Unbeatable Enemy - Recap

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Grand Fisher is about to eat Yuzu and still stepping on Karin. Ichigo appears ands cuts off the thing holding Yuzu and Ichigo grabbed her and puts her off to the side. And Rukia and Saido catch up to Ichigo. And then the Grand Fisher shows other ability and his lure. Ichigo remembers that girl form, the night his mom died and the girl he tried to rescue. Rukia explains that he uses it to see if anyone can see it and then he eats them right on the spot. His favorite type of people are
women. Ichigo goes to rush to attack, very emotionally. Also that this Hollow has expect soul reapers for 50 years. The Grand Fisher wraps him around in his fur. The Grand Fisher is about to eat Karin and Ichigo bags him to stop. And then Rukia cast a burning kidou type, and the Grand Fisher knocks her back. Grand Fisher tries to attack Ichigo and Saido attacks and rescues Karin. Then the Grand Fisher is about to attack Karin and Saido stops him and Ichigo's Mother appears by the Grand Fisher for a second.

Ichigo freaks, because he though they couldn't die. Rukia check on Saido and tells him soul reapers can die, if there injuries are bad enough. They hear him snore and Ichigo tells Rukia to wake him up or he'll kill him. Kon shows up and Rukia tells Kon to take Yuzu and Karin away. and he does. Rukia tells Ichigo to back her up, but Ichigo jumps up telling her to stay out of it. As it starts to rain, Ichigo is trying to attack the Grand Fisher, but he isn't there when he attacks. It goes to Kon, who hears Karin make a sound. Kon ask if she is ok, then whines that how hard it is to act like Ichigo always bitter and never happy.

Ichigo and the Grand Fisher run off through the woods. As Grand Fisher is using his fur to attack Ichigo dodges it and attacks again the Grand Fisher easily dodges. Rukia finally catches up to where they battle. Rukia is about to help, but she has a flash back to captain saying there are two types of battle one for protecting lives's and the others is for honor. She tries her hardest not to get involved no matter how hard it is for her.

Saido wakes up and runs off. Ichigo is still battling Grand Fisher, and is struggling. Ichigo then blocks an attack, but Grand Fisher uses his claws to attack and get inside Ichigo's mind. He does this so he can find who he can't attack, because ever Soul Reaper has one person they can't attack. Ichigo gets really mad and starts to charge at Grand Fisher, but he uses his lure with his mom to get in the way. Stopping Ichigo from completely his attack, because the lure Mom says you wouldn't attack your mom, put down your sword. The Grand Fisher appears behind the lure, and then stabs Ichigo, telling he is the weakest soul reaper he played with. Saido finally finds Rukia and Ichigo, but doesn't get involved. As the Grand Fisher is about to deliver the death blow to Ichigo, his mothers recorded memories start to play in the lure. His mom tells Ichigo to be happy, and that she is sorry she died, and to help keep the family together. Saido said he knew of it might happen, and it is any ones fight. Saido says probably as Ichigo's mother died, her thoughts where on that and was like recorded. Ichigo hearing his mothers final words attack the Grand Fisher and cuts him up good. Grand Fisher retreats swearing revenge.

Scene goes to Orihime leaving Tatsuki's house, and Orihime saying that she is starting to understand Ichigo more every day, because both suffered some thing very similar.

Ichigo yells as Grand Fisher goes up to the sky, telling him to come back and Rukia tells him to stop, saying he won. Ichigo says not until he is destroyed and passes out with Rukia catching him. Rukia is glad that he survived and she started to heal him. Saido is also impressed with Ichigo, because the soul reapers power is based on there life force and Ichigo has potential to be very strong. He makes fun of Rukia telling her she grew up, but Rukia tells him to shut up. Saido leaves, but won't tell the Soul Society anything. It shows Isshin smiles because the rain cleared up.

Ichigo is by his mom gravestone, almost crying that he wasn't able to destroy the Grand Fisher. Isshin walks behind Ichigo telling him as long as he is health she is happy on the other side. Ichigo tells him not to listen in, when he is talking to himself. Isshin lights up a cigarette. Ichigo though he quit, but Isshin tells him that this the only he smokes, because Masaki complimented on him on it. One of the first and last ones he ever got complimented. Ichigo is wondering how Isshin can be smiling, and why doesn't everyone blame him for Masaki's death. Isshin tells him, that Masaki was a very kind lady and would put her life in life to protect her kids. Isshin tells him, that she saved, but at the cost of her life, that was the women he married. Isshin starts to walk off and knees Ichigo in the back. Telling him to live old, die and go bald old. And try to die with a smile, so Isshin can face Masaki when he dies. Ichigo knows Rukia is there and wants to be a soul reaper longer so he can protect everyone he can and to get revenge and kill the Grand Fisher.