Leap of Faith - Recap

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The scene opens with Mr. Bines getting home. He looks for his wife. She is not picking up calls, and he is terribly worried. When he asks the home help about her, she cannot say much – apart from the fact that his stepdaughter Sandy is here. Mr. Bines gets angry as to why she was allowed – doesn’t she know Sandy is not supposed to get there without permission either from Mr. or Mrs. Bines? The home help lets on Sandy had the keys, when they hear a shriek from the bedroom. Sandy has found her mother lying on the bathroom floor, and when Mr. Bines gets there, she is blaming him for killing her. Mr. Bines is shocked as well, and soon calls for an ambulance. And Sandy at the same time, calls the cops to report a murder. Meanwhile, the Archbishop and another priest are visiting Frank. The matter is regarding Father Bill’s sainthood. Frank knew Father Bill from a young age, and the Archbishop hopes Frank will condone canonization.

However, Frank cannot do that since Father Bill has a record of doing something illegal. The Archbishop hopes Frank, as a catholic, can see the benefit Father Bill’s sainthood can bring to the church. But if he is not willing to overlook certain facts, all the Archbishop can do is thank him for his time. Back at Mrs. Bines’ apartment, Mr. Bines (Charles) is explaining to Jackie his wife had MS, requiring injections. That is the reason he came to check on her – to see if she has been taken the injections or not. So what happened, he asks. Jackie tells him the paramedics say she died of a heart attack, which surprises Charles. Before long, Sandy is charging at him calling him murderer– why haven’t the cops arrested him as yet? Danny is trying to calm her down, but she insists he murdered her mother. Meanwhile, Charles tells Jackie Sandy has issues with him. When Sandy comes charging again, Danny asks her how she knows her allegation is correct.

Reply comes God told her. Later, Jackie and Danny interview Sandy. She knew her mother died. She just hoped she didn’t, but she knew. Jackie asks, how? God told her? Yes, she was out jogging, and God told her Charles did it. Danny asks – so she heard a voice in her head? Frustrated, Sandy asks – haven’t they ever had conversations with God? Danny is a catholic, and his conversations with God are one-way. Sandy tells them Charles is evil. Danny tries reasoning – they do not have evidence Charles is evil. Then Sandy says he married her mother for money – and the fact that his previous wife also committed ‘suicide’, leaving him a great deal of money.

Frank explains to the priests – Father Bill was what they now call an activist priest. Although that doesn’t disqualify him from canonization, Bill was known for his movements in the anti-war campaign in the 1960s. And he did not keep his activities just to protests. The priests try explaining all they can in favor of Father Bill’s canonization, but Frank leaves saying he is sorry he can’t. Later, Danny gets to Erin’s office, and learns that she is not buying any of the God stuff they have on their hands at the moment. The hospital declared cause of death was natural, and so they need to get off the case. However, Danny believes there is something to Charles, especially with his record of the first dead wife. And there may be something such as listening to God. And for him, it is a detective’s intuition. And why can’t God speak to people? He did to Noah, but for Erin that was only in the Bible.

Later, Danny and Jackie meet the lead on Charles’ first wife’s suicide. He lets on Charles has chaired of their annual fund raiser program. Everyone likes him. Besides, he was in shock when his first wife died. She was probably mentally ill. Once she took a fist full of pills and locked herself in the garage. Then she climbed into the tag wire, and started it up. So where was Mr. Bines when she was at the garage. At the arsenic store. Later that night, Frank wants to be left alone with the sainthood case. He explains to Baker after apologizing for snubbing her. He is looking into the matter for himself – although he may have turned down the Archbishop. He looked up to Father Bill, but when he did more than just protest the war, Frank felt betrayed. And besides, matters of faith take careful handling.

Charles is called for an interview with the cops. If this is about his stepdaughter’s accusations… Why doesn’t he have a seat, says Danny. Charles tries to make his point – Sandy is mentally unstable. She has a record of assaulting her teacher. She said God told her to do it. Besides, she has done five years in a mental institution. If Charles is convicted, all the money goes to Sandy. Didn’t he say Sandy was insane? She is crazy, but not stupid. Before long, Sandy comes in and drops a bag full of stuff she has stolen from Charles’ place. Livid, Charles goes off to see a lawyer. Frank goes to his childhood Parish church – and learns about the problems his informer has with calling Father Bill by his priesthood title. He was involved in a criminal act – when students bombed the embassy. He also helped the fugitive escape. The informer was able to find this out by tapping into a conversation Bill had over phone.

Although his tapping phones was an illegal act, he did what was the right thing to do. The man gives Frank a file on Father Bill as well. Meanwhile, Erin is livid about the fact that Danny and Jackie are still holding the stuff that was brought to them by Sandy. Bines’ lawyer already thinks the cops set her up for stealing the stuff. However, Jackie figures something strange as she is flipping through Bines’ diary. He was visiting a doctor 3-4 times a week – but he doesn’t have any disease, right? Before long, Jackie and Danny are off to the anesthesiologist’s chamber. She, Karen Folson, turns out to be uncooperative, and only says she knows Charles Bines. Danny calls up the police medical examiner, and asks her to check presence of drugs in Caroline’s (Mrs. Bines) body. He tells her to focus on drugs that are typically used in a hospital. When they visit the medical examiner, she thinks Mrs. Bines was murdered.

Have the cops heard of Phentinol? It is way stronger than morphine, and is typically used in hospitals, mainly by anesthesiologists. The Archbishop pays a surprise visit to Frank. He explains about the miracle Father Bill is being associated with. He had a hard time finding it out because the Vatican moves like midtown traffic. Father Bill had cured a boy of tumor – and no one knows how. He also mysteriously cured a man with pancreas cancer. And does Frank know the cause of Father Bill’s death? Frank guesses pancreas cancer. However, he sees the Vatican as an old and powerful institution run by men. And in such circumstances, there is always an agenda. Later, Danny and Jackie meet Sandy at the place where she claims to have heard God tell her mother was dead. Jackie is being a little suggestive that Sandy is crazy, but Danny tries to balm Sandy’s feelings.

Before long, she apparently hears God say ‘Berlin’. Later, when the Reagans are having dinner, most of them think there is something wrong with Sandy. At the same time, while Danny thinks there could be something worth paying attention to about Sandy, Jamie lets on he hears God’s voice too. However, the scene ends on a lighter note when Frank lets on God calls him Frankie. Danny gets back to work, and learns that Berlin is not just a place but a name as well. Jackie has dug up contacts of Caroline and Charles. And she has discovered someone whose surname is Berlin. Jackie spoke to her widow, and discovered the man died three hours before his bypass surgery. He was under Karen Folson. When Danny gets to the hospital pharmacy, he discovers that Karen never returned the phentinol she was supposed to administer on Berlin.

Meanwhile, Frank meets David in the church. He lets on his story with Father Bill, who helped him escape – saying David had a choice between prison and exile – something very different from free. He lets on Father Bill was also in love with a single mother of two soldiers who were drafted. Father Bill was no saint, but he was a better man than most. Later, Danny and Jackie visit Karen Folson. In her apartment is Bines as well. Although the two of them are making it clear the cops are not welcome, Danny doesn’t take long to announce what they have found out – and that Karen and Bines are the only two suspects. Karen tries an alibi, and Bines wants her to stop, clearly suggesting the two planned Caroline’s death together. Before long, the truth is out. Karen’s alibi that the drugs were meant for Mr. Bines’ disc problem falls apart. Danny come up to Sandy and tells her the news. She leaves and the episode ends.