Cellar Boy - Recap

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The scene opens with Frank in the kitchen when Henry comes in. He says that he couldn’t sleep and says that the Mayor is on his case about the budget. However, Henry can tell that Frank has been thinking about Joe. He says that their kids are supposed to bury them and Frank says that Joe died on his watch as Commissioner. The house phone and Frank’s cell phone rings at the same time. It is bad news of course and Frank says that he will be right down. Frank arrives with Henry and goes inside the crime scene. He tells that Henry can’t go inside. Danny is there and Frank sees that the Cleary’s, a neighboring husband and wife and close friends, were murdered. The daughter, Annie, arrives and Frank and Danny tell her that she can’t go inside. Al, the son, comes up and Danny says the same thing. Al asks what happened and Danny says that he can’t because it is an on-going investigation. Al asks where their brother, Ronnie, is and they say that he is not there.

Outside the house, Annie and Al are still devastated that Ronnie could have killed their parents. Danny asks where Al was last night and tells that he has to ask. Al tells him that he was home alone. Annie says that she was home, but the doorman can tell them that she didn’t leave. Danny gets to the station and Curatola asks to be brought up to speed. Danny shows the file and Erin comes in. She feels sorry for Ronnie and Danny doesn’t feel any sympathy. Danny says that Mr. Cleary used to call Ronnie “cellar boy” and there have always been problems with the family and the fact that Ronnie would get kicked out for using drugs and then clean himself up only to fall of the wagon again. Meanwhile, Jamie comes into work to find Detective Malewski coming out of the station. He sees that Jamie is driving Joe’s old car. Jamie gets into the locker room and finds that his gun is missing. Sgt. Renzulli tells him that he is going to go under Internal Affairs investigation. Jamie asks if Detective Malewski was back there. Renzulli asks if Jamie thinks that Malewski stole his gun and Jamie quickly backtracks and says that he doesn’t know why he was thinking that.

The Mayor comes in and tells that the next Academy Class for the police force is cut because he failed to cut some expenses. Frank tells that he shouldn’t do that because it is not good for their police force to cut it because there is always a need for police officers. The Mayor tells him that he doesn’t care and that he is going to go with him to the budget meeting and says that he better not make him look bad. At the station, Curatola says that there is motive because of the inheritance that Ronnie was going to get. Danny says that they all have to gain. Curatola says that Al and Mr. Cleary were having problems with the car dealership and that Mr. Cleary was putting his personal money to keep it afloat. Danny is confused because the Cleary’s just booked a Cruise that cost $100,000. Curatola says that there is no record for it. They get a call saying that Ronnie is at a hotel nearby. Danny and Curatola arrive to find Ronnie in a rage egging on the police to shoot him. Danny gets a stun gun and tries to talk to Ronnie. However, he doesn’t want to talk about it. He lunges at Danny with an axe, but Danny tazes him. They take him to the station and he says that he didn’t kill his parents. Danny tells that they found weed and vodka under his bed. They show Ronnie’s shoes with blood and take him to central booking.

Renzulli and Jamie are at work when Renzulli tells that he needs to be able to trust Jamie and asks what he has been doing. Jamie asks if Renzulli knows anything about the Blue Templar and he says that he has heard of it before. He asks what about them and Jamie says that he can’t tell him and says that he needs to trust him. At Frank’s office, Garrett comes in and Frank tells that he has to get out in front of everything that the Mayor is trying to do. Garrett suggests that the press get a hold of the story. Frank says that they never had this conversation. Danny takes Ronnie into Central Booking and Erin is there. She tells that she wants to help him, but he is not willing to accept the help. Later that night, Erin meets Frank for drinks and she tells that she has been thinking about Joe. Erin says that Ronnie was her first kiss and asks if they are going to stop missing Joe. Meanwhile, Jamie meets Detective Gonzalves’s twin sister, Yolanda. She tells that Lydia left her a package and said that if anything should happen to her, she should give Jamie an envelope. Jamie says that he is going to make things right.

The next day, Danny brings in ribs to Frank and Danny says that they have enough to make the arrest but not the murder weapon. However, Danny thinks that it is weird because they found the shoes on the opposite side of the motel, there were no defensive wounds on the mother’s hands except for latex. Frank says that it was planned and Danny says that it would be the first thing that Ronnie ever planned. Danny goes to Al’s dealership and talks to him. He tells him that he is having a hard time thinking that Ronnie could plan anything. Al tells that Ronnie was a deceiver and that he could plan anything. Danny tells Al that he has a well planned out answer. Danny says that he keeps thinking of Al and the fact that he is under orders of his father and Al says that Danny is taking orders from his father as well. Jamie goes into Lt. Alex Bello’s office of Internal Affairs. He tells Jamie that he probably sold the gun. Jamie denies it and Bello tells Jamie that he needs to be more diligent with his things because it could show up in a murder. Jamie leaves and Bello calls Malewski and says that Jamie is a liability. Later, the family gets together for dinner and they talk about the Cleary family and how awful it is. Frank says that it is an unhappy family that has had a problem. Frank goes outside and talks to Jamie and asks why he is so quiet. He tells that it is nothing and drives off.

Erin and Danny go to the Cleary’s to find Annie packing. She hugs Erin and gives Danny a dirty look and says that Danny said something to Al that upset him. Danny tells that Al hates Ronnie and Annie tells that Ronnie always told his parents that he wanted to be like the Reagan’s and Danny says that he is sorry and says that they found the knife and they will run it though forensics. Danny tells Erin that he is listening to the phone calls and he bets that Annie is calling Al right now. Later that night, Jamie gets in her car and drives. He tries to stop, but his brakes have been cut. He manages to avoid people and other cars and crashes his car into a wall. He is not hurt. Meanwhile, Curatola and Danny stakeout the dealership and see Annie arguing with Al. They run off and uncover the knife that was used to kill their parents. Danny and Curatola arrive and tell them that it is over now. The next day, the Mayor goes into Frank’s office and tells that he doesn’t like the fact that the press got the information about the cadets. He says that he will find the money somewhere and Frank plays it off that he doesn’t know about an article. Garrett says that the Mayor is going to realize that he needs him.

Ronnie goes into Erin’s office and thanks her. She says that Annie laced his juice with sleeping powder and they were going to frame Ronnie for the murder. He tells that he is going to stay clean and says that he is rich and says that he is single. He says that he might go to Florida. Later, Jamie meets Danny outside the house and plays the recording of Joe telling that he thinks that the Blue Templar made him and that it was on the night of his murder that he made the recording. Danny asks if Frank knows and Jamie says that he doesn’t. To be continued…