Age of Innocence - Recap

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The scene opens with a wedding party and where several bride and grooms dance around. A young couple talk and the bride doesn’t like being there at the event. Meanwhile, Danny and Nikki are at a restaurant and Danny talks about when he was younger and how he has always wanted to be a cop. Back at the party, one of the girls tells her boyfriend that she wants to go get high. They sneak outside and the girl screams when she sees a body of a young girl. Danny gets the call and tells Nikki that he has to take her home. Nikki convinces Danny to take her along. He is apprehensive about it, but agrees. They arrive at the crime scene and Danny tells Nikki not to get out of the car. They uncover the body and Nikki gets out to see. She sees the dead girl and Curatola tells that the girl is only 16-years-old. Danny sees that Nikki saw the body and takes her back to the car to have her wait for Jamie.

Later, Jamie apologizes for not being earlier. Danny tells Nikki that she has to tell Erin about it. He says that he will call later too. Danny and Curatola talk to the lady in charge and she says that it wasn’t one of her girls. She says that they had to stop festivities and says that she knows all the girls because they are the most prominent women. She says that it was probably a “street kid”. Danny goes to the Medical Examiner and she says that it is not a “street kid” because she is healthy and looks like she was kept well looked after. Baker walks into Frank’s office and says that Sue Conners, the Mayor’s new Press Secretary, is there. She comes in and says that she wants to immortalize Frank by putting him on magazines and other things. Frank tells that he is not interested in any of that and tells Sue that she can leave now. She is offended that Frank doesn’t like her ideas.

At the station, Curatola and Danny look at the surveillance videos and a girl that Curatola recognizes as a hooker is talking to the victim. She could be a witness to the homicide. Renzulli and Jamie are walking their beat when a store owner says that he wants to report a crime. He shows that a tagger by the name of T-Mac drew a fat man on his shutter. They laugh a little, but tell him that they are going to get the kid who did it. Danny goes to the hotel where the hooker and the victim were. The bellhop tells that he doesn’t know and Danny says that he is not going to arrest anyone he just wants to see where people go to get some jailbait. The bellhop tries to take a bribe for the information, but Danny tells that he could arrest him instead. The bellhop tells that Tiffany is the hooker they need to talk to. Tiffany gets into a room and tells the person in the shower that she can join him and Danny comes out and says that she is under arrest. At the station, Tiffany says that she doesn’t know of any murder and she was talking to the victim because she was on her turf. Tiffany says that the girl said that she wasn’t a hooker and that she was meeting her boyfriend there.

The next day, Frank talks to Henry and says that the Mayor has a new Press Secretary and she wants to have him do magazine covers and Henry remembers that it got him fired. Frank says that the Mayor is trying to make him a hero. Henry says that life is short and he might as well have a lot of fun. Frank says that he is fine. At the station, Danny says that things don’t makes sense and Erin comes in and says that Nikki’s principal called her and told that Nikki is telling about a girl who was murdered and all the gory details. Danny tries to apologize, but it is no use. Renzulli and Jamie run after T-Mac, but they are too slow. However, Renzulli has his bag that has his Spanish book and his real name. Danny and Curatola go to the hotel and they find out that it is going to take forever to go through the list of guests. Danny says that they should leak the photo. They get a call and the girl is identified as Betsy Vickers and her father calls and is devastated. They have the parents come in and the mother leaves crying. Danny asks the father what she was doing and she was supposed to be fine. He gives Danny Betsy’s computer.

Later that Night, Nikki wakes up screaming and she tells that she had a bad dream about the dead girl. The tech guy comes up to Danny and Curatola and they find a social account from a Lee Huntington and they find that one of the kids there was Marshall Lee Huntington. He tells that he loves when rich people do bad things. Marshall comes up and Howard Malcolm, Marshall’s tutor, says that they can’t talk to Marshall without his father. Marshall tells that he didn’t have a girl meet up with him and Mr. Huntington comes up and tells Marshall not to say a word. Meanwhile, Renzulli and Jamie go to the home of T-Mac and he comes out and says that he doesn’t want his mom to find out. He says he wants to show them what he does. They go inside and see paintings. He says that he is going to college, the first in his family, and he needs a second chance. They give it to him. At the station, Danny tells that he kind of believes that Marshall is not the guy and that they need to be looking deeper.

At Sunday dinner, the family gathers and Frank is in a mood about everything and wants everything back to normal. They ask what is going on with Nikki and Nikki is excused to work on the report. Danny comes in and says hello to Nikki and she says that she is sorry that she got out of the car. Erin says that Nikki is withdrawn and won’t talk about it. Danny’s wife suggests that Erin sign on with an alias. Erin says that Nikki blocked her. Frank gets up and goes into the kitchen. He talks to Nikki and says that he puked the first time he saw a dead body. Nikki says that she cried and doesn’t think that she could be a cop. Frank says that she will be able to handle it if that is what she wants to be. He says that he has cried before, but she is only 14 and has time. At the station, the Marshall page is like a kid. However, on the Lee page, it is polite. Someone was seducing a kid, but it wasn’t Marshall. The tech guy tells that Lee’s account was set up at the Huntington’s home. Danny says that Howard is a possible suspect. They look at the hotel registry and talk to Howard.

They talk to him in the interrogation room and he tells that he can’t talk about the Huntington’s and Howard says that Marshall’s dad is a bore and pays Howard to do his homework. Danny says that Howard was the smart one and the poetry and romance points to him. However, when Betsy saw Howard, she called him an old man and that is when he choked her to keep her quiet. The next day at a restaurant, Frank has breakfast with Erin and tells her that Nikki is going to fine. Erin asks why she has to be a cop. Sue Conners comes up to Frank and says sorry that she interrupted his breakfast. She says that she is sorry about the other day and there was no need to make it personal. He says that it takes two. Erin asks what that was about and Frank says that Sue called him obdurate. She asks if he has ever thought of moving on with his life and Frank says that Erin needs to as well. Renzulli and Jamie walk up to the store owner and he says that kid tagged his place again. However, it is a tag of Renzulli and Jamie that says “My Last Tag For You”. Danny walks into Erin’s office and says that he is sorry about taking Nikki on the run and that she has every right to be mad. He asks to be friends again and Erin says that he is a pain. Danny says “Yeah, well, I’m a Reagan”.