Fight to the Death! Ichigo vs. Ichigo - Recap

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Rukia is on top of a building and say I need more power and is learning it is harder to move in her gigai. Ichigo goes up to his room with food for Rukia, but she isn't there, making Ichigo wonder where she went so early in the morning. Yuzu and Karin are eating breakfast and start talking about Ichigo bringing food up to his room and locking himself in there too much. Causing Isshin to think too much into it. He gets kicked but Ichigo and they battle as Karin and Yuzu continue to eat.

Jinta Hankari and Ururu Tsumugiya are outside cleaning a shop, which is later explained owned by Kisuke Urahara. Jinta isn't doing his work and Ururu tells him to do his work or face Tessai Tsukabishi. As Jinta is about to hit Ururu with the broom, Rukia grabs the broom and then they let her in the shop. Tessai yells at first, but then is ok with it. Rukia tells what she needs, Kisuke tells her about staying in a gigai too long is bad. Kisuke sends Ururu to get the item Rukia order. She grabs the wrong item. Kisuke gives Rukia a pretty harsh warning that she can't hide forever.

Rukia comes in and ask for Ichigo. Ichigo just wants to talk there, but Rukia knocks him out, drags him off. She shows Ichigo the item she brought. Which is a temp soul that will eject the soul forum out of any body. Ichigo ask why it said Soul Candy instead of gikongan on it. Rukia tells about the Female Soul Reaper group in the Soul Society says it wasn't cute. Ichigo makes fun of the duck, Rukia says she wanted the rabbit. Ichigo shallows the pill (gikongan) and it ejects his soul. Ichigo is shocked that it worked. Then the gikongan starts to move, and then talks. Ichigo doesn't like it, but orders happens as Rukia drags Ichigo off. The gikongan start to move around, then kicks the fence in. A janitor like guy ask what Ichigo (gikongan) is doing, and the gikongan charges him and the janitor freaks out, but the gikongan jumps to the wall.

The bell rings at the school and Orihime celebrates because it is time to eat. Chizuru Honsho hits on Orihime. Then the gikongan jumps into the 3rd story opened window surprising everyone in there. He likes the attention, and then starts looking for a good looking girl. He spots Orihime and then jumps to her and talks to her and kisses her, making her blush. Then Tatsuki grabs the gikongan, and the gikongan says she is good looking, and kisses her. As Ichigo finishes off the Hollow, he is worrying about what the gikongan is doing. They get back and they see yelling and a desk fly out the window. As Tatsuki flipping out trying to beat the crap out of gikongan. Rukia runs into the door and tells the gikongan tells it to stop and for Ichigo to jumps up in the window. They fight, but the classmates can't figure that Ichigo (gikongan) is battle the thin air. The gikongan kicks Ichigo into desk, making them wonder if them fight ghost.

The gikongan jumps out the windows as Ichigo and Rukia chase after it. As Rukia and Ichigo end up in a dead end. Ichigo starts whining about what the gikongan did in his body. Rukia isn't really worried about it. Rukia thinks a kiss is a hello and that is all, and Ichigo wonders what book she read that from. Ichigo says his image is ruined, Rukia is like who he had an image. Ichigo finals just puts it behind him and ask why Rukia called him a mod soul. Rukia explains about Operation Spearhead. Where they made artificial souls, with at least one superhuman power, that was suppose to be put into dead bodies with no souls, to battle Hollows. But the Soul Society canceled it, making it law to destroy any and ALL mod souls. Rukia just want to her work and destroy, regardless of how she feels. Ichigo doesn't like but he goes with it. Ichigo takes pity on him.

The gikongan is jumping through town as town folks are surprised by him jumping so high. He ends see kids skipping Phy. Ed. playing video game. So he spies on them, the kids loses in his game again with his creation. His friends tell him to delete and make a better one. He does, this makes the gikongan really mad, because he is in a similar situation. And is about to attack the kids, but Ichigo stops him before he could kick them.