The Life We Chose - Recap

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The episode begins with Danny and his colleagues getting ready for a mission. The sergeant comes in and hands the guys 50k to be used for the mission, he also tells them to use reference to good weather as a sign that everything is going fine, and reference to bad weather as something being amiss. They are slated to meet a guy called David Fernandez who is a drug dealer, and from whom they would get the details for a few buyers. Meanwhile, Henry is encouraging Nicky to sing, as he wants to participate in a talent show with her. Fernandez gets into the vehicle of Danny’s colleagues, as Danny and Jackie look on from a distance. They drive away followed by Danny. David gives the guys direction on where to go, with Danny following close behind, but just then Danny’s vehicle is blocked by a huge oncoming truck, whereas the vehicle with David in it disappears round the corner.

Danny then tries to catch up with them again by trying to hook on to their signal on the radio. The cops meanwhile stop their car at a location as per David’s instructions. A hooded guy then enters the vehicle. Danny meanwhile has lost the guys and isn’t getting them on the walkie either. Just then Danny and Jackie hear gunshots and rush to the direction from where they heard the shots. Danny and Jackie reach the spot and find both their colleagues shot and lying senseless in their car. Later both men are rushed to the hospital. It turns out David’s cap was lying in the car’s backseat and a sniffer dog is used to track him down, with the help of the cap. The dog then takes Danny and his team on the trail of the scent, but after reaching a point the dog looses the, much to Danny’s frustration.

Meanwhile, Frank is briefed about the whole situation at the hospital, where he has arrived to meet the injured cop detective Cruz, who Frank is informed, might be paralyzed from waste down due to the bullet wounds. Meanwhile the other cop Gates, who was with Cruz in his vehicle, has passed away. Later, Frank arrives at the precinct and tells everyone that, when a cop is killed its personal, and also that, they should keep their eyes and ears open, so they can catch the perpetrators. The sergeant then shows the men at the precinct a video footage from a camera in the undercover car. The hooded man who has entered the car is seen shooting the two undercover cops. David and the hooded man then grab the money and leave.

The sergeant then instructs Danny to catch hold of David’s mother, for more information. Nicky in the meanwhile is depressed about what has happened to Gates, as she knows his daughter. Henry tries his best to pacify her. Meanwhile at the precinct, David’s mother is brought in for questioning. She tells Jackie she knows nothing. Danny then come in to question her, but is unable to make headway. They then check the mother’s call list and see several calls from a particular address right after the shooting. Danny and his men arrive at the address and find David there, shot and lying dead on the floor. Danny later shows David’s mother the photograph of his dead body. She on seeing the photo breaks down and tells Danny that David was hooking up with Nelson Ortiz, another drug dealer. Meanwhile, Garret tries his best to make Frank feel better.

Danny and Jackie in the meanwhile, are still feeling guilty about the fact that they weren’t there to help protect their colleagues. They then pay Nelson Ortiz a visit. Danny asks Ortiz about the guy who was with David and who actually shot the cops. He also shows Ortiz the photo of David’s dead body. He then manages to persuade Ortiz to tell him about the guy Danny calls ‘Phantom’. Ortiz tells Danny that the phantom’s last name is Washington, and that’s all he knows. Later the sergeant tells Danny that the phantom’s given name is Donald Washington, and he was one of the youngest crack kingpins of his day. He is also informed that the phantom had an associate called Ray Bell who now runs a barber shop. Danny pays Ray a visit and Ray tells him that, he isn’t associated with the phantom anymore. He tells Ray to give him a call he hears or sees anything.

Later, Danny informs Jackie that a guy named Jamal Williams was shot with a 10mm gun just like Danny’s colleagues earlier. Turns out William’s snitched on the phantom back in the day and hence paid for it. The phantom it seems is on a revenge spree. Danny meanwhile figures out that Ray Bell might also have snitched on the phantom, and hence the phantom might go after him next. Danny later meets Ray and tells him about what he has discovered and that his life is in danger. Just then Ray receives a message from his son, which says that he is hiding because there is an armed man in the house. Danny asks Ray to text his son to open the window, so Danny can enter the apartment. Inside the apartment it is seen that, the phantom has taken Ray’s family hostage, but his son isn’t there in the room.

Ray meanwhile texts his son as per Danny’s instructions. Danny meanwhile reaches the window and signals Ray’s son to open the window. Danny then helps the boy out onto the fire escape and enters the apartment through the window. He then makes a noise from inside the bedroom. The phantom then enters the bedroom, but doesn’t see Danny as he is hiding behind the door, he looks out of the open window, just as Danny from behind instructs him to drop his weapon or die. The phantom still looking out of the window tells Danny that, he doesn’t have the balls to shoot him. He then swiftly turns around, but just as he does, the phantom is shot on the chest by Danny and falls out of the window, and onto a police car that has just arrived. Henry and Nicky meanwhile perform at the talent show.

Frank and Danny too manage to make it to the show, albeit a little late, and just as Frank is about to enter the hall, he gets called back to work. Henry and Nicky meanwhile put up an impressive performance. In the end they receive a thundering applause for their performance. Meanwhile, Frank is asked by a television reporter about what he can tell the media about the perpetrator Donald Washington. He is then asked about how he is managing the force after the tragedy of the two cops being shot at. Frank does his best to give the most apt replies to both the questions.

He also tells the reporter that the NYPD is like a family, and when they lose a family member like they lost Gates, they come together and grieve and then they strengthen their resolve to carry on the best way possible, to honor the memory of the one they have lost. He also tells the reporter that the toughest part of his job is ordering his people out of harm’s way. The episode ends at this point.