Series 3

My Big Fat Gypsy Christmas: Tinsel and Tiaras

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13 :03x01 - My Big Fat Gypsy Valentine

This special Valentine's edition of the series takes a look at love and courtship in the Traveller community.

15 :03x03 - Best Dressed Brides

Thelma Madine takes a look back at some of the wedding dresses she has created for different Gypsy weddings.

16 :03x04 - Life on the Run

The show follows a travelling family over the course of a difficult year. The cameras follow the family's constant game of cat and mouse with local councils, battles with the local residents and the hardships of long winters in freezing caravans.

17 :03x05 - The Luck of the Irish

The series talks to Irish Travellers from both sides of the Irish Sea, looking at the special bond they share and some of the values they often don't.

18 :03x06 - My Big Fat Gypsy Ladies' Day

Lots of Travellers and Gypsies gather for one of the biggest dates in the Gypsy calendar. The series takes a look at the unique bond between the Travelling community and their horses.

21 :03x09 - My Big Fat Gypsy Holiday

The caeras follow differenr members of the traveller community as they make plans for trips overseas. A bride makes plans for a honeymoon in Mexico whilst a girl makes plans for a religious pilgrimage to Bosnia.

22 :03x10 - My Big Fat Gypsy Grand Naional

The cameras follow Gypsies and Travellers as they attend the biggest event in the horse-racing calendar.