Lonely Hearts Club - Recap

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The scene opens with a woman going up to a counter and paying the employee. She goes into a room and waits on the bed. Meanwhile, Erin tells Nicky that she needs to do her homework. Henry tells that he has the tickets to an art show that Erin wanted. Nicky says that Erin is pushing Nicky away from being a cop. Frank comes in and stays out of the conversation. Back at the hotel room, the woman’s “caller” shows up and he tells her to turn around. He comes up behind her and kills her. Afterward, Danny arrives on scene and asks the hotel manager why no one decided to report anything to them. Curatola says that the girl is a Jane Doe with no ID. They see a puncture mark on her neck and she smells clean of disinfectant. The next day, Frank talks to Garrett and he gives Frank the information of what is happening with the budget cuts. Frank says that he is not happy about it. Baker comes in and tells him about the fact that the Union of Police Officers Association wants to talk to him. He says that he isn’t going to talk to them. Garrett warns against that and Baker says that she will tell them that they will get back to them.

Danny goes up to Curatola and asks if she has any leads. She says that she doesn’t and that they got a print off the remote, but nothing from it yet. Danny sees that the hotel room used the internet and they look into the web to see what the victim was typing. Nicky and Erin arrive at the art gallery and Nicky says that she should be a cop because the artists need to be arrested for being psycho. A man by the name of Jacob Christian comes up and tells Nicky that she would be correct. He shows off what seems like art knowledge, but says that it is written on the card. He says that he knew the artist too. He offers to take Erin to the place sometime and she smiles. Henry meets with Rick, a former cop, and he asks him what he has been doing. He says that he has been working for a Private Security firm called Ajax Inc. Danny has the tech guy look at the email that the victim used and he finds out that her real name is Stacy Fryman. She is into cooking. They see that there was a money transfer for an ad. It is Stacy’s ad for the prostitute service. The sergeant comes up and tells them that drugs were given to Stacey and then she was smothered. He points out that several prostitutes were murdered in the same way.

Curatola meet with Stacy’s boyfriend and he tells her that he didn’t kill Stacey, but Curatola doesn’t believe him. Meanwhile, Danny meets with Emily's mother, the first victim, and she isn’t at all surprised that she was murdered. She says that she lost her daughter years ago and so she isn’t surprised about the killing, but is surprised that it didn’t happen sooner. Erin gets into her office and her assistant tells her about her meetings. She gives Erin a package and it is from Jacob. The card says that the artist wanted Nicky to have the present as a way to always open her mind. It is a blank canvas with her signature. In the card too is an invitation on a date. At the station, the other victims had ads on the same site. Curatola looks at the pictures and asks Danny who the girls remind him of someone. Sandy Clemmer from the UPA comes in and says that he isn’t going to cut anything that would hurt outsourcing or else there will be a case of the “blue flu”. Frank says that he doesn’t like the intimidation factor and tells him that he will think about his options. Henry gets to Ajax Inc. and talks to the head manager. He says that they are a company that works with people to train their security and be able to offer the experience of a police officer to others.

At the station, Curatola tells Danny that it is their best option to allow her to go and be a decoy. Danny is against it, but the sergeant and Curatola agree that it is their best thing to do right now. Curatola tells Danny that they all didn’t grow up in a nice house with loving parents. She tells him that she was kicked out of her house with her parents never looking back. They show the ad that Curatola put up. She tells that she told Danny that she could do it, but he says that he said that she shouldn’t do it. Later at dinner, Nicky congratulates Henry on his new job. He says that Ajax Inc. is just looking into him. He asks Nicky how she liked the Opera and she says that she liked it more then art. Nicky talks about how Erin met someone at the Art Gallery. Frank talks about Sandy Clemmer and says that he won’t budge on anything. He says that they are trying to get rid of the non-essentials. Danny jokes with Jamie and says that they don’t need another lawyer running around if Jamie loses his job.

After dinner, Danny tells Linda about the sting operation and he says that he doesn’t want Curatola to be the bait. Curatola comes in and she is dolled up. Jamie tells her good luck and says that the undercover thing is hard. He says that he is always afraid that he is going to slip up. She shows that she has the outfit for tonight and Danny says that the calls came flooding in as soon as her ad went up. Linda tells Danny to keep his eyes up tonight. Curatola gets into the hotel room, that has been bugged and video surveillance. They get their first John and they go through one to find that he is not the killer. Frank is told that Clemmer is on the radio and Frank asks what the number is. He calls Baker and tells her to schedule a meeting with Clemmer. At the sting, Danny sees a Congressman, who has kids and a wife, come up in response to the ad. Danny says that they get him in and out. The Congressman comes in and Curatola plays with thinking that she knows him. Danny comes up and tells him that he won’t release it to his family if he gets out of there. Meanwhile, Erin meets with Jacob and they have a nice time together on their date. He compliments her and Erin says that it is nice to have a conversation without guns in it. Clemmer gets into Frank’s office and he has him meet with the officers from Harbor, Transit and other positions they are planning to cut. Frank says that there will be no talking about the “blue flu”.

Afterward, Clemmer says that was intimidating. Frank says that he wants what he wants too. Clemmer says that he heard that Henry signed on with Ajax Inc. Danny and Curatola call it a night and Danny tells her that he cares about her and says that he has lost too many partners and that he feels protective. He walks out while Curatola. As she leaves, another John comes up. She tells him that he needs to go home and says that he doesn’t want it. Suddenly, Emiliy's mother comes up behind and injects Curatola with the sedative. Danny calls Curatola and tells her voice mail that she needs to hurry up. Inside the hotel room, Emily’s mother says that Curatola looks like Emily. Curatola comes to and says that she is a cop. Danny comes in and says that the housekeeper needs to get his partner, but he says that they have gone home. Danny realizes that the cart was out in the hall. Danny runs up and tells the desk to call 911. Upstairs, the man shoots at Curatola, but misses. Danny bursts in and tackles the man. Curatola manages to hit Emily’s mother on the head with a lamp and Danny calls in a bus. Meanwhile, Henry is enjoying music when Frank comes in and pours a drink for them. Henry tells Frank that he called Ajax Inc. and told them that he wasn’t interested. Frank smiles and says that Henry would have been missed around there if he would have taken the job at Ajax Inc. He thanks him and the episode ends.