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The Shinigami's Work - Recap

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Ichigo gets waken up by Isshin about to jump on him, Ichigo gets him to the floor. Ichigo then remembers the attacks from the day before and ask how is Karin and Yuzu injuries. Isshin is like what are you talking about. Then Ichigo's family is outside and they start talking about a trucker crashing into there house. Ichigo wonders if Rukia got back to the Soul Society and thinks about the hollow.

Orihime and Tatsuki are talking about lunch. Orihime talks about her interesting taste in lunch. Ichigo come around the corner about knock Orihime down by accident. He said, "Oh its only you Orihime." Tatsuki gets defensive of Orihime. Ichigo offers help, but scares Orihime and she lies to get away. Ichigo is in the classroom, when Keigo ask about the truck that crashed into his house. Chad offer help, and Mizuiro.

Rukia walks up behind Ichigo and surprises him, in a sly and more kinder voice. Keigo, Chad and Mizuiro talk about how she is the new transfer student. Ichigo tries to say it was her from yesterday, but Rukia has "Make a scene you are so dead" on her hand. Ichigo and Rukia go outside for a conversation. Rukia is still in sly voice, which she only learnt over night, and Ichigo ask her why she is acting that way. Ichigo also asks about why she isn't in the Soul Society. Rukia replies "because you took most of my powers I couldn't return. Now you must become a soul reaper."

Ichigo says no, because he doesn't want to put his life on for complete strangers. Rukia puts on a skull glove, and runs at Ichigo. Knocking his soul reaper form out. Ichigo freaks out because he sees his normal body just lying there. Rukia tells Ichigo to follow her. Ichigo ask: "How long is it going to take?" Rukia then tells that she, but now Ichigo has orders to attack a upcoming hollow at a park where a boy has passed on yet to the Soul Society.

As they get there the hollow appears and starts to attack the boy. Ichigo jumps the fence, but Rukia tells him to stop. Ichigo is wondering why, and Rukia tells him he is a complete stranger and not save him. Also you can't rescue him because he is in front of you. Also telling him what a Soul Reaper must do, they must treat all souls equally and even if it means, put there life on there line in order to save them. The Hollow closes on the boy and Ichigo cuts it arm off. Rukia ask if he is ready, he says no again. But Ichigo also mentions you are not following your own advice. By mentioning that she didn't think of jobs, when she saved Rukia. The hollow comes back Ichigo slays it and sends the boy to the Soul Society. Orihime is being watched by ghost, she closes the windows and the ghost frowns, and is grabbed by hollows. He means a leader of the Hollows, and tells the Hollows to eat him. Thus turning him into a hollow.

Rukia is reading a book, like she is in book. Ichigo tells her to shut up. Rukia is trying to learn modern language, but it is an old book Ichigo says. They hear a car brakes goings off and they run to see it. Orihime was hit by a car and Ichigo ask if she is OK. Orihime then gets asked where's the car, she said, "I guess it drove off." Ichigo is OK with that she is safe. Orihime sees Rukia and says hello, and Rukia was like who in the hell are you. Ichigo tells her, then she goes to her sly voice and says "Hello." Orihime's talks about her food as Rukia looks at a bruise on her leg. Rukia gets a closer look, and Orihime asks, "What's wrong." Rukia plays stupid and says nothing. Ichigo offers to walk Orihime home, she refuses.

Rukia is following Ichigo and she ask if Orihime and him are close. He says no, just met her recently. But he says he remembers her from 3 years ago, when her brother Sora was killed in a car crash. That seemed to make Rukia really think. Ichigo then tells her he still could see spiritual figures, but couldn't talk to them yet. Rukia starts to walk away from Ichigo. Ichigo ask, "Where your going." Rukia says "home." Ichigo is like where, and Rukia says, "Do you really wanna know?" Ichigo says no, Rukia says, "Don't ask then." It makes Ichigo mad.

Ichigo is lying in bed, when Yuzu opens the door, without knocking first, asking about her PJ's. Ichigo replies coldly that he doesn't know where they are. Yuzu accusing him of becoming colder and meaner since he started high school. Ichigo then replies in a nicer toner, telling her no he hasn't been meaner and no about the PJ." Yuzu ask about on of her dresses is missing. Ichigo replies coldly that this isn't a lost and found, Yuzu goes to bed. Ichigo continues to read his book.

Rukia is lying in a dark room and her cell phone, beeps telling her of an order. Ichigo hears the cell phone beeps, and is like looking for it. Rukia then rip open his closest door, with her skull glove on, and Ichigo freaks out big time. Rukia tells Ichigo has orders now, and knocks out his Soul Reaper form, just in time, before that hollow attacks Ichigo in his room. The Hollow breaks Ichigo bed, and Ichigo is dumbfounded, Rukia tells him to attack. Ichigo tries but his big zanpaktou cuts the ceiling and the Hollow dodges. Ichigo then cuts its arm, and then Rukia tells him to aim for the head. Ichigo yells at Rukia he'll do it his way. He hits the head of the Hollow, but it was to shallow, because the Hollow got Ichigo's zanpaktou in his heads. Part of his mask breaks and shows Ichigo it is Sora, Orihime's brother. The Hollow retreats.

Ichigo is shaken up from this, and Rukia tells him more about Hollows and why Soul Reapers attack them from behind. One is too reduce injuries and the other is to keep the Hollow's identity a secret. Ichigo doesn't want to slay it because he was human once before, but know is a monster. Rukia tells him he must destroy him. And tells about Hollows are made by lingers regret or disappear or Hollows eat there soul and they become Hollows.

Tatsuki goes to Orihime's house and brings food. She talks about if she doesn't bring food there Orihime would continue to eat odd stuff. Orihime talks about seeing Ichigo and Rukia together, Tatsuki calls Ichigo a player. Orihime's talks about getting hit by a car, Tatsuki gets mad because Ichigo didn't walk her home, because Ichigo walked home with Rukia. Orihime's tells Tatsuki that he did offer to walk her home. Orihime zones out and talks about beating up a chief and Tatsuki tells her to stop day dreaming as you the Hollow above Orihime's apartment scream.