Beat the Invisible Enemy! - Recap

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It starts out with the Hollow (even though name was never said, the name is Shrieker) is after Rukia. Rukia uses her kidou, but her powers still haven't returned yet and it was useless. Shrieker just laughs, and starts to choke her to get her soul reaper forum out. As Ichigo is taking Karin homes, he remembers the last time Karin cried, not even getting in trouble or breaking a leg. This was after there mom died, and he remembers Karin being a crybaby like Yuzu. He even says Yuzu took over all the things that her mom used to do. He gets her home and puts her in bed.

Meanwhile, well Shrieker is trying to eat Rukia. Chad gets a punch in and hits Shrieker. Rukia is surprised he hit it, and starts to wonder if he can see Shrieker. As Chad is just punching the air in a random spot. Rukia figures out he can't. Shrieker is even surprised. And wonders what happened. As Shrieker tries to get and he gets punched for a second time. Making Shrieker get too nervous. He goes up and starts to fly.

Chad is still punching again in a random area and tells Chad it is useless because Shrieker is airborne and tells him to run. Chad doesn't run and start to say it doesn't matter and then breaks a telephone pole apart and ask Rukia where to swing and she says right in front of you. As Shrieker goes through the ways he wants to attack Chad, but doesn't finish his second attack idea. Chad hits the hollow again, but with more force then before. Shrieker is still surprised that he is just uses brute force to beat him up.

Shrieker is very getting more annoyed because he still just wants to eat Rukia, but Chad keeps hitting hard. Rukia tells Shrieker to give up because he has lost, because she has Ichigo coming on his way there and Chad on her side. Shrieker is like "Oh No's." But this times flies up to a height that a telephone pole can't hit him. Then Rukia comes up with a plan that involves her being threw at Shrieker, by Chad. Chad things it is a stupid plan, but just follows Rukia instructions and threw her at Shrieker. Rukia tells him it is over. Shrieker is like ohh, then spits out leeches and they hit Rukia making fall back to Earth. Chad rescues her before she hit the ground. Rukia tries to get the leeches off, but Shrieker, makes a shrieking sound and blows them up. Knocking Rukia down for a little bit. Chad is about to get up and fight Shrieker. Shrieker has his froggy things bring the parakeet over and Shrieker wants to play a game of tag with Rukia, but Chad can't follow, if he does he explode the parakeet.

Rukia tells Chad to agree, and Chad ask if she'll be ok, she says yeah because of a promise and runs off as those froggy things and Shrieker follows. They try to get the leeches on her, but she dodges the first two, but is caught by the third surprise on. He explodes them injuring Rukia's left arm. She is still running and Shrieker tells her to attack and she stops by a fence. Shrieker is surprised because Rukia took his offer. Then Ichigo jumps on his head, Ichigo makes fun of Rukia for messing things up a little. Rukia says comes back with a snappy come back, I guess you care about me. Ichigo is "I guess your right." Then Shrieker ask Ichigo, "How long are you going to stand on my head." Ichigo jumps off as Shrieker launches leech bombs at Ichigo and Rukia. Rukia jumps and gets Ichigo's soul reaper form out as the leeches exploded.

Chad comes walking up about this time and wonders what happened to Ichigo. Rukia tells him he is battling for our safety. As Ichigo and Shrieker are battling elsewhere. Shrieker launches toss froggy things at Ichigo and Ichigo just cuts them up. Shrieker laughs at Ichigo stupidity, and blows up the guts, which are those leeches. Ichigo jumps out of the explosion and gets his zanpaktou right up in Shrieker's face and ask about the parakeet.

Shrieker then tell his background story, that he was a mass murder that was in just about everything. He killed Shibata's mom and how he enjoyed it. As he was about to go for Shibata, Shibata grabs his shoelaces. Causing him to lose his balance and fall 20 stories. He was pissed and died so he sucked out his soul and stuffed him in the parakeet. Telling him to play a game, if you can run for 3 months I'll bring back your mommy to life. Ichigo is puzzled and Shrieker tells him that was a lie and he enjoyed killing everyone who tried helping Shibata. The scene goes to Rukia, Chad and Shibata (parakeet). Shibata is explaining that if he played Shrieker's game that he'd bring his mom back to life. Rukia is wondering why Shibata would believe a lie like that. It goes back to Ichigo and Shrieker. Shrieker explains it was because he wanted to help his mommy.

The battle continues between Ichigo and Shrieker. Shrieker launches leeches at Ichigo and he just grabs them. Shrieker tells Ichigo of his weak defense and is about to explode the leeches, but Ichigo gives him back his leeches. Shrieker hesitates about blowing them up, but Ichigo rips out his tongue. Then finishes him off as he is about to be died. Rukia walks up behind Ichigo. As the Gates of Underworld start to appear and Rukia tells Ichigo zanpaktou's only cleanses crimes if they did it as a Hollow, not as a real person.The Gates of the Underworlds stabs Shrieker taking him off to there. Ichigo says that what the underworld looks like.

It finishes off, with Rukia, Ichigo and Chad in one area. Rukia tells Shibata that he can't be saved, because he lost his chain of fate. Rukia then tells that the Soul Society is a better place to be, because you never age and never are hungry there. Ichigo cuts in and makes fun of Rukia a little saying now she is an expert on the real world. Ichigo then tells, Shibata you can see your mom on the other side, since we can't bring her back her. Shibata thanks Chad for all the kinds things he did. We see Shibata true spirit. Chad has one request before he goes off to the Soul Society, is that once Chad passes in the real world, he wants to carry Shibata around a little bit more he agrees. Ichigo then does the ritual for sending souls into the Soul Society. As that happens Karin senses it and thanks Ichigo. We then see the "hellfire" butterfly flying off, which was Shibata.