Whistle Blower - Recap

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The scene opens with Frank talking to a group about the Mounted Unit that has been keeping the peace in the streets for many years. Garret gets a call and walks out of the meeting. Meanwhile, a man comes up to a crew and tells them to get a sign and stop working. The foreman tells the man that he this is stupid. The man says that he is shutting him down for having one of their men killed on the job. After the meeting, one of the officers on the Mounted Unit asks Frank if he can tell him the legend of Teddy Regan, an officer who was in the Mounted Unit back in the day. Frank says that in order to keep warm, Teddy and the horse got into a box car. When the other officers came up to him in the morning, he and the horse were drunk. Garret comes up and shows Frank a video of an Officer Acosta beating up a citizen. He says that he wants to meet with his supervisor. Later, the man who organized the protest and his wife are having dinner to celebrate their anniversary. They walk outside and a person comes up and shoots the man. He is dead.

Danny gets on the scene and the officer says that the victim is Ray Milo, a concrete worker. Danny says that this wouldn’t be the first time this would happen in their circles. Curatola is talking to Jenna, Ray’s wife, and she is emotional. She says that there have been threats, but that is normal in his line of work. She says that Ray always told her not to worry about it. Erin comes in and she says that Ray was a confidential informant. Danny asks who he was working for and Erin says that he was working for her. Danny asks Erin what she was working on with Ray. She says that he was working on getting to the bottom of a racketeering scheme ran by Dennis Driscoll. Danny says that Dennis a good guy, but Erin says that Dennis is not. She says that this is not a coincidence. At the station, some officers are watching the video and are laughing. Jamie and Renzulli don’t think it is funny. Jamie’s phone rings and he ignores it. Renzulli asks if it is a new phone, but Jamie says that he still has the old one. They leave to get their picture taken. Frank gets into his office and asks how wide the video has gone and Garret says that it is everywhere including the news networks. He goes in the office to find the supervisor there. He says that Acosta is a good officer and that he is on modified assignment now. Frank says that he would like to hear Acosta’s side of the story.

Danny waits around for Dennis Driscoll and he comes up and invites them in. He says that he was at his son’s ball game when he got the call. He says that Ray got into an argument with Parker, the foreman from earlier, the other day and that he is to stand to loose $300,000 for a canceled job. Erin walks into Peter Cavanaugh’s office at the Rackets Bureau and she says that they need to make sure that the leak didn’t come from the office. He says that that it is no big deal and that there is no leak. He agrees to help with it and Erin says that she wants everyone checked. Frank meets with Officer Acosta. He says that the man was reaching for his weapon. That is why he used force. Frank says that he has to deal with what he can see. He tells Acosta to hang in there. Danny and Curatola go to the building site and talk to Parker. He says that he was at a Contractor’s Dinner and says that if news would have gotten through that Ray was dead; there would have been a standing ovation. Danny brings Erin dinner and says that both men have alibis. Suddenly, Jenna comes in and is in an emotional state. She tells her that she found a recorder among Ray’s things. It is Erin’s voice talking about what he is to do for them. She tells Erin that she got Ray killed.

The next day, Curatola gives Danny a picture of the car that the suspect took off in, but they can’t make out a face. Danny calls someone and tells them that he needs to meet. Jamie and Renzulli go out of a building and a woman litters. They ask her to not do that and she asks if they are going to beat her like they did with that man. Jamie gets a call and he tells the person that he can’t talk. Renzulli asks what is going on and Jamie tells him to trust him on this. The woman tells the officers that she is watching them. They laugh it off. Garret comes into Frank’s office and says that there is another video put to music of Acosta. Jerry Randall is the original poster. Frank asks if they got the unedited version and of course Randall refused. Frank tells Garret that he needs to think outside the box. Danny meets with the person he called and it his informant. He says that it is Billy Reese, a hitman.

Erin plays the tape over and over again. Nicki comes up and asks if she really got a man killed. She says that a man was helping her and Nicki says that she can tell that Erin cared about him. She says that she hopes that she can catch the man who killed him. The next day, Danny and Curatola go to the bar that the Reces own. It is deserted. Billy comes out and says that he works there. However, he runs away. He rides off on a motorcycle and Curatola blocks his path. Billy flies off the motorcycle and into the street. They take him to the station and says that they have him for everything. He laughs and says that he didn’t do it. He compliments Curatola’s good looks and she ignores him. Erin comes in and he compliments her as well. She tells Billy to keep laughing because as it stands, she has her shooter and a clear path to the death penalty. She tells him that he can stay quiet while she goes home and gets some sleep.

Erin goes to her office and Frank comes in and checks in with her. He says that he had an informant who he saw at a ball game. The next day, he was killed. He says that she shouldn’t get too emotional with the case. He says that if she wants to make amends, she needs to catch the killer. The next day, Erin tries to go up to Jenna, but she wants nothing to do with her and tells her to stay away and that they don’t need her help. Later at dinner, Frank tells Danny’s boys that everything they do is going to be recorded. They talk about the video of Acosta and Danny says that if you don’t have anything to hide, you aren’t worried. Frank tells Danny that Internal Affairs had a camera planted in the interview room. For a moment, Danny freezes and they all laugh. Erin comes in and apologizes for being late. She gets some more wine for Erin, who has had a rough day. Danny gets into the station and Curatola tells him that there is a liquor store where Billy went to after the murder. Erin gets in and says that she went to see Jenna the other day and she didn’t ask who the killer was. She says that they went through the computer that belongs to Ray and Jenna and they found that Jenna was the one who searched for Divorce Lawyers. Danny says that he will take a look at the liquor store while they look into the relationship.

Frank and Garret meet with Randall and Frank gives him a court order that tells him that he has to give up the original taping of Officer Acosta. He says that he will get it. Danny goes into Erin’s office and tells her that he found the gun in the dumpster. Erin says that Jenna has been getting a hotel where Billy was at the same time as Jenna. They realize that it was Jenna who hired Billy to kill Ray. They talk to Billy and he is all smiles until they tell him that they found the gun. He says that he was hired and Danny says that they can’t offer any deals unless the information is good. He says that it wasn’t Jenna who hired him, but Parker, the foreman. Danny calls Erin and says that Billy says that Parker hired him. She asks how Parker knew that Ray was an informant. Danny says that it was Jenna who told him. She says that she wants her.

Meanwhile, Frank goes to the precinct that Acosta works at. He says that the unedited video makes it clear that he acted professionally. He says that he will back anyone who does their job. Acosta is restored to full duty. Later, Erin walks into the interview room where Jenna is. She says that she knows that Jenna was at the Winston Hotel with Parker. Jenna admits to the affair and that Ray told her. Jenna says that where she comes from, a rat is nobody. She says that Ray was a good man. She walks out and tells Danny to get Parker. Danny smiles and is proud of his kid-sister. The episode ends.