The Day I Became a Shinigami - Recap

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A place that is fuzzy with black moving gooey, one blobs poop up. A mysterious women talks about sensing them, jumps off. It goes to Ichigo beating up a guy. He then ask one of his friends why there is glass of flower there. He replies for a girl who died here recently. He kicks him out of the way. And ask another one why it got knocked down, he said "by skating boarding here" and kicks the rest of them." Ichigo tell the ghost girl to they should bother her no more and rest in peace.

Ichigo tells about the local clinic his family runs. He walks in and as soon as he walks in, his father Isshin kicks him in the chin for being late for dinner. Ichigo blames the ghost girl he was helping. Ichigo tells his dad a 7 o'clock curfew is bad for a high school student. As Yuzu and Karin are at table and Yuzu ask them to stop there fighting. Karin then talks to Ichigo there is another ghost behind him. After this Yuzu said she wish she could ghost. Karin replies coldly mainly saying she doesn't believe in them, so its not like they are there. Yuzu looks blankly and the ghost is like "How Cold!" Isshin attack Ichigo because of his guard down, they throw the punches and Ichigo wins. Ichigo skips dinner and goes to bed.

Karin and Yuzu tell Isshin he should leave Ichigo more alone, and they tell him that he has been seeing more ghost. Isshin is surprised and ask why is he telling him this stuff. Karin replies coldly saying your 40 and acting like a baby. Isshin goes to a poster and cries to it how his kids are cold and ask how to change. Karin replies by saying take down that poster.

Ichigo walks in the kitchen in the morning and ask about Isshin, and Karin says out for the day at a meeting and well be home late. Ichigo sees a news covering a hollow attack that happened early. Said that was near, and goes off to drop off the new flowers where he beat up the people the day before as he promised. He gets there, but hears a hollow scream, runs off to look. It attack the local area, and that ghost girl is running from it. Both don't know what it is and try to run, the little girl trips. Ichigo goes to pick her up. The hollow closes the ground, and is about to attack Ichigo and that girl and a hellfire butterfly floats on by. Turns into that mysterious women, she takes out her sword cuts it face up and down. It flinches, she rebounds and finishes it off. The other people coming looking like what happened here.

Ichigo is in his room and ask who was that girl. He sees that butterfly float over and turn into that mysterious girl. She talks to her self that she senses a spiritual being close and draws out her sword. Ichigo freaks out, as mysterious girl starts to walk away, Ichigo kicks her in the butt. the mysterious girl is confused that a normal human can see her. The next scene Ichigo is asking question and Rukia answering. Ichigo says he doesn't believe her and calls her a brat soul reaper. She gets angry and uses kido binding spell. And then explains it, and grabs her sword, Ichigo flinches once again, but that mysterious girl sends it to the Soul Society which is suppose to be a better place. She then explains a soul reaper has two jobs. She draws pictures, and Ichigo any question. He ask why do your drawing sucks, she draws a mustache on him.

A new hollow is seen chasing that girl, and is about to catch her when he senses one stronger spiritual power, and a soul reaper. The hollow screams, and Ichigo hears it. That mysterious girl then talks about the two type of spirits. The whole which is the good spirits and the bad is Hollows. Then Ichigo shouts, didn't you hear that scream earlier and that mysterious women is like what sound. Then the hollow screams again and she says it is a Hollow. Then there is a crashing sound in the house.

Rukia goes to look, as she gets out the door Yuzu who is in bad shape, gives a little about Karin is trouble. That mysterious women then senses the spiritual powers of that hollow. She goes to see it, and Ichigo tries to move even though he shouldn't be able to move. Ichigo stumbles down the stairs and sees Karin being attacked by the Hollow. Karin is pleading her life for Ichigo to help her. That mysterious women helps him to say out of it. Ichigo then tries to break the spell and that mysterious women say not to do it or you'll damage your soul. He breaks out and attack the Hollow with a chair. It punches him out of the way. Rukia attacks its arm and gets Karin free. Ichigo catches her as she falls. The Hollow retreats. That mysterious women finally figures out that they are after Ichigo, because he touched that ghost girl. As the Hollow comes back and Ichigo tells it to take him. That mysterious women then blocks it attack and damages the Hollow so it can't move. That mysterious women crawls to a light post asking Ichigo if he wants to protect his family. She wants to try to transfer her power into him, if it fails it kills him. If it works he becomes a soul reaper. The mysterious women tells my name is Rukia Kuchiki and then stabs Ichigo in the heart with her zanpaktou as Ichigo tells Rukia his name. The Hollow closes in and loses its hand then a leg. As Ichigo slays it Rukia, says she never seen a human with a high spiritual power, ability to break up kido easily and a zanpaktou that huge. Then it explain about Ichigo life, age 15, hair color Orange and Job, high school student and soul reaper appeared.