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Krista returns home from the military to find that her brother has been arrested yet again, and later murdered. After doing some investigating to find out information on who killed him, she ends up at a vampire-expert's house, who explains to her the way things work with vampires, as well as Blade, whom she encountered earlier while snooping around. Still trying to avenge her brother's death, she comes across Blade again, who takes her back to his head quarters. He sets her up to place a tracking device in Marcus' pocket, though he "admits" to killing her brother, which leads to her attempt at killing him. She is unsuccessful, however, and turned into a vampire after being attained by Marcus' henchwoman.

Episode Info  

Episode number: 1x1
Airdate: Wednesday June 28th, 2006

Alternate Airdates:

Germany Jun 11, 2007
FI (Sub) Aug 29, 2007
UK (channel one) Jan 07, 2008
NL (Veronica) Nov 15, 2009

Guest Stars
Bill MondyBill Mondy
As Detective Brian Boone
David KoppDavid Kopp
As Zack Starr
David PalffyDavid Palffy
As Fritz
Don ThompsonDon Thompson
As Uncle Pat McCallum
P. Lynn JohnsonP. Lynn Johnson
As Lisa Starr
G. Michael GrayG. Michael Gray
As Danny Milano

Co-Guest Stars
Chris LovickChris Lovick
As Lab Rat Vampire #1
Jessica LeeJessica Lee
As Sherri
Phillip MitchellPhillip Mitchell
As Russian General
Quinn LordQuinn Lord
As Young Zack Starr
Tammy MorrisTammy Morris
As Tattooed Woman
Trevor CarrollTrevor Carroll
As Westo Native
Val ColeVal Cole
As News Reporter
Zen Shane LimZen Shane Lim
As Waiter

Randy QuaidRandy Quaid
As Melvin Caylo
Episode Notes
Wesley Snipes was given the chance to reprise to play Blade again, but declined.

A sneak preview of this show was shown at the Philly comic con 2006.

The series was filmed in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

This episode was two hours in length, though without the commercials it was only approximately an hour and twenty minutes.

Jessica Gower, who plays Chase, actually auditioned for the role of Krista Starr.

Neil Jackson's character's last name is after comic book artist Ethan Van Sciver.

The motorcycle Blade is driving is a Harley-Davidson VRSCD Night Rod.

The ratings for the first episode was 2.4 million viewers.

SpikeTV listed this episode as two separate parts.

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Episode Quotes
Blade: You can go.
Russian General: You're kidding, yes?
Blade: Yes. (chops his head off)

Blade: It's a disaster.
Shen: Just the way you like it. Barred windows, plenty of space and, if we get bored, there's a ping pong table in the back. I know how much you love ping pong. Come on, I've taken you to half a dozen sites that could be sealed up tighter than a frog's ass - you pissed on every one of 'em. You said we had to move fast.
Blade: We do.
Shen: Well, then pick a place to throw down your damned sleeping bag!

Marcus: The House of Chthon has a lot of locked doors. Doors meant to hold my secrets. You've been peeking through a lot of keyholes, Zack. Too many.

Krista: Where's Zack?
Uncle Pat McCallum: He was arrested last week. Listen, I'm thinking we should all sit down, have a nice long talk before he winds up in prison.
Lisa Starr: Waste of time.
Krista: Mom, he's not a bad guy. He's just a little lost.
Lisa Starr: Why do you always defend him?
Krista: Because nobody else will!

Blade: Sun's down. Time to make some new friends.

Graft: (after Blade throws him onto the floor) What the hell?! I told you I'd talk!
Blade: Sorry, I didn't hear you.

Krista: I was just at his apartment and there was this man there going through his stuff.
Detective Brian Boone: Oh, yeah? What'd he look like?
Krista: Black, dressed in black...
Detective Brian Boone: Oh, black? That narrows it down.

Krista: Can I see my brother's file?
Detective Brian Boone: No.
Krista: Maybe I could help. I was a sergeant in the army.
Detective Brian Boone: Yeah, well, this ain't the army.

Blade: Figure it out! You're supposed to be the smart one!
Shen: And, I'm the good-looking one, too.

Blade: He'll be hard to get close to.
Shen: And, you don't exactly blend in.

Krista: Holy shit! Those... are...
Blade: Were.
Krista: ...vampires. What does that make you?
Blade: Something else.
Krista: What does that mean?! God, what is that smell?
Blade: Garlic. They don't like it, either.
Krista: This is impossible.
Blade: There's a whole other world beneath this one, Krista.
Krista: Why does everybody know my name?

Krista: (on Blade wearing shades in the dark) How can you see with those things?

Krista: I'm going after them with or without you. Silver bullet.
Blade: Doesn't work on me.
Krista: But, I bet it hurts like a son of a bitch.
Shen: Blade?
Blade: Go ahead.
Krista: Go ahead?
Blade: I'm not talking to you.
Krista: What?!

Krista: (picking up one of Shen's guns) Finally, something I recognise... kind of. Customised PDW?
Shen: We call it a shotgun. One taste of liquid garlic chambers from that monster sends any vampire into anaphylactic shock. Their skin ruptures, their blood evaporates.

Krista: So, trying to recapture the past?
Marcus: Just trying not to forget it.

Marcus: I'm impressed, Krista.
Krista: I hope you still are when I'm shoving a stake up your ass!

Marcus: You, on the other hand, might just work.
Krista: What are you gonna do? Bite me?
Marcus: Bite you? That's for savages.

Marcus: Hello, Krista. Welcome to the family.

Krista: What did you do to me? What did you do?
Marcus: I saved you.

Krista: Did Marcus change you?
Chase: No. My husband did... and lived to regret it. He still does.

Detective Brian Boone: Don't pull that Dracula shit sneaking up on people, I almost crapped myself.
Marcus: You've been overfeeding them again. And, for what? A few dirty twenties?

Shen: (to Blade) Next time I offer you backup, you take it!

Blade: Look, you wanted in and you're in. You're in as far as you can go. You're one of them.
Krista: So, are you.
Blade: You can learn so much. I can work with you... just like I worked with your brother.
Krista: My brother? Zack worked for you?
Blade: Yes. He was my contact here.
Krista: Oh, my God, you got him killed!
Blade: No. Marcus did. But, Marcus was wrong about him, he was a good man.

Shen: What do you think?
Blade: Could go either way.

Episode Goofs
Visual: As Blade is riding his motorcycle away from the lab, Marcus and his two aides are standing outside watching him escape. Their breath is visible, which would indicate that they are warmer than room temperature, i.e. not dead.

LOOK HARD: When Krista wakes up from her dream after her vampire transformation, we see her eyes have changed color to an extremely light blue. Look closely, and you'll see that they are colored contacts.

Episode References
The scene in which Blade's mother is giving birth to Blade after being attacked by a vampire is taken from Blade.

"Death Goes On"

A preview of the upcoming episode is available at the end of this episode.

Blade was being patient to kill Marcus Van Sciver because he has 12 successors waiting to take his place, meaning that there are 13 "leaders" in their house.

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