Moonlighting - Recap

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The scene opens with Frank talking to Sam Croft. He tells him that he has been stressing over a lot of things and says that he will stick to Whiskey. Frank gives him the “Fixing” jobs and tells him that he needs to focus on Erin and the relationship with Jacob Crystal. Meanwhile, Danny meets with Tommy Barrone Jr. at a car dealership. He tells him that he wants to see the car. He says that he can’t show it to him, but when Danny leaves, Tommy Jr. decides to tell him to meet him around back. At the same moment, Curatola is listening with SWAT. It is a sting to catch Tommy Jr. in an illegal car sale. Tommy Jr. brings out the car and Danny arrests him. Jamie meets with a Detective running the sting on the Sanfino family about what he is going to do next with the Sanfino Crime Family and how he is going to have to put a zip drive in the computer to get the client’s list.

Danny goes into Erin’s office and asks what Tommy Jr. is going to get. Erin says that his father, Tommy Barrone Sr. who is a former mob boss, is making a deal to give Jr. some time off. Erin says that Danny is going to have to take Tommy Sr. on a ride-along to refresh his memory. Danny says that he is a man with nothing to lose and says that is going to make him sweat. Jamie is at the telemarketing job that Noble hocked him up with and his boss, Johnny Tesla, is watching him to make sure that he is good. Jamie is having a hard time getting people to bite with the thing and Tesla asks him why he is there. He tells him that Noble got him the job and he needs it. Tesla tells Jamie that he gets his commissions for the first 10. Bianca Sanfino comes up and tells him that she is letting him take her out for a drink. He agrees. Meanwhile, Erin gets a call from Jacob and asks her to meet him. He says that he wants to prove to her that he is who he says that he is. She declines and he says that he will be in touch.

At a bar, Bianca tells Jamie that Tesla and she went on a date, but she didn’t like it. She asks what is with Jamie and says that she wants so make it her business. Outside the restaurant, they kiss and Tesla pulls up. He tells Bianca to shut-up and he scratches her sport car. At Frank’s Danny gets in and sees that Sam is there. Henry says hello and asks if he wants another drink. Sam tells him to take it easy. Danny tells them of a transport that they need to move Tommy Sr. Frank says that he wants Sam to run shotgun instead of Curatola. Erin gets in and Sam helps her out with the pizza that she brought in. They reminisce and Erin gives Sam a paper to him and asks him to separate fact over fiction. He says that he will see what he can find out for her.

Danny and Sam get Tommy Sr. and they give him the agenda and Tommy Sr. says that they are going to have to draw straws to see who is going to help him urinate. Jamie calls the Detective in charge and says that Bianca is getting physical with him and the Detective tells him not to make contact. Danny and Sam drive Tommy Sr. around and he starts sharing a story about another crime and Danny calls backup when they arrive at one of the places where he killed a man and where he put the body. He tells him to go to the restaurant and Danny says that they are not going to fall for it. Back at the telemarketing job, Jamie is not doing that well at the job. He asks how long he has been sleeping with Bianca. Jamie says that he isn’t. Noble comes up and asks how Jamie is doing. Tesla asks if Jamie is another tool of Bianca’s. Noble is confused and Jamie says that they got a drink together. Tesla says that they were making-out in front of a restaurant. Noble slams down a phone and says that he has to talk to Tesla for a moment.

At a diner, Danny and Tommy Sr. are siting eating lunch and Tommy Sr. shares a story about when he was called to kill a wife in front of the kids. He was going to kill the husband, but got called out. He says that the man killed his own wife and kids. Tommy Sr. asks to be able to see his family to see more. However, Danny tells him that it is not going to happen. Frank meets with dignitaries from Japan when Sam calls and tells him that the information on Jacob is full proof and that they don’t have enough information. Jacob goes up to Erin and gives her proof that he is an appraiser and not a thief. She takes the information to Frank and says that he can’t be a thief. She asks what Sam found out and Frank says that he got the same information. Frank tells her that he is going to look out for Erin and tells her that she sees a Wild Child and a Mother. She gets angry and leaves.

Danny is driving around and stops at a gas station. He asks more about Riverside and says that the driver of the garbage truck was faking it. They allow Tommy Jr. to see his father, Tommy Sr. They hug. Back at the telemarketing job, Noble tells Jamie that Tesla was shot down by Bianca and says that he needs to check with Bianca if he wants to make a move. Bianca calls him and says that he doesn’t think that it is a good idea and says that the timing is bad for him. Noble says that he is not telling him what to do and says that he needs to hang in there. Danny and Sam escort Tommy Sr. further down the road and at the same moment, Jamie inserts the zip drive in the laptop. As the download goes, he is pretending to be on a call. Tesla asks why he was feeling up his computer and Jamie tells him that it is nothing. Meanwhile, Danny sees the same car that was following them and tries to out run them. However, they are trapped a construction site. Danny and Sam manage to kill one of the men and injure another. Danny pulls Tommy Sr. and asks him if he is alright and then punches him. He tells him that he can’t blame him for trying.

Jamie goes outside and is followed by Tesla. He swallows the zip drive. Tesla tells him that he knows that he copied the client list. He tries to frisk him and Jamie tries to fight back. However, Tesla has his “associate” hold him and punches him in the face over and over. He leaves him on the ground with a bloody face. Meanwhile, Danny and Sam drop Tommy Sr. off and Danny punches him again. Tommy Sr. says that he deserved that. Bianca pulls up and sees Jamie. However, he tells her to stay away from him. Later, Danny tells Erin that he was almost killed because of Erin’s project. She says that she is sorry that he was put into harm’s way. Erin asks Frank if he wouldn’t mind taking Nicky for the night and he says that he will. At dinner, Danny’s boys look at Jamie, who is bruised up. Nicky asks if he had to swallow something and Linda says that Jamie is famous for swallowing things and they go through the things that he swallowed like a dime collection, a combination lock and the key to the liquor cabinet. Later that night, Erin gets to her meeting and Detective Deleon is there. He says that they were both stood up. He says that Jacob flew to Paris. He says that they don’t have enough to arrest him, but it is something. She tells him if she hears from Jacob, she will let him know. The episode ends.