To Tell the Truth - Recap

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The scene opens with Danny driving. Linda calls him and asks him to pick up some milk. He says that he will. He pulls up to the convenience store and a man in another car named Ray loads up a gun. Danny grabs the milk and inside the car, Ray says that he won’t be disrespected and a man goes out of the store. Inside the store, Danny sees Ray and sees that he has a gun. Ray shoots the man and Danny tells him not to move. However, Ray shoots at Danny, but Danny is unharmed. The man dies in Danny’s arms as people run up to help. Just than, Frank wakes up and gets a call. He is relieved that the shooting didn’t have Danny as the one who got shot. Curatola arrives on scene and tells that there is no word on the truck and tells that the victim was David Taylor. Frank calls and tells that Danny is amped up and should have the EMTs look at him. He tells that he is fine. Henry talks to Frank and says that he knows where his head went and tells Frank that he talked to Saint Mike so that Frank never has to go through that again.

Danny and Curatola visit Mrs. Taylor and she says that David taught kids with autism and that it was a mistake. Mike, David’s brother, comes in and tells that he doesn’t know who could have done it. He asks them to leave and give his mother some space. As they leave, Mrs. Taylor asks them to give David his sweater so that he won’t get cold. At the station, Curatola and Danny try to find if it is a gang hit or anything. Curatola runs the last three digits of the license plate The Peru Helps Foundation and Danny recognizes the shooter. It is Raymundo Salazar. Danny goes to Erin’s office and she says that Salazar is a Peruvian Drug Lord and that he smuggles in drugs all the time. However, they could never find a witness to testify on him. Lyle Green, Special Narcotics Prosecutor. He says that Salazar has been under their watch for a while and that they couldn’t ever get a conviction. Erin says that Mike Taylor has been moving money for Salazar. He says that he will find Salazar and Lyle says that he is hard to find. Erin hugs Danny and tells him to be careful.

Curatola and Danny talk to Mike Taylor and he tells that he’s never seen Salazar before. Danny tells him to tell the truth and he says that there is a girlfriend, Silvia, and she works at a barbershop. Danny talks to Silvia and she denies knowing Raymundo Salazar. He shows her the picture of David and she quivers. She tells that she was involved with David because she was in love with him. However, Raymundo got jealous and told Silvia to stop seeing him. Danny asks where they can find him and Danny says that Salazar is going to go to prison, but first they need to find him. She says that Lupino is his Lieutenant and that Salazar is coming for a haircut. Later that evening, Linda asks about the case and Danny tells that she is going to have to leave to Frank’s for a couple of days. She asks if he will be alright and Danny tells that he will, but he is not really sure. The next day, they arrest Raymundo as he comes out of the barber shop. He looks back at Silvia. Danny calls Linda and tells her that she is having two officers come and get her and take her to Frank’s.

Danny goes into the interview room and tells Raymundo that he is going to go away for a while because he is not going to back out of testifying. Lyle is at the station and tells that he will have the court day in a few days. Lyle says that he doesn’t put anything past Raymundo. Later, they hold a press conference and Frank holds back the details of everything. However, when Lyle talks about the indictment, he reveals that Danny is the witness. As Linda is getting ready to go, a detective comes up and asks if she is ready to go. Suddenly Linda realizes that they are not really police and tries to run, but they grab her and drug her. Meanwhile at the station, Danny gets a call from Frank saying that Linda is not at the house yet. Danny says that he will call her. Lupino answers the phone and tells that if he wants her to stay alive, he won’t testify at the indictment. Lupino drags Linda in a bathroom and ties her up and turns out the light. Danny arrives at Frank’s and asks if the kids are there. He says that they are. They run in and Danny tells them that Linda is at a day spa for a few days. Frank asks what is wrong after the kids leave and Danny says that they have Linda.

Danny leaves a message for the kidnappers and tells them that they need to show an evidence of life or he will drag Raymundo down. Meanwhile, Frank meets with Erin and Jamie and tells that Linda has been taken and that they need to make sure that the media doesn’t know or she will not make it. Danny and Curatola go to the jail where Raymundo is being held and Danny says that he needs to talk to him alone. He goes inside and asks where she is. He lies and says that he doesn’t know what he is talking about. He says that he better tell or he will tell the press that he is helping them and then Raymundo won’t be alive for long. However, this doesn’t affect him. Danny goes out of the room and Curatola wants to know what is going on. He tells her and she says that she is sorry to hear it. Baker goes into Frank’s office and gives him the phone records of the calls that Raymundo made and received and everyone in the crew that Raymundo runs. She tells that Frank has meetings, but Frank tells that Danny’s wife has been taken and she says that she will clear his schedule.

Back at the station, Curatola tells that they had a trace, but lost it before getting anything. Another detective asks what they are up to and says that they don’t ever seem to go home. Danny snaps at him and he tells that he is only making polite conversation. Frank calls Danny and tells that that they found a Hummer with an unidentified female inside. They rush over and Frank tells that it is not Linda, but Silvia. Meanwhile, Erin and Henry are going through the numbers that were called and received and Erin wonders if there is a way of finding out where the burner phones were purchased. Frank gets there and tells that they have a lot of work to do. Curatola goes up to Danny and tells that he needs to eat. The next day, Frank and Jamie meet and Jamie says that there is only one shop that could have done that much custom work. Frank is impressed with Jamie. Danny go to the guy who tricked out the Hummer and he tries to get back to work. Danny grabs the blow torch and tells that he will burn him and the shop if he doesn’t tell him where the car was dropped off. He tells them the address and Frank tells them to execute the raid.

They arrive at the location and get the men. One of them tells that Danny’s wife is not there and gives up the real address. Danny arrives at the address with Curatola. Danny goes down the basement and Lupino is there. He manages to wrestle the gun, but Danny wins the fight. He goes in the other room and finds Linda. Later at the panel, Lyle says that he apologizes for the lack of witness, but Danny shows up. Frank invites Lyle into his office and Erin is there. She tells that Lyle made a lot of throwaway phones and that he was the mole that told everything. He is arrested. The family get together for dinner and Danny and Linda show up and Frank says that he is grateful that they get to have these family moments. They say grace and the episode ends.