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Re-do - Recap

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The scene opens with a woman named Becky tied up and a man is on top of her with a knife. Becky wakes up from the nightmare and reads that the rapist that she had the nightmare of is released from prison. Frank meets with Baker and a lawyer that tells that there are 3 killers that were released because of a fault in the DNA processing. Erin walks into Frank’s office and tells that they are worried about all the killers, but especially Dick Reed, the rapist that was released and the one that Becky remembers. Erin tells that she is going to try everything to get him back in prison and is working on Becky to have her testify against him. Meanwhile, Danny and Curatola are waiting for the prisoners and Dick Reed is among them and he has a adoring fan base. He walks up to Reed and tells that he shouldn’t get too comfortable and that they are going to be on him all the time. Reed tells that he better not because he would be harrassing him. He tries to quote the Penal Code and Danny doesn’t care. He has officers follow the cab that Reed takes off in.

The Mayor gives a press conference and tells that the technician involved has been let go and that it was before he was Mayor. He tells that that would be Councilwoman Collins’ job to make sure that the funds were there to do an accurate test. She speaks and tells that it is Frank Reagan’s fault for lack of “old school police work”. Frank tells that he is doing the best he can with what he is given and will work to get the men back where they belong. Renzulli and Jamie go to the home of one of the women whose ex-husband killed her lover. She tells that her ex-husband was there and that she is scared. Renzulli tells that if he comes back, for her to call 911 right away. At Erin’s office, she tells that she is going to be late to something and Becky, the woman from the beginning, comes in and tells that she will testify that Reed raped her. They go outside the building and Reed is there. Becky gets scared and Danny is there and arrests Reed on intimidating a witness.

At the station, Danny talks to Reed and he talks about how pretty Danny’s sister, Erin, is. He almost loses his cool and walks outside. Curatola tells that they can’t hold him and the charge is never going to stick because Becky has refused to testify again. Danny walks back in and lets him go. At Frank’s office, the Mayor tells that he is upset how Councilwoman Collins threw Frank under the bus over that and tells that Collins is running for Mayor. Frank tells that he doesn’t get into politics and the Mayor tells that he should try to get involved. Renzulli and Jamie go back to the woman’s house and meet with the ex-con that is stalking her. Jamie tells that stalking her is not a way to show the woman that he loves her and Renzulli tells that it was a “Dr. Phil” moment. Frank walks into the Medical Examiner’s office and he is getting let go. He tells that he missed his pension and he tells that he never saw a dime of the money and always got the run around when he asked questions. FBI Agent Anderson calls Jamie and tells that she helped him out of a jam and Jamie tells that she put him in it. She tells that they are all part of it, but when Jamie asks if she is a Blue Templar, she hangs up the phone without another word.

At dinner, everyone is quiet and one of the kids asks why no one is calling and Nikki tells that it is because of the people released from prison and the rest tell that Reed is the main problem and Henry tells that Erin needs to work hard to get Reed back in prison. Nikki tells that kids are saying that it is Henry’s fault that the prisoners were released. They talk about how they killed people and Frank tells that they are not going to talk anymore and tells that they need to enjoy their dinner. Afterward, Frank asks if the pedophile is going to walk free and tells that if he can get two psychiatrists to say that Garth, the pedophile, is crazy, then she can get him locked up. Danny gets a call and it is a woman who had the same thing that Reed did to his victims. When he gets on scene it seems that they have a copycat killer because not all the signs match up. Danny asks if Reed had a duffle bag when he came off the bus and Curatola tells that he didn’t. Danny tells that Reed’s belongings are still at lock-up. Later that evening, Jamie looks into Joe’s murder some more and finds out that one of the officers involved quit the force after receiving a Medal of Valor. Baker walks into Frank’s office and tells that she got the files that he requested and he tells her to sit down because they have a lot of work to do now.

At the station, Danny and Curatola go through Reed’s things and find out that one crazed fan has a website where he has pictures of Reed’s victims and photograph’s of him and another friend meeting with Reed when he got off the bus. They go to the home of Hugh Stayton. They get inside and he tells that he didn’t do anything and tells that he was in a suicide chat room, but Curatola tells that anyone could have been there. On Hugh’s computer, he has pictures of the latest victim. He tells that it was James Ratchett. Hugh tells that he saw Dick Reed at a dive bar. They go to Reed’s mother’s home and Danny finds his sister tied up on the bed beaten up. Danny goes to the basement and finds out that Reed dug a tunnel under the house to escape. Meanwhile at Frank’s office, Councilwoman Collins gets called in and Frank tells that he has done some “old school police work” and has dug up some misappropriation of funds on Collins’ part and tells that when he is done, she is going to want to get a lawyer afterward. Later that evening at Becky’s a man enters with a man. Becky hides in the closet and the man finds her. Danny and Curatola enter and stop the man. It is Ratchett, not Reed. They arrest him and ask where Reed is. Ratchett tells that he has a new target.

At Erin’s office, Danny calls and tells that they got Ratchett but no Reed. He tells her to be careful. Frank calls Erin and asks if she wants to get something to eat and she tells that she will take a break and do it. She asks if her assistant can make some copies for her and packs up to leave. On her way out, she finds the janitor killed. She takes off her heels and is stopped by Reed. She throws her purse at him and runs. He throws it down and runs after her. Danny calls Frank and asks if he has talked to Erin and he tells that she was supposed to meet him but has not spoken to her. Back at the law office, Erin is hiding from Reed and he plays “Ave Maria” and she finds a fire extinguisher and hits him and runs, but he catches up to her and tells that she is going to enjoy killing her, but Frank is there and tells Reed to let go of his daughter. He doesn’t get to do anything because Frank shoots him in the head and kills him. Erin is in a panic and Frank calms her down. The next day at a press conference, Frank tells that Erin is back in her desk at work.