matthew. For the next part of the task, Danielle invites the boys to her finishing school - here they are asked to read a poem about one of the girls in the house and are shown a VT of some of their most ungallant behaviour. Danielle then analyses their behaviour and gives them some tips on improving their behaviour. Winston performs a rap poem for Danielle and although she is shocked by the sexual terminology used, she is impressed with the attention. Ash impresses Danielle with his poem, though Danielle is surprised it's about Jale. Danielle is impressed by Marlon as he's obviously full of emotion and believes his poem must be about Helen as it mentions marriage. Ash and Steven believe the girls will save Chris, Christopher, Mark and Matthew. The housemates discuss the class system after todays finishing school task. Winston applies his very first face-mask. Ashleigh admits to Danielle, she cried when Toya left. She says she can't understand why Kimberley tried to comfort her. As they bitch about Kimberley, she heads out into the pod, were the bitching girls are, and asks them to come down and join them - they refuse. The girls get treated to a cinema night, with pink champagne, snacks and diary room VTs of the boys giving their opinions on the girls. The boys wonder who may ruin the night the girls are having. Helen admits to the other girls she's finding the idea of having to nominate the girls sexist and she doesn't want to put any of them up. After watching the VTs all the girls talk about is who they want to save and who they want to put up. Helen questions a comment Matthew made about her in his VT. Jale, Kimberley and Helen talk about Danielle and how they struggle to understand her. The conversation starts to wind Helen up. Matthew finds the idea of playing a game of 'horses' with Mark demoralising. Ashleigh and Danielle have a heart to heart as Ashleigh admits she's struggling in the house. She then goes to see Big Brother and continues to cry.
Director: Ben Hardy

1414 :16x28 - BB15 - Day 25 Highlights

Jale and Helen lead the boys as drill sergeants in the garden. The boys are put through their paces by the girls. Danielle and Ashleigh watch the housemates from the pod, remarking on Helen having her bum out all the time. Matthew tells Big Brother he's not in a good mood at the moment and it's only getting worse for him. Christopher and Matthew discuss Jale now been friends with Helen, he hopes she won't forget their friendship. Kim, Helen and Jale discuss the lack of effort Danielle and Ashleigh are making. The girls become ladies who lunch for the next part of this weeks task and the boys act as their servants. The boys are unaware that the girls have been fitted with ear pieces and can hear everything they are saying. Big Brother reveals after lunch that the girls heard everything. Danielle cries over the name of a bloody mary cocktail. Chris has theories about this weeks nominations and believes every conversation is now dominated by conspiracy theories. Winston, Ash and Marlon perform a strip tease for the girls. Danielle tells Ashleigh she doesn't trust Kimberly. Steven and Matthew talk about how Helen is changing the way she plays the game. Helen tells everyone how she feels excluded by Jale and Kimberly. After Steven tells Kimberly how mad he'll be if he's put up for eviction, Helen tells her she thinks decisions are been made behind her back. The girls discuss who they want to nominate in the bedroom and wonder if Steven or Ash would be evicted first.
Director: Ben Hardy

1415 :16x29 - BB15 - Day 26 Highlights

Highlights are shown of life from within the house. Ashleigh talks to Big Brother about her plan to see Ash being evicted from the house. Mark, Chris and Ash talk about Kimberly. The girls talk about which boys to save but exclude Helen from the conversation. During ‘Man Up’ the boys have to enter onto a stage and plead their case to the girls. Kimberly is determined to have her say about who should be saved. Helen has a heart to heart with Chris and tells him that she is a good listener. The girls end up deciding to save Chris, Steven and Marlon leaving Helen unhappy. The boys learn their decision and Big Brother then informs them that Girl Power is now over. Ash talks to Danielle and Ashleigh. Ashleigh tells Danielle that she hopes her plan doesn't backfire with Matthew being evicted instead of Ash. Helen becomes upset with the thought of Ash being evicted. Mark tells Ash how he is feeling. Ashleigh tells Big Brother that she is pleased the first part of her plan has worked.
Director: Ben Hardy

1417 :16x30 - BB15 - Day 27 Highlights

The girls decisions have caused a ongoing effect on the housemates. Helen is worried Ash may be evicted on Friday. The housemates are told about this weeks shopping task, the housemates are given ear pieces and three of them are told they are the secret assassins. Steven, Jale and Ash learn they will be the assassins. The three chosen housemates have to successfully kill off their fellow housemates without been discovered, in order for them to pass this weeks task. Winston is told he will be leading an investigation into discovering who the assassins are and the other housemates are told to report any suspicious activity to him. Ash is set his first mission and is told he has to plant a bomb behind the sofas and get Helen and Christopher to sit on the sofas, were the bomb has been planted. The housemates are successfully killed off and head to the morgue. Matthew hopes his birthday is recognised. Ash is set the next secret mission and he has to get Steven to enter a secret passage into the diary room. Steven is then told he has to assassinate Kimberly and Marlon by covering them with blood when they enter the diary room. Inspector Winston questions Danielle, asking if she is an assassin. Marlon and Kimberly are successfully killed off and so join Helen and Christopher in the morgue. Ashleigh can't understand why Winston has been made the detective. Winston tells Big Brother he's finding his new role confusing and stressful. The housemates who have been killed off can use 'supernatural powers' to view the living housemates. They watch as Ashleigh lies about how involved Helen was in what guys were put up for eviction. Helen admits she's now worried about spending time with Ash this week. The morgue housemates get given test tubes of green liquid for dinner, whilst they watch the living housemates enjoy champagne at a masquerade ball. Mark is called to the Diary room by Big Brother and is told he will be conducting a séance as Mystic Mark. The living housemates are gathered on the sofas and they are told Mark will be able to answer their questions about the housemates in the morgue, through the use of a bell. The housemates in the morgue are told they can't lie, as the dead aren't allowed to. The questions asked reveal that Helen and Kimberly believe Ashleigh is playing a game and isn't been genuine at all. Kim is upset as she see's Steven not jump to her defense when Ashleigh makes a bitchy comment about her. The living housemates play a game of truth or dare. In the game Danielle admits she's attracted to Winston. The living housemates go to bed and admit they think it's quieter without the housemates in the morgue. Helen believes Ashleigh has shown who she truly is tonight.
Director: Ben Hardy

1418 :16x31 - BB15 - Day 28 Highlights

Highlights are shown of life from within the house. The three secret assassins, Ash, Steven and Jale continue to try and kill off the other housemates without detective Winston finding out they are responsible. The deceased housemates continue to live in the morgue where they can watch what is going on in the rest of the house. Arguments break out after the two groups are reunited, and things become frosty between Kimberly and Steven. The duo later share a kiss in bed together having clearly made up.There’s a surprise romance between Winston and Danielle following her sex dream involving him earlier in the week.
Director: Ben Hardy

1419 :16x32 - BB15 - Day 29 Highlights - Eviction #4 Live

Emma Willis presents highlights of the previous day in the house. As Kimberly and Steven wake up sharing their bed. The housemates blame their upset stomachs on Mark's cooking. Danielle asks Kimberly about kissing Steven, whilst Ash quizzes Steven about the pairs relationship. Winston is confused by Danielle. Big Brother sets Helen a secret mission in which she has to make the other housemates laugh. After successfully making everyone laugh at her, she is given a clown outfit. Christopher wonders what's going on with Danielle and Winston. Ash tells Winston he's surprised he didn't sleep in the same bed as Danielle last night. Emma speaks to the house for the first time and reveals that Mark and Winston are safe from eviction. More highlights are shown of life from within the house. Ash and Marlon discuss who they want to leave on Friday. Mark tells Big Brother he really doesn't want to leave the house. Steven has a heart to heart with Kimberly and admits he's worried she's seeing someone outside of the house. Kimberly admits to Steven she had recently broken up with someone before coming into the house. Emma speak to the house for a second time and reveals that the fourth housemate to be evicted from the house is Matthew. Matthew says his goodbyes and leaves the house and chats to Emma about his time living in the house.

1420 :16x33 - BB15 - Day 30 Highlights

As the housemates realise they are a month into their stay in the house, Jale wonders if it will get harder for them. Helen admits to Big Brother how bad she feels about having to put the boys up and thinks that Ash may be evicted. Helen talks to Kimberly and they believe that Jale would feel guilty if Ash was to leave. Winston, Jale and Matthew believe everyone feels under pressure from tonights eviction. Mark believes that he may be evicted because of his discussion with Christopher earlier in the week. Mark and Christopher are then called to the diary room by Big Brother to take part in todays task, they are asked to look at photos of the housemates as youngsters and try and correctly guess who is who. The boys pass the task and so the housemates are given a hamper of sweet treats and some photos from home. Ash tells Big Brother he thinks he may be evicted tonight but hopes that Matthew goes instead. Ashleigh, Danielle and Chris bitch about Christopher in the pod. Chris is worried that Matthew will be evicted. Helen gives Christopher a haircut, but it goes wrong at the back, much to the amusement of the other housemates. The housemates wonder who will leave tonight and Jale admits that she would feel guilty if Ash were to leave. Emma speaks to the house and announces that Mark and Winston are both safe. Ashleigh hears chants of her name coming from the crowd. Matthew is announced as tonights evictee and leaves the house. Mark and Christopher are upset that Matthew has been evicted. Steven has a heart to heart with Kimberley. Danielle is upset that Ashleigh was booed. Mark tells Big Brother how upset he is that Matthew has been evicted. Winston wants to know why Helen and the other girls didn't save him. He then shares a bed with Danielle for the night, who admits to not having shared a bed with a boy before. Ashleigh tells Big Brother how upset she is that Matthew has been evicted as she hoped Ash would leave.
Director: Ben Hardy

1421 :16x34 - BB15 - Day 31 Highlights

Mark wakes up alone, whilst Steven and Kim, Ash and Helen and Danielle and Winston wake up after sharing beds for the night. Danielle admits she's worried about sleeping in the same bed as Winston again as she doesn't want people to get the wrong idea. Ash and Mark have a Westlife singalong. Jale wonders if Danielle's lack of sexual experience is a facade. Christopher tells Ashleigh he believes he is Mark's new Matthew. Ash and Helen want to know what happened with Winston and Danielle last night. Danielle goes to the diary room and discusses her sleepless night as her brain was in overdrive, she says she and Winston are just friends. Steven admits that he is attracted to Kim, when he speaks to Big Brother. Winston quizzes Ash about his feelings towards Helen. Christopher is called to the diary room and becomes 'Christmas Christopher' as part of todays task. He is to host a Christmas feast for the other housemates and is told he has to decide who has been naughty and nice. He asks Ashleigh, Chris, Mark, Danielle, Helen and Marlon to help him decide who should come to the meal. Christopher gives a candy cane to Ash, Mark, Ashleigh, Kim, Steven, Chris and Winston, meaning they can enjoy the Christmas meal. Whilst Marlon, Danielle and Helen are given a piece of coal and are banished to the bedroom until the meal is over. Helen is upset that she wasn't invited to the meal. Chris isn't happy that Helen's had another strop, he tells Big Brother he wishes she would stop doing this. When the naughty housemates are let back into the house, Marlon announces Helen has taken Christopher not inviting her personally. This doesn't impress Jale, who tells him she can speak for herself. Danielle and Jale discuss Kim and Steven's relationship. Helen and Steven wonder if he will get married to Kim and discuss his nuptial plans and plans for a stag do. Christopher talks about Helen and her confrontational style in the diary room. Winston tries impressing Danielle by showing off his French language skills. Danielle is unimpressed as she can speak Russian and Arabic. Christopher and Mark discuss who they might nominate. Helen and Ashleigh bond in the garden as they discuss how the house has changed their personalities.
Director: Ben Hardy

1422 :16x35 - BB15 - Day 32 Highlights

The housemates feel the pressure as they realise today is nomination day. Mark and Steven discuss the type of people they are going to nominate. Steven and Winston discuss his relationship with Kimberly, as he admits he wasn't expecting anything to happen. Danielle tells Ashleigh about the discussions she has had with Winston about their relationship. Ash admits he would only feel relaxed if he had a break from nominations, Helen reassures him, she doesn't think he'll be put up this week. Steven reveals to Jale that he and his family go to get pampered every Saturday. The housemates make their nominations. Christopher nominates Steven and Winston. Helen nominates Ashleigh and Christopher. Chris nominates Marlon and Steven. Winston nominates Chris and Ashleigh. Ashleigh nominates Ash and Kimberly. Steven nominates Ashleigh and Chris. Marlon nominates Ashleigh and Christopher. Danielle nominates Christopher and Marlon. Kimberly nominates Ashleigh and Danielle. Ash nominates Ashleigh and Danielle. Jale nominates Chris and Ash. Mark nominates Kimberly and Marlon. Danielle comments that Helen's pass to the final isn't fair, whilst Christopher and Helen have it out over who he invited to the Christmas meal. Danielle wants to know if Steven and Kim have had thoughts about their living arrangements after the house. They said they are hoping to move in together. Danielle admits she's upset that she wasn't invited to the Christmas dinner by Christopher. Big Brother announces Jale, Christopher, Chris, Ashleigh and Marlon are up for eviction this week. Helen is shocked that Chris is up. Mark, Ashleigh and Danielle are also surprised about Chris been up. Ash tells Marlon he thinks Ashleigh will end up been evicted. Jale and Steven discuss who they think are playing games. Christopher talks to Big Brother and admits he's worried about been up for eviction for the fourth week in a row. Steven and Kimberly's bedroom antics raise eyebrows.
Director: Ben Hardy

1423 :16x36 - BB15 - Day 33 Highlights

Highlights are shown of life from within the house. The latest shopping budget task sees the housemates having to keep Big Brother’s giant battery charged up. The housemates are tempted with luxury items which can drain the battery, whilst they can also gain charge back by making sacrifices. Some of the housemates receive a bit of a rough deal with Mark being forced to give up his grooming products whilst others get the chance to spy on their fellow housemates. Jale, Kimberly and Helen are selected to watch some clips including Ashleigh’s private Diary Room chat with Big Brother. Helen ends up having a huge argument with Ashleigh with Winston, Mark and Christopher sticking up for her against Helen's onslaught. Jale confronts Chris about his comments. News about Kimberly’s boyfriend comes up once again when Steven receives a message from home telling him to be careful.
Director: Ben Hardy

1424 :16x37 - BB15 - Day 34 Highlights

Mark talks to Big Brother about the bad atmosphere in the house and how it's making some of the housemates awkward. Christopher and Winston are called to take part in the next part of the task, they are tempted by the social media app, costing them 20% of battery power and would be allowed to ask social media one question. They both succumb, with Christopher asking what the public make of the on-going arguments in the house and Winston asking if anyone fancies him. Mark is then called to the app zone and is offered the Beauty app for 20% of the battery, he succumbs and uses the Big Brother beauty salon. Kimberly, Jale and Helen talk about their unresolved conflict with Danielle and Ashleigh. Christopher and Winston are told the answers to the questions they asked earlier, here Christopher discovers the girls have been bitching about him and Winston finds out some people aren't approving of his and Danielle's relationship. The other housemates discuss the social media answers. Kim, Ashleigh and Danielle try and resolve their issues without arguing. All of the nominated housemates are called to the app zone and take part in the safety app, they are all positioned in front of buzzers, that will go live, but only for a minute. They are told that if one of them presses the button within the minute they will save themselves from been nominated and will drain the rest of the power, therefore failing the task. After a brief discussion were it almost unanimously agreed no-one will press their buzzers, the minute goes live and Marlon presses his almost right away, much to the shock of the other housemates. The housemates aren't happy with Marlon's decision at all. He tries to justify his decision to Danielle and then later approaches a group of housemates in the garden, who all make their feelings towards him clear. Ash and Helen notice that Kimberly and Steven are up to something when the lights are off and Helen's curiosity gets the better of her.
Director: Ben Hardy

1425 :16x38 - BB15 - Day 35 Highlights

Ash and Helen discuss the rumours in the house that Kim and Steven had sex last night. Steven tells Marlon how disappointed he is in the way he behaved when he saved himself the night before and that he wants to talk to him later once things have calmed down. Chris and Christopher are discussing Marlon's decision when he arrives in the garden, he tells the boys he wishes to address the whole house later. Steven tells Ash and Helen he wasn't aware anyone was awake when he had sex with Kim the previous night. He admits that he's mortified when he hears Helen crept up on the pair in the midst of the action. Mark tells Big Brother how disappointed he is in Marlon. Helen admits to feeling strange about been in the house until the end. Ashleigh and Danielle speculate about the upcoming eviction. Ashleigh believes she will be evicted. Marlon admits to Jale when he saved himself he wasn't looking at the bigger picture. Big Brother bases the task today on compatibility tests they took prior to entering the house, the housemates are paired up and then have to compete in a series of games. The housemates compete in their pairs, through a series of games involving paint. Mark and Christopher are deemed the least compatible of the group and so aren't invited to a party that the rest of the housemates win. Marlon apologises to all of the housemates knowing that things have changed but saying he doesn't want to ruin anyone elses experience in the house. Marlon is sat by himself, when Ashleigh and Danielle join him and tell him how brave he was to apologise to the whole house. Winston tells Big Brother he knows Marlon's apology was brave but he still is offended by his decision. The five remaining couples taking part in the task are called to the diary room. Here they have to take part in a game of Mr & Mrs. Steven and Danielle know the least about each other in this round and so aren't invited to the party. The five couples who remained after the game get to attend a love themed party. Steven warns Danielle that been friends with Ashleigh could be her downfall in the house. Danielle is happy that she's been accepted by her other housemates. Marlon tells Big Brother that he wishes he could of changed what he did yesterday. He then discusses how he feels with Christopher and admits he thinks he may now be evicted next week.
Director: Ben Hardy

1426 :16x39 - BB15 - Day 36 Highlights - Eviction #5 Live

Emma introduces highlights of yesterdays events in the house. Steven is set a secret task in which he had to embarass himself in front of certain housemates. The housemates can't move past Marlon's actions. Mark and Jale attempt to predict who will be evicted this week by using some mulch in the bottom of Mark's mug. However the results are inconclusive. Emma talks to the house and reveals that Chris and Christopher are safe from eviction. More highlights are shown of life from within the house. Steven wins the housemates a groovy disco party for passing his secret mission, prompting some of the housemates to make speeches regarding their time in the house. Emma speaks to the house and reveals that Jale is the next housemate to be evicted. Jale says her goodbyes and talks to Emma about her time living in the house.Emma reveals more about the upcoming Armageddon week, beginning with a special live show on Monday.

1427 :16x40 - BB15 - Day 37 Highlights

Highlights are shown of life from within the house. Jale talks to Big Brother about the upcoming eviction. Jale and Steven read tea leaves together and believe that they see the word ‘Chris’ spelt out. Ash talks to Mark about Steven and Kimberly. Jale and Kimberly talk about what they think will happen after they leave the house. Winston has to try and eat as many chillies as possible whilst Mark must put as many pegs on his face as possible and Helen must remove as many balls as she can from a bowl of gunge, using only her mouth in today's task. They then find out that the real challenge is to beat their personal best and they have to do their challenges again. Kimberly talks to Jale about her relationship with Steven. Steven looks forward to a future with Kimberly. Danielle talks to Ashleigh about her new positive attitude. The housemates are surprised when they find out that Jale is the next person to be evicted from the house. Danielle talks to Helen about Kimberly. Chris and Danielle talk about Ashleigh. Ashleigh talks to Big Brother about still being in the house.
Director: Ben Hardy

1428 :16x41 - BB15 - Day 38 Highlights

Highlights are shown of life from within the house. A Planet of the Apes themed task gets underway as the housemates wake up to find that the garden has been made into a post-apocolyptic world. They are split into two teams with Ashleigh and Danielle captaining the teams. The red teams must stay around the sofas and the blue team the pool. They have to scavenge for food hidden in their areas. Mark talks to Big Brother about the task. The next part of the task sees the teams having to stand under a large sewage pipe that is pumping out dirty, brown coloured water. They have to catch different size fish in the water. Danielle is really annoyed with Ashleigh for knocking her over during the task and tells Big Brother how she feels. The next part of the task sees the housemates attempting to salvage scrap to make a raft that will hold the weight of one team member on the pool for the longest period of time. Ashleigh apologises to Danielle. The victorious red team are rewarded with the chance to watch the new Dawn of Planet of the Apes film and are also given a party with food and cocktails. Helen tells Big Brother that she enjoyed spending the day with Ashleigh. Helen and Ashleigh discuss their differences. Steven asks Helen if she fancies Ash. Helen and Ash whisper in bed about what they will do when they leave the house.
Director: Ben Hardy

1429 :16x42 - BB15 - Day 39 Highlights - Armageddon - Day 1 - Surprise Eviction #6 Live

Emma returns to present tonight's surprise live eviction show. Mark wakes up with a hangover and feels regretful about what happened. Mark, Ash and Winston talks about how Helen and Ashleigh have now made up and how their relationship has now changed. Christopher talks to Steven about Mark. Christopher and Mark talk about what happened last night and Mark tells him that he sometimes forgets that there are cameras in the house. Danielle and Ashleigh talk about the next set of nominations. Christopher talks to Big Brother about his relationship with Mark. Danielle, Marlon and Christopher speculate on whether Big Brother will introduce a new housemate. Winston and Mark talk about Marlon and his sulking. Big Brother talks live to the house and reveals that Ash, Ashleigh and Marlon have the most nominations and one of them will now be evicted. Emma then talks to the house and reveals that Marlon is leaving the house. Marlon leaves the house and talks to Emma about his time living in the house. Big Brother talks to the house for a second time and reveals that all the housemates except Helen will face the public vote this week. Big Brother then reveals that three new housemates have entered the house. Big Brother then reveals to the three new housemates that it will be actually them who will decide which housemate leaves on Friday. Emma then reveals one last twist and reveals that one of the new housemates will be leaving on Friday as well.

1430 :16x43 - BB15 - Day 40 Highlights - Armageddon - Day 2

Highlights are shown of life from within the house. The housemates are shocked after the results of the latest round of nominations are revealed with Marlon being evicted after it is revealed he has the most amount of nominations. Before the housemates have a chance to recover from the shock three nw housemates enter the house.
Director: Ben Hardy

1431 :16x44 - BB15 - Day 41 Highlights - Armageddon - Day 3

Highlights are shown of life from with in the house.The new housemates are pitted against th remaining original housemates by Big Brother as Armageddon week continues. The original housemates have to attempt to stay on a moving ledge whilst the new housemates use tomatoes, gungey sponges and water balloons to try to knock them off. Three of the original housemates have to remain on the ledge in order to win. Big Brother later gets the the new housemates quiz the others about things from the outside world. After managing to guess the majority of the statements correctly thy win back a toaster, kettle and a few basic rations to enjoy. Steven, Kimblery, Chris and Danielle all end up having various ‘secrets’ exposed to the others.
Director: Ben Hardy

1432 :16x45 - BB15 - Day 42 Highlights - Armageddon - Day 4

Highlights are shown of life from within the house.The new housemates get the chance to take control of one of the others. They can control any housemate via a hidden earpiece and are able to talk directly to their mole, whilst secretly watching and and listening in to the main house.They do not like everything that they hear, which sees arguments breaking out later on in the day when the two halves of the house are reunited. The new housemates are later put on the spot in a game show style quiz. The other housemates have to guess what the new housemates think of them over a series of questions. Steven is branded “cringe” and Kimberly branded as“insincere” as talk about her ex-boyfriend comes up again.
Director: Ben Hardy

1433 :16x46 - BB15 - Day 43 Highlights - Eviction #7 and #8 Live

Emma returns to present tonight's live double eviction show. Highlights are shown of life from within the house. Ash and Helen make up following their row. Kimberly and Steven are back on track once again and enjoy a kissing session. Ash and Chris discuss the new housemates and their effects on the everyone else. Steven puts on a suit and presents his chat show, ‘Open Up To Steven.’ With the end of Armageddon just around the corner, Big Brother gives the housemates a party. After playing a game in the garden Bianca ends up naked. Steven and Kimberly have a heart to heart. The new housemates talk about who they are going to evict on Friday. Ash and Helen are in bed and and talk about the possibility of Ash leaving. Emma talks to the house and reveals that the public have been voting all week to save two of the new housemates and the one with the least amount of votes will be leaving tonight. She then reveals that Bianca has the least amount of votes and is leaving. Bianca says her goodbyes and talks to Emma about her time living in the house. Emma then talks to the house for a second time and reveals that Zoe and Pav have to select one of the other housemates to be evicted. They select Danielle who says her goodbyes and chats to Emma about her time in the life.

1434 :16x47 - BB15 - Day 44 Highlights

Highlights are shown from life within the house. The three new housemates will have to decide today which original Housemate to evict. Chris, Christopher and Ashleigh discuss Biannca’s naked antics. Ash decides to talk to Danielle about Biannca’s revelations. Mark and Christopher talk about Danielle. Steven and Ash talk about the upcoming eviction. Ash and Helen talk about Danielle. Christopher talks to Big Brother about Mark. Zoe talks to Steven about his relationship with Kimberly and offers him some advise. Biannca learns that her time in the house is over after Emma reveals the public have been voting for their favourite new housemate and she has the least amount of public votes. Emma then reveals to the house that the power has returned and is in the hands on Pav and Zoe to decide which of the original housemates will also be evicted. They decide that Danielle should leave. After Danielle has left the housemates talk about the public chanting about Steven. Christopher talks to Steven about his and Kimberly night time antics. Ash and Helen discuss the differences between their relationship and Steven and Kimberly’s. Steven tells Big Brother that he feels positive that he’s still in the house.
Director: Ben Hardy

1435 :16x48 - BB15 - Day 45 Highlights

Highlights are shown of life from within the house. After the housemates wake up they are called to the seating area where Big Brother announces that Kimberly will not be returning to the house. Pav, Ash, Ashleigh and Mark talk about Kimberly in the garden and they wonder whether Steven will walk now that she has left. The housemates compete against each other in a game of Copy That. Helen attempts to sort out Steven’s hair. Ashleigh tells Chris that maybe it was a blessing in disguise that Danielle was evicted. Mark fishes for a compliment from Christopher while swimming in the pool. Steven receives a message from Kimberly in the diary room. Ash and Helen talk about Winston. Steven rearranges his pillows to create a person.
Director: Ben Hardy

1436 :16x49 - BB15 - Day 46 Highlights

Highlights are shown of life from within the house. Later during the day the housemates will be headlining their very own festival, Bruvstock. Steven talks to Ash and asks what happened between him and Helen last night. Mark and Zoe are chosen as the ‘front men’ for the festival and have to select who they want in their band. After Mark doesn’t choose Christopher, he is left feeling a little dejected on the sidelines. Mark, Helen, Winston, Chris and Steven become The Bi*ch and the Boys and will sing Mr. Brightside, while Zoe, Ashleigh, Ash, Christopher and Pav become 1BV and will sing You’ve Got The Love. The Bi*ch and the Boys end up being crowned overall winners and are rewarded with a VIP after party. They are allowed to select two more housemates to attend the party and they choose Ash and Zoe, leaving Christopher, Pav and Ashleigh without an invite. Ashleigh ends up arguing with Helen. Ashleigh, Christopher and Pav talk in the house as the others enjoy the party in the garden. Helen speculates that she could be evicted on Friday if her free pass to the final is taken away from her. Helen says if she had to give her pass to another housemate it would be to Ash or Steven.
Director: Ben Hardy

1437 :16x50 - BB15 - Day 47 Highlights

Highlights are shown of life from within the house. A few of the housemates talk about the nominations and Mark believes that if everyone was up for eviction, Steven would go first. Pav talks to Big Brother about his time living in the house and reveals that he likes to spend time with both the groups. Ashleigh tells Chris that Zoe believes that he could be the power housemate. Helen and Ash talk about their sleeping arrangements and Ash thinks that they should top and tail so they can both get a good night’s sleep. Ashleigh is called to the control room where Iris tells her that she must form a secret Power Alliance and must select one housemate to join her. She chooses Chris to come to the Pod where she reveals that she is the new Power Housemate. Steven says that he would like to marry Kimberly in the future. Ashleigh informs Chris that she has chosen him to join her Power Alliance and they decide to nominate Steven to face eviction from the house. Chris attempts to put some of the other housemates off the scent by suggesting that the public vould be the new Power Housemate. Zoe, Mark and Ashleigh look at the tea leaves for clues about who the new Power Housemate is. Zoe has a theory that the Power Housemate could be Pav. Big Brother announces that the first housemate selected to face eviction from the house this week is Steven. Ash and Steven quiz Christopher about his relationship with Mark. Mark goes to the Control Room where he reveals that Power Alliance has chosen Ash to face the public eviction. Big Brother later reveals that Ash will also face this week's public vote. Mark attempts to reassure Ash that he will not leave as he’s up against Steven.
Director: Ben Hardy

1438 :16x51 - BB15 - Day 48 Highlights

Highlights are shown of life from within the house. Ashleigh’s Power Alliance remains strong and she talks to Big Brother about it. Mark and Chris discuss how they are going to explain their decisions to the other housemates. Mark and Zoe sunbathe in the garden where they bond. Chris and Ashleigh tell Mark that they have to nominate another two housemates. Mark is surprised as Chris explains why they have decided to select Pav. The Power Alliance are called to the diary room to where to help them make their decision they talk to ex-Housemates, Biannca, Danielle and Matthew on screens. Ashleigh and Chris discuss Steven’s comment earlier in the garden that people who don’t say or do anything in the house tend to get cheered. The Power Alliance talk and Chris says to Mark that if they put Zoe up for eviction thy are certain the public will save her. Helen talks to Big Brother about Zoe. Ashleigh goes to the control room where she announces that their fourth and final nomination will be Zoe. The housemates learn that Zoe will also face the public vote and the housemates are shocked after Big Brother reveals that there has been a Power Alliance in the house. It is then revealed who the alliance is. The nominated housemates are then given the chance to save one of themselves. They select Ash and then have to choose one of the alliance to face eviction. They end up selecting Ashleigh. The housemates talk about what has been going on and not everyone is happy.
Director: Ben Hardy

1439 :16x52 - BB15 - Day 49 Highlights

Helen asks Winston what his thoughts are on the revelation of the power alliance. Zoe discusses what the ex-housemates have discussed with the Power Alliance, when she visits Big Brother. Steven and Mark admit they don't trust Zoe anymore, after the ex-housemates revelations. This weeks shopping task gets underway, Ash Ashleigh, Helen, Mark and Winston form the Red Team, whilst Chris, Christopher, Pav, Steven and Zoe form the Blue Team. The Red Team are dubbed 'The Winners' and are called to the diary room, they are told that they will be testing whether or not the Blue Team can be turned into Losers. Big Brother reveals that they have secretly rigged all of the games in the red team's favour, aside from the final part of the task. If the Red Team win the final, fair challenge then they will win a luxury shopping budget for the whole house. But if the Blue Team win, then it's basic rations for everyone. The first part of the task is called 'Pipe Dream' and the teams have to attempt to connect the pipes together, so that water can flow through the exit pipe and fill up the barrel at the end. The red team obviously win and are rewarded with spray tans. Pav and Zoe believe they lost as they didn't approach the task logically. The red team enjoy their spray tan. The teams go head to head in the next part of the task, known as 'Crack the Code'. Both teams are given a selection of animal heads, some numbered t-shirts and colourful tutu's. They also have a letter board, on each board is a word with a hidden code. However what the Blue team don't know, is that there is no code, instead the red team have been told the answers and coast through the task, much to the annoyance of the blue's. Mark and Chris talk to Helen about how understanding she has been, with them been part of the power alliance. Pav talks to Big Brother about how he has settled into the house. Steven and Ash aren't impressed with Chris' reason for nominating him. The final part of the shopping task today is a buzzer quiz between Ashleigh for the red team and Christopher for the blue team. The housemates have to correctly guess which quote matches up to which housemate. Ashleigh is fed the answers through a secret earpiece, meaning that the red team win again.
Director: Ben Hardy

1440 :16x53 - BB15 - Day 50 Highlights - Eviction #9 Live

Emma Willis presents highlights from yesterday ahead of tonight's eviction. Winston and Ash have a singalong in the bathroom. Ashleigh predicts either Pav or Steven will be evicted on Friday. Pav admits to Steven he's finding it harder to integrate into the group, then what Zoe is. The next round of the shopping task, see's one housemate having to try and remain calm while another from the other team, has to raise their heart rate. The game is rigged again for the red team to win. The housemates predict who will be evicted on Friday, Steven admits he's feeling stronger then he ever has in all the time he's been in the house. Mark and Chris discuss Winston's behaviour in the house. Winston and Pav resolve their differences in the bathroom. The final part of this weeks shopping task, is the only part that isn't rigged for the red team to win. Meaning that if the Blue Team lose the task, everyone will be rewarded with a luxury shopping budget. The blue team however are still unaware the tasks have been rigged. The housemates take part in an endurance test, in which they have to hold hands over a gunge pipe for as long as possible. The red team successfully win the task, before Big Brother announces that every other game so far has been rigged and because the blue team has proved themselves as losers, everyone will have a luxury budget next week. Ashleigh and Helen bond, as Ashleigh does her hair and they discuss Helen been in the final. Zoe tells Big Brother that she is worried about becoming an outcast in the house. Mark is annoyed when Christopher refuses to be honest about what Matthew said earlier in the week. Helen tells Big Brother she thinks Pav will be evicted and she'd be most upset if Ashleigh or Steven were evicted. Steven admits to Christopher that his time in the house has been the most emotional time he's ever had. Zoe scares Steven when she jumps out of his bed. Emma talks to the house and reveals that Steven is the ninth housemate to be evicted from the house. Steven says her goodbyes and chats to Emma about his time living in the house. Emma reveals that the viewers at home are the new power housemate.

1441 :16x54 - BB15 - Day 51 Highlights

Highlights are shown of life from within the house. Pav is worried about the upcoming eviction but Zoe is not nervous. Steven talks to Big Brother about his time living in the house. Ashleigh tells Chris that Helen believes that the public only voted for her to be Power Housemate because she wanted to go and was likely to be ruthless. Big Brother informs Ash that he must become Angry Ash for today’s task. Zoe and Mark help Christopher get ready for the evening’s eviction by giving him a makeover. Emma talks to the house and reveals that Steven is the next person to be evicted from the house. Helen is sad to see Steven go.
Director: Ben Hardy

1442 :16x55 - BB15 - Day 52 Highlights

Pav is happy that he has survived the public vote. Mark and Winston discuss been in the house from the start. Chris tells Big Brother he feels like he's lost his perspective whilst in the house and admits that he doesn't like Pav that much. He also tells Ashleigh how he is feeling. Winston talks to Chris about the Illuminati. Pav tells Big Brother he already knows who he wants to nominate. Mark and Christopher discuss the new housemates. Big Brother sets a task for the day, a street dance contest. Elite Street win the task and are rewarded with a Vegas themed party, whilst the other housemates have to provide entertainment and wait on the other housemates. Pav tries to clear the air with Chris. Helen talks to Big Brother about the changing mood within the house. Zoe questions Ash about his relationship with Helen.
Director: Ben Hardy

1443 :16x56 - BB15 - Day 53 Highlights

The housemates recover from the after-effects of the Vegas party. Mark tells BIg Brother he's grown to like Pav. He isn't happy to find out he's woken up too late to use the electricals. The housemates are gathered to be told the power has been given to the public and that they have chosen to give Ashleigh immunity from eviction this week. The housemates make this weeks nominations. The results from the nominations mean that Pav, Zoe and Chris face eviction from the house this week. Ashleigh tells Chris how happy she is that the public have chosen to save her. Mark admits he feels bad about nominating Chris. Mark tells Big Brother he's worried he's lost his psychic abilities and so tests it on both Big Brother and Christopher. Pav tells Zoe he isn't enjoying his time in the house anymore. Mark isn't happy when Helen tells him that Christopher let him win the guessing game he played earlier to test his psychic abilities. After having an argument the boys make up, but Mark tells Pav he doesn't appreciate him stirring the pot.
Director: Ben Hardy

1444 :16x57 - BB15 - Day 54 Highlights

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Director: Ben Hardy

1445 :16x58 - BB15 - Day 55 Highlights

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Director: Ben Hardy

1446 :16x59 - BB15 - Day 56 Highlights

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Director: Ben Hardy

1448 :16x61 - BB15 - Day 57 Highlights

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Director: Ben Hardy

1449 :16x62 - BB15 - Day 58 Highlights

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Director: Ben Hardy

1450 :16x63 - BB15 - Day 59 Highlights

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Director: Ben Hardy

1451 :16x64 - BB15 - Day 60 Highlights

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Director: Ben Hardy

1452 :16x65 - BB15 - Day 61 Highlights

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Director: Ben Hardy

1453 :16x66 - BB15 - Day 62 Highlights

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Director: Ben Hardy
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