All That Glitters - Recap

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The scene opens with a man and woman eating at a fancy restaurant. The waitress comes over and gives them the bill and the man asks where he can smoke. She tells him where to go and he gets up to leave outside. Meanwhile, Erin meets Frank at a restaurant and says that Ian Boyd, a suspected robber, was shot and killed after he shot a young woman. She says that she takes the blame because it is the case that she lost years ago. Back at the restaurant, the man is smoking a cigar when a man in a hooded sweatshirt pulls a gun. Inside, everyone hears the gunshots and the woman runs outside to find that her husband is shot and calls for someone to call the police.

Danny and Curatola arrive on scene and find out that the victim is Lance Olsen, a tourist from Iowa. The police officer says that he is in a hospital right now in critical condition. Danny tells Curatola that it doesn’t matter how many fancy restaurants they put up, the crime is still the same. Meanwhile, Henry comes downstairs to find Frank thinking about Erin and the fact that she is blaming herself for what happened with Ian Boyd. Henry offers to make coffee and Frank gets a text from work saying that there is a tourist that was shot and is critical. Danny and Curatola go to the hospital and speak to Margaret Olsen, Lance’s wife. She says that Lance just got out of surgery and asks what she is going to do if he doesn’t pull through. She says that she saw a man with a dark hooded sweatshirt. Danny asks who would have known that Lance carries a lot of cash and says that the Bellman, the cab driver and the waitress would have known. Meanwhile, Renzulli and Jamie run up on a body dumped in the park. Dr. Laura Trent walks by and Jamie starts to talk to her about the case and Renzulli says that Jamie is low flirting with a doctor on a crime scene. He denies it and walks off saying that he is trying to learn.

Garrett Moore walks into Frank’s office and prompts him for the press conference that he is going to have to give. Frank says that he shares the outrage and Garret says that he can stall until Monday and Frank says that there can’t be any rush to it. Meanwhile, Danny tells Curatola that the cab driver alibis out and Curatola says that the waitress, Maya has no criminal record, but they can’t find her anywhere. Danny says that it is a possible suspect. He says that there are criminals in the neighborhood and Bryan Stratton is the only one that was not convicted. Curatola says that Bryan is listed as the Maya’s emergency contact and Bryan’s number was called from the restaurant phone when Lance and Margaret were there. They go to Bryan’s to find Maya and Bryan high on Ecstasy. Curatola gets the text and it says that Lance Olsen died. They take them in and give them a little time to sober up. Danny and Curatola talk to each of them separately and Maya says that they were only going to get some Ecstacy and says that they almost hit a black man in a hooded sweatshirt. Meanwhile, Frank gives a press conference and says that things like murder happens everywhere and says that Lance’s shooting happened just like the others. The reporters try to get Frank to slip up, but he doesn’t. Danny gets a text saying that a Bodega Owner recognized the sketch that Maya gave.

They go to the convenience store and the owner says that it is Piere. He says that he jobs by everyday. They go to the home of Piere and his wife answers the door. When she calls for him and tells that it is the police, he runs. Danny catches up to him and arrests him. As they get to the station, reporters flock over to him and start asking questions. In the station, Piere says that he ran because he is from Haiti and that is what you do when the cops come. He says that he can’t explain why his description matched the shooter, but says that he recognized the person that was by the restaurant and says that he wore the sweatshirt, but the man had slacks and shiny leather shoes. Danny watches the news and sees that they are reporting that the Haitian, Piere, did it. However, when Erin walks in, Danny says that he doesn’t know if Piere is the murderer. Erin says that they should go to the wife again and Danny says that is a bad idea because Piere has already been all over the news. Meanwhile, Jamie goes into Laura’s office and asks to use her computer to get some details on the case, but really he looks up Lydia Gonsalves and finds that she committed suicide on her report.

At Frank’s office, the Mayor’s press secretary says that Frank needs to talk to the press again and tell them that New York is a great place to tour. However, Frank says that he told the reporters what he knew and that is all he can do. Erin and Danny go to the hotel where Margaret is staying and her sister, Leslie, answers the door. They enter and meet Carl Perry, a friend of the family, is there too. Mark, Leslie’s husband says that they haven’t had a murder in his city for 5 years and they are only staying until they get his brother-in-law’s body. Erin asks if she can submit to a line-up to see if they can identify. She says that she hasn’t seen the news. They get to the station and Margaret identifies Piere as the killer. Later at dinner, they talk about the case and Danny says that there way of telling if the men are dangerous. Jamie says that Erin is in the worse position, but Danny says that it is Piere who is. In the kitchen, Frank asks Danny and Erin their side and Danny says that only a good cop could have given and Erin says that the evidence is there on Piere. Erin agrees to hold off the indictment and trusts Danny’s feeling.

Danny and Curatola sit down with Margaret again and asks questions about her relationship with Carl Perry. They show the records of the phone calls and says that they were at a romantic hotel together. Margaret says that Carl thought he was in love with her and asks if they are suggesting that Carl had anything to do with Lance’s murder. She admits that they met and tells that she broke it off. They bring Carl into the station and Danny talks to him. He asks if he prepares for emergencies and did a dry run if he was going to kill Lance. Danny says that Margaret is saying a lot of things about Carl and how he did a dry run on the restaurant. Danny says that everything that Margaret is saying is true and Curatola comes in and Danny says that he has a choice to make. He says that Margaret convinced everyone that she is the victim. They go into Margaret and tell that Carl told that it was Margaret’s plan to kill her husband and plays a recording to Carl that says that it is done and they will be home free. She tries to deny it, and then asks for her lawyer.

Later that night, Frank walks up to Garrett Moore, who is at a bar. He pulls out the letter of resignation that Garrett gave him. He says that he likes the part where it says “exploring other options”. He takes a pen and scratches it out. He tells that he is not going to quit. Danny meets Erin in her office and says that it is the oldest story in the book. Jealous wife kills her rich husband. She asks if he came to gloat and he says that he got them reservations at a restaurant and tells that he would like to take her out. She agrees and the episode ends.