June 17, Memories in the Rain - Recap

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A group of Hollows are meetings together and the leader on says he is heading out. Then goes to the family going to visit there died mom's grave on the day of her death. Yuzu whines about the hill being to hard to climb and Karin tells her to stop because Isshin will crazy. Isshin then gets up on his hand and starts to walk on his hands, then dives at Yuzu, and she dodges and Karin kicks him down the hill. Yuzu and Karin go Rukia up the hill and is surprised someone is happy and already on top of the hill. Yuzu and Karin try to figure out who it is and Ichigo plays stupid, until Karin says she thinks she seen Rukia before. Ichigo still playing stupid, says he remembers her from Middle school and rushes off the hill and grabs Rukia and runs off with her. As Ichigo ask why she is there, she is there if a hollow shows up, as Saido Eikichiro is shown spying on them. Rukia remembers Ichigo saying he could see spirits at a young age and ask if it was a hollow, but is cut off by Ichigo, saying he killed his mother.

It goes off to Orihime and Tatsuki talking about Ichigo. Orihime said she knows the secret of Ichigo. Tatsuki ask her what her what idea is and Orihime says Ichigo is a superhero to save the world. Then Tatsuki tells her back story of Ichigo. They met when there where 4 at a dojo club. Tatsuki says he was weak, one punch or any lose he'd cry. But then he see his mom and be happy. Tatsuki wondered how could some one be so happy from losing and that made a little jealous. She says that all changed when they turned 9, the day his mom died. Tatsuki was worried because Ichigo didn't come into school. She looked all over for him and then watched him for days. Walk in circles by the river, waiting for his mom to come back. This new shocks Orihime. Goes to Rukia thinking on her comment and she feels guilty for saying stuff like that. Kon unzips her backpack. Rukia tells him he can't come out, but Kon says he needs air. Kon also wonders why they can't go home yet, and Rukia mainly say "needs to be close to Ichigo in case of hollows." Kon whines that she is all about her work. Rukia hears a sound and tells Kon to shut up. They go look for it and find Saido Eikichiro.

Scene goes to Ichigo have a flash back of the night his mom died. They are walking in the rain and Ichigo gets splashed by a truck and his mom cleans him up. His mom wants to protect him form the splashing of cars, but Ichigo doesn't want that. His mom cleans him up and they start to walk home. Ichigo remembers he could see ghost, but wasn't able to tell them apart form the living. He was about to see a girl jump into the high river. His mom tries to stop him, but Ichigo lost conciseness.When he woke he knew his mom was dead. Then he remembers how everyone was so close to there mom, and he felt responsible for it. Then he breaks down crying. It goes to Karin and Yuzu at there mom's grave and Karin wondering how she is doing. Yuzu breaks down crying and Karin tells them there 11 and they should be big girls now. Isshin is being his crazy self. Karin kicks him twice and then Isshin chases him off.

He wakes up because he find mission like this boring. He starts to ask Rukia questions, why she hasn't returned to the Soul Society, as Kon runs off to look for Ichigo. He tells about her nobility and how everyone knew her. Saido wonders if she fell in love if for him out of pity for his death. Rukia says it is none of his business.And Saido is about to attack Rukia, but she tries Kidou. He jumps back and then Ichigo and Kon show up. He yells at Saido, who is a little shocked Ichigo can see him. He starts to ask what Ichigo is and Rukia tells him not to answer. Ichigo replies "substitute soul reaper. Saido said what Rukia did was a big crime. They have a quick battle, with Rukia saying stay out of it, because it her battle. Rukia's phone rings and she says it is a powerful hollow. Kon and Ichigo look at his ratings and Saido is right there and agrees. This freaks out Kon and Ichigo, because they battled, but now are next to each other.

Both run off to go battle the hollow, with Saido in following them. Ichigo asks what was that, she tells him her problem. Ichigo ask if Rukia is going to ask about her mom, Rukia tells her no, because she doesn't want to open deep wounds, but when your ready to talk about it. She'll listen to it. Saido wonders what to do, his soul reapers job or the job he was told to do. It shows Karin getting a feeling she is being watched. It shows her getting knocked back by a Hollow (Grand Fisher). It steps on Karin and grabs Yuzu by the neck and is about to eat her.