Season 3

23 :03x01 - Botox & Billionaires

The third season begins with Melissa calling Leslie a gold digger and a liar. Meanwhile, Whitney announces that she is moving in with her boyfriend; and Kalyn considers quitting her job.

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24 :03x02 - Crabby Bitches

Leslie gets upset with Melissa for interfering in Kalyn's life; Cindy confronts Dee over her stern disciplinary methods with Shaye; Whitney resists Bonnie's attempts to spend more time with her.

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25 :03x03 - Pierced by Revenge

Kalyn gets a piercing consultation with Whitney's boyfriend; Leslie hires Dee to redo her closet; Bonnie confronts Cindy about her disrespectful behavior.

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26 :03x04 - Cowboy Crazy

Dee and Cindy attack each other's parenting styles; Kalyn gets fired from her job; Whitney and Kalyn argue.

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27 :03x05 - Immaculate Infection

Kalyn blames Whitney for her health scare; Leslie demands that Bonnie do something about her behavior; Melissa worries that a new project will give her less time with Maddie.

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29 :03x07 - Engaged and Enraged

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30 :03x08 - Big Easy Blowup

The ladies travel to New Orleans to attend Leslie's bachelorette party, but the bride-to-be goes missing. Meanwhile, Booger asks for Bonnie and Jason's blessing.

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31 :03x09 - If Cooks Could Kill

Bonnie and Leslie argue at the club's chili cook-off; Booger pops the question, much to her dad's dismay; Kalyn reaches out to her estranged father.

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32 :03x10 - Battle of the Bull

Cindy learns that Leslie is spreading rumors about her; Kalyn considers leaving Texas; Whitney takes control of her wedding.

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33 :03x11 - Reunion Special (1)

Part 1 of 2. A reunion during which the mothers and daughters rehash the drama of Season 3.

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34 :03x12 - Reunion Special (2)

Conclusion. A reunion during which the mothers and daughters rehash the drama of Season 3.

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