Privilege - Recap

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The scene opens with three girls walking. One girl breaks off from the group and a black SUV follows her. She runs after she notices that someone is following her. A man grabs her from behind. Danny arrives on scene and Courtney Thurman is the victim of an assault. She wasn’t raped but she had her pants taken off. Danny tells that they have a serial assaulter on their hands. Jamie is at Frank’s home practicing how to twirl his baton and Sidney is trying to talk to him. He is too concentrated on the baton and she gets frustrated and walks into the kitchen and talks with Erin. She tells for her not to think of it as an insult to her and it all goes with the territory. Sidney tells that she would marry Jamie even if he worked at a toll booth, but if he likes the toll booth more than her, then there is an issue. Erin tells that she can’t fight the gun and shield and for her to go with it. Courtney and Danny talk and she tells that it happened too quickly for her to recognize her attacker. Another officer walks up to Danny and tells that there was a scream eight blocks away and Danny leaves. Meanwhile, Frank and Kelly Davidson are alone in a restaurant and Frank tells that they are alone because he saved the owner’s life. Frank gets a call and tells them to keep it off the air. He leaves and Kelly calls up her station and tells that something is going on in North Manhattan.

Danny arrives on the scene of the second assault, but this time it is full rape. The victim is Lauren Ryder and she got a partial ID of the attacker as a white Caucasian with brown hair. At the station, Frank meets with Baker who gets him up to speed to what is going on about the rape case. On the television, Kelly is reporting about the case so far and Frank looks upset. Sgt. Gormley and Danny talk about the case and he tells that he will look at the tapes to see if he can’t ID the owner of the Escalade that was used. Frank hosts a press conference and tells that they have no leads right now and that they are working on it. Danny meets with Walter Ryder and he tells that she doesn’t have anyone that would want to hurt his daughter. In a park, Jamie wants to go and Sgt. Anthony Renzulli is eating still. Jamie wants to go bust people and Renzulli tells that he is going to burn himself out if he doesn’t watch out. To prove a point, Renzulli shows his skills of observation when he tells of people’s habits and it looks like something is happening but it is something else. Danny meets with Courtney and she tells that she is sorry she can’t ID the attacker more. Rene and Courtney’s boyfriend, Blake, enter and he goes over to console Courtney. Danny sees that Blake has a tattoo on his forearm.

Sgt. Gormley tells that they have two possible suspects a Vincent Harrah, who has a record and Sophia Calso, a rich woman. Danny visits Vincent at his home and he starts running away. Danny knocks the door in and chases him. Vincent jumps out of the window and breaks his leg, but he is still hopping away. Danny laughs and chases him down more. He gets outside and borrows a woman’s umbrella and Danny hits him in the legs and makes him fall. He takes him into the station and Sgt. Gormley tells that Vincent was at a Yankees game and his alibi checks out. Danny visits Sophia Calso, the wife of Claudio Calso the Deputy Council of Argentina. She tells that she has diplomatic immunity. Sebastian Calso comes out Danny tries to talk to him, but he is interrupted by Claudio Calso, his father. He asserts Sebastian’s diplomatic immunity. The lab report came back but that they have a partial DNA and Sgt. Gormley tells that the Commissioner has it now. Frank meets with Claudio Calso and he tells that he wants to wave Sebastian’s diplomatic immunity and he tells that he cannot. After he leaves, Baker grabs Claudio’s cup of coffee to get his DNA off of it.

Sgt. Renzulli and Jamie are driving and Jamie sees a man holding his jacket closed and it is 85 degrees with a bulging coat. Jamie walks up to him and the man starts running. Things fall out and Renzulli congratulates Jamie for catching his first gun collar. At the station, Danny sits with Sgt. Gormley and he tells that the DNA of the father is a partial match to the DNA and tells that Danny is barking up the right tree. Danny tells that he can’t touch him still. Frank and Erin meet up for lunch and he tells that he remembers that Erin second seated a diplomatic immunity case. They look at the television and Kelly Davidson is on talking about the diplomatic immunity of the suspect. Frank meets with the Mayor and he tells that he is trying to not make it his problem. Danny meets with Walter and he tells that if the law can’t touch Sebastian and if they can’t do something about it, he will. The family meets for dinner and Danny tells that they round up everyone with Diplomatic Immunity and send them back where they came from. Sidney backfires with the fact that Americans have diplomatic immunity when they travel abroad. Danny fights back and tells that he was not as lucky to have studied abroad like Sidney was. Frank gets a text and says that Argentina turned them down and won’t give Sebastian diplomatic immunity. Erin walks in and shows a Material Witness order. Danny goes to Sophia and tells that she doesn’t have immunity because of the fact that she divorced her husband. He tells that he will only hold her until she can get her son to agree to an interview. Sebastian is walking out and Walter is around the corner. Danny stops him and tells that he is going to go to jail if he finds a gun on her. He tells that he needs to drop his gun in the water or else he will lock him up. Danny promises that he will take care of Sebastian.

Danny walks into the interrogation room and talks to Sebastian. He asks him where he was and he jokes and Danny sees the same tattoo as Blake, Courtney’s boyfriend. When he leaves they collect Sebastian’s DNA. Danny meets with Blake and he comes clean about the secret club that they were in and he admits to the assault of Courtney because it was a Hazing to get in based on the “Hottie Hit List” that Sebastian created. They had to just get the girl’s panties and that is all. He tells that they watched Sebastian rape the girl and it was only supposed to be a prank. They go to the Fraternity House and arrest 15 of the 16 members of the secret club. Sebastian is left, but Danny tells that he’ll be back for him. In the Commissioner’s office, Frank tells that Kelly that they are not going to be seeing each other anymore. Claudio comes in and tells that he needs to hurry. They show that Sebastian’s DNA matches that of the rape of Lauren Ryder and that of a student in Argentina. Frank tells that Sebastian either has 24-hours to leave and get tried by Argentina and sent to Mendoza, a notorious prison, or get tried in the United States. Meanwhile, Henry and Jamie meet and Jamie is looking at a photo album and realizes that Danny has Blue Templar pin and Henry tells that Danny was one of them. Henry tells that being a Templar meant that you were going to clean up the department. However, as time went on, it became a club for drinking and telling war stories. Danny takes Sebastian into the station and Walter gets closure. Later that evening at Frank’s home, Danny, Erin, and Henry all are there and Frank receives cigars from Kelly Davidson to which Frank says that they are from the Mayor. They all pat Frank on the back for a job well done.