A Night On The Town - Recap

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The scene opens with Danny and Linda going outside and Linda says that the whole weekend is free of charge. Danny says that her luxuries aren’t and she tells him that he needs to relax. Danny says that he loves her and Linda give him a raincoat and says that he is going to need it. Danny says that there is not a cloud in the sky. Meanwhile, a young wife kisses her young husband goodbye as he goes to work. Frank and Henry talk about the theater and how Henry has tickets to a Broadway show. The young husband gets into a van full of people. They drive up to a green SUV and the driver says that is their target. Jamie gets the phone that he used during the drug sting and the sergeant says that Noble Sanfino. He says that he will think about calling first before doing it. He asks to keep the phone though. As the van drives down the road and approaches the SUV, the young man’s phone drops on the floor. As he is about the reach it, the driver crashes into the SUV. The driver of the van gets out and starts yelling at the other driver. As the driver walks around to the other side he sees someone slumped over. It is the young man, dead in the passenger seat.

Danny gets on scene and says that the man who died is Liam Keo. Danny and Curatola both know that this was a staged accident that went wrong. Danny and Curatola go up to Tess, Liam’s wife. She says that Liam would go to a clinic and donate blood. They would pay him quite a lot of money. Jamie gets a call from Noble and he invites Jamie to a get-together with his family and friends. Noble says that he wants to thank him and so does his family. He says that he will see what he can do. Danny goes to the clinic and talks to Dr. Roth. He gives Danny the run-around and says that he can talk to his lawyer. As Danny leaves, he sees a nurse escort a woman out and hears her tell the woman to make sure that she wears the neck brace around where people can see her. Later that evening, Linda drops off the two boys to Henry and tells him to make sure of some rules. Frank talks to Jamie about what he should do and asks what Jamie wants to do. He says that he is scared and anxious and Frank says that if he thinks that he is ready, then he will do it, but going into a den of mobsters is dangerous.

Nikki gets dinner out and Erin tells her to grab the take out menus. Linda comes in and Erin says that she thought that Linda and Danny were going on a romantic weekend. She tells that Danny caught a case really quick and that she doesn’t know if it is going to be as “dirty” as she is going to want. Jamie calls Noble and tells him that he will be there at the event. Meanwhile, Danny meets with Rosalita, the nurse from the clinic. She is an informant for Danny and he says that he needs to have Dr. Roth to confess to staging the accident that killed Liam. She agrees to it. Later that evening, Danny calls Linda and says that he is going to be a little late. She tells him not to mess this up. Danny sees Dr. Roth exit the bar, but no Rosolita. He goes inside and finds out that she snuck out the back of the bar. Danny goes to the couple’s massages with Linda, but is still working by talking to Curatola. To make things uncomfortable, Linda starts moaning and Curatola is a little embarrassed. Curatola says that she will try to find information. The masseuse tells Danny that he needs to be talking to Linda and not the phone. He agrees.

At Frank’s, Henry can’t remember where he put the Broadway tickets and Frank says that Erin is good at making people recall where they put things and calls her over. Jamie meets with the Lieutenant and he says that they have everything for him during the undercover work. Jamie makes it clear that he is only getting his feet wet. He says that Phil Sanfino is the main man that they want to get to. Erin comes over to Frank’s and tries to get Henry to remember where he put the tickets, but it is no use. Jamie goes over to Noble’s restaurant and Jamie says that he likes the new car that Noble got. Noble says that it is now Jamie’s and then says that he is only joking. He says thank you for saving his life. They go inside to find Bianca, Noble’s sister, singing “Halleluiah”. Jamie is hypnotized by her voice. She comes over and says that it was horrible and that Jamie doesn’t need to suck up to her because he has no juice. Noble sits down with Jamie and says that he is going to make “amends” with the guy who sold him the bad drugs.

Henry and Frank take Danny’s boys out and they ask why they are not going to the play. Frank says that Henry lost the tickets. They tell the boys some helpful advice for the future and the worth of money. Back at Nobel’s restaurant, Phil Sanfino goes up to Jamie and interrogates him with questions. Jamie uses his fake name and Phil buys it. They go up and Phil toasts Jamie for saving Noble’s life. Danny and Linda have a nice dinner when Curatola calls and says that Rosalita is at a hotel and says that she can’t go because it is her mother’s birthday. Linda says that she is going to the play with a friend and says that he is off the hook. She says that it is what it is. Back at the restaurant, Noble gets a call about the guy and tells his friends not to hurt him until he is there. Danny and Linda finish up their dinner and Danny says that he loves her and says that he is sorry that he has to work. She says that she is not wearing any underwear.

Jamie and Noble go to the location where his friends are and tell Bianca to wait in the car. They go inside and Noble says that he is going to make amends. He pulls out drugs that are Meth, Smack and LSD and other drugs mixed into one. Danny goes to the hotel where Rosolita is at and tells her to smoke and says that she better smell of smoke. She says that she likes Dr. Roth and Danny says that he doesn’t care about it and says that he is going to get a tape left off at the Dandridge Hotel. She tells that she has it. Noble messes with the drug dealer by saying that there are bats. Noble gives Jamie a knife and tells him to cut him loose. Danny brings in dinner at their hotel room and says that he has desert. She comes out and says that she has desert too and takes off her dress. They kiss and get “busy”. Later that night, the boys are asleep and Frank realizes that he knows where the tickets are. He says that Henry would have put the tickets in his mother’s treasures. Erin sees that the tickets were for “The Book of Mormon” and says that they dodged a bullet. They are confused and Erin says that they would be explaining Jesus, AIDS and the Female Anatomy to their grandchildren.

The next day, Danny gets a knock on the door and finds an envelope under the door. It is the tape recorder that has the confession of Dr. Roth and the scam that he was running. Danny goes to the hotel where Rosolita and Roth were staying at and arrests Roth on the scam. He says that he wants a lawyer and Danny tells him that they are arresting him as well. Danny and Linda get back to the house and Henry tells them that they were Little Angels. They tell Danny that he has to watch the Magnificent Seven. He says that he already saw that. Jamie talks to Frank and Danny and tells them that Noble didn’t kill the guy and that it was more in a Biblical sense. They tell him that he can walk away, but Jamie says that he wants to contribute. The episode ends.