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Women With Guns - Recap

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The show opens with Frank telling Henry that he is going out for dinner and will talk to him later. Next we see Bianca calls Jamie and tells him that Johnny Tessler is dead and that he needs to meet with her. She gives him her address and tells him not to discuss it with anyone. Next, Frank arrives at the dinner. He calls Henry and tells him that he wants out of the event; but just then he meets an old friend Melanie. Meanwhile, Jamie is worried that he is being set up as he had a beef with Tessler. Next, Frank and Melanie walk out of the dinner. They are walking down the street and when Frank goes to buy two newspapers; he notices someone suspicious walking towards Melanie, and asks him to stop. Just then the guy, whose face is covered; throws acid at Melanie, and escapes. Frank rushes towards Melanie and pulls off her jacket that is burning.

Next, Jamie reaches Bianca’s apartment. Jamie is snappish to see a gun in her hand, but Bianca tells him that she has some trust issues and hands it over to him. Bianca tells Jamie that Tessler and she were getting their cars at the same time, when Tessler tells her that her uncle Phil has accused him of stealing and that he is innocent. She continues to tell Jamie that Tessler got even more cross and tells her that her uncle is a liar and that he should not be throwing stones at glass houses. She says that next she went to her uncle, only to see him go nuts about this issue and is upset with her. Bianca says she came back to meet Tessler but he is gone and she wants to know where he is. She feels that Jamie knows about Tessler and asks him to tell her whatever he knows. Jamie swears that he had no clue about where Tessler is or what happened to him.

Next, Melanie is with Frank in her in her hotel room. She tells him that she is an investigative reporter and that she manages to miff a lot of people. She says she doesn’t know who her attacker is. Just then Danny walks in asking for more information. He asks her if she has received any threatening mails or the names of her stalkers. Melanie gives him the number of her producer and tells Danny that he would give him the names of all the creeps that she has written about. Danny and Frank leave Melanie. At the elevator, Frank tries to explain his relationship with Melanie; but Danny does not want to discuss it. However while entering the elevator, Danny calls him “Romeo”. Meanwhile, Jamie tells Bianca that he has to leave, but Bianca asks him to stay. Jamie tells her that he cannot. Moreover he is about to take her gun with him, when Bianca tells him that she wants it back as she is scared. He tosses it on the bed and leaves. But he empties the bullets and hands it to the shadow cop standing outside Bianca’s door.

Next, Danny meets Melanie’s producer. He tells Danny that its difficult to take her stalkers seriously and that no one had ever threatened disfigurement. Next we see that Jamie receives a call saying that Bianca is missing and also that there r remains found at the back of a restaurant, which match her description. Jamie meets Noble. Noble asks Jamie about Bianca, but Jamie tells him that he has no clue. Noble tells him that he wants to know everything that happened after the meeting. Next, Danny and Jackie are looking for Melanie’s attacker. They have narrowed it down to a man named Miles. The man is standing outside a restaurant smoking and Danny tries to check his computer he left on the table. But Miles immediately comes in and asks Danny whether he has a warrant to search his computer. He knows his rights. He packs up his computer and walks away.

Danny tries to get a reaction out of Miles, by telling him that Melanie says a hello. But he gets nothing. The man just walks away. Danny hates it when people know their rights. Back to Jamie and Noble, Jamie wants to know where Tessler is. Noble tells him that he knows nothing about that and asks him about Bianca. Jamie tells Noble that he does not know anything. He says that Uncle Phil is looking for Bianca and he and his family think, Jimmy Reardon knows where she is. Jamie walks away. Danny meets Erin and tells her that Dad “caught up” with an old friend, Melanie. Next, Danny and Jackie are at Mile’s place. This time they have a warrant. Miles tells Danny that he never sent her any threatening mails; in fact he hasn’t written to her in years.

He also has an alibi that he was working on a radio show, when the attacked took place. Next, at the police station, Melanie comes to meet Frank. She tells him to call his men off, as they are interfering with her business. She tells Frank that she has a gun and does not need any protection. Just then she gets a call and leaves. Next we see that Jamie wants out. He feels that it is his fault that Bianca is missing. Just then he gets a call from Noble and he tells him that Uncle Phil wants to meet him immediately. Meanwhile, Danny thinks that Miles was set up. The producer says that there is a long list of people who Melanie fired and angered. So its going to be very difficult tracking down the attacker. Noble picks up Jamie and tells him that they are going to Uncle Phil’s club in Brooklyn. Noble asks Jamie whether the police is watching him because it appears that they are. Noble gets nervous.

When he reaches the club, he sees that Bobby is already there to “peel back the onion”. Next Danny goes back to the internet café. He asks the guy whether anyone could hack into the computers in his shop. Just then he gets a call from Jackie. She tells him that they picked a guy up who has the same container with him like the attacker had. Danny goes and meets the guy. Danny asks him who hired him. at first he doesn’t tell him anything; but later he tells him that the producer is the guy who hired him. Danny calls Frank and updates him about the same. At Frank’s office, they tell him that they lost Melanie. But Frank thinks he knows where she is. Meanwhile, Jamie and Noble get out of the car. Noble is upset about the fact that Bobby is there. A brawl ensues but just then the police arrive. Jamie is arrested on suspicion of murder. Next, Danny and Jackie go to meet Melanie. The producer is with her.

They arrest him and the truth comes out. He is the one who did it and this upsets Melanie. She thanks Danny. Jamie is happy that his undercover work is done but he says that he doesn’t like the fact that he is responsible for someone else’s death. Next, Frank meets Melanie. He has a parting gift for her. He doesn’t want her to leave town empty handed. It’s a holster. He tells her that if she is carrying a gun then she needs to have a holster which is to be worn on the thigh. Melanie loves her gift. Frank tells her that he has to go to the church and Sunday dinner. Melanie tells him that she is going away for three days and asks him if he would like to come and he says someday he would. After a warm goodbye, he leaves. At the dinner, Frank is happy and is singing. He is teaching the boys to make proper Irish coffee. The episode ends.