No Questions Asked - Recap

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The scene opens with Reverend Potter meeting with Frank outside his office. He welcomes him and it is clear that he is not happy about this meeting that they are going to have. Frank goes into his office and Gareth says that Potter is Mayor Poole’s main man and that they have to make sure that they keep him happy. Gareth says that Potter has the community and Frank agrees reluctantly to the meeting. Meanwhile, a robbery is in progress at a pharmacy. A guy tries to stop one of the men involved and the robber tries to tell him to be cool. The man manages to remove his mask and then gets shot. The robber says that they need to go now. Later Danny and Curatola get on scene and Misty La Cruz, one of the hostages, describes the gun specifically. She says that her dad taught her about guns and that is why she knows about them. She says that the shooter had a Colt 45 with a pearl grip. Danny says that they better get going on the evidence.

At a press conference, Poole and Potter talk to the citizens and say that they will get $200 for every gun they bring in with no questions asked. Frank watches the press conference and says that he isn’t going in to that battle. Gareth says that he can’t go because he has to go to Yankee Stadium. Frank calls Baker in and tells her to tell the Yankees that Gareth isn’t going to be there because he has to go to the Gun Buy Back Program. At the station, Curatola says that it is only a matter of time that the shooter, who the witnesses say was being compassionate and not wanting any trouble, is going to want to turn his crew in. At Nicki’s school, she goes up to her friend, Diane and talks to her at lunch. Nicki sees Diane flirt with a guy across the hall. She says that she will get recognized by him someday. Suddenly everyone’s phone goes off. It is a picture of Diane posing sexually for her phone that they get. Suddenly, everyone starts laughing. Nicki is with her until one of the other girls asks her if she got one too. She pulls her hand away from Diane and Diane gets up and leaves.

Potter is outside of the gun buy back when Gareth comes up. He tells him that he is there to watch over him and make sure that he is behaving. Inside the building, Officer Perez has the a guy come up to her with the gun that they are looking for, the Colt 45 with a Pearl Grip. She takes a picture of him pretending that she is talking to her mother. Potter comes up and demands her phone. Gareth comes up and asks what is going on. Potter says that Perez took a picture of one of the guys bringing in the gun. Gareth asks for Perez’s phone and sees no pictures. However, she takes her phone and it is revealed that she hid it in her recycling bin. Later, Officer Perez goes up to Danny and Curatola and says that technically the picture was gone because she put it in the recycling bin of her phone. Danny is upset that she would jeopardize the Buy Back Program and tells her to leave. Curatola asks if they are going to use the picture and Danny says that they are not going to use it. He says that he doesn’t want to create waves. Gareth tells Frank that they should take the win. Frank asks about the problem. He tells him about how Perez was accused of taking pictures. Frank says that he wants to talk to Perez.

Danny goes up to the guy in the hospital and gives him the sketches of the men they have in the system. However, he cannot remember what the guy looked like who shot him. Curatola tells Danny that she ran ballistics on the gun that they recovered from the Buy Back Program and it is a match. Danny decides to use the picture as reference and helps the victim with identifying the shooter. The sketch artist works and delivers a close match the Danny’s picture that he has crumbled up in his pocket. They go around the neighborhood and get a man to tell them where the person from the picture lives. At the house, Jamie goes up to Nicki and asks her what is going on. She tells him that Diane got her phone stolen and that someone sent a sexy picture that she took to everyone at school. He says that he can help her if she would like the help. Perez talks to Frank and comes clean about the picture that she took. She apologizes to him for breaking the rules.

Danny and Curatola wait around at the address and see Benjamin Banks. He runs and Danny catches him and tells him that he has a guy in the hospital who says that he shot him. Later at the bar, Danny is with Frank and asks what he did wrong. Frank shows him the picture of Benjamin. He says that he used it as reference to help get an ID. Frank tells Danny to let Benjamin go. Danny says that Frank did things against the rules when he was younger. Franks tells him that he lets him go. The next day, Danny lets Benjamin go and Curatola is confused. Danny says that they got in trouble with the picture and now have to start from scratch. At the school, Nicki goes up to Diane and apologizes and says that she wants to help her. However, Diane says that she wants to forget this ever happened despite the help from Jamie trying to get to know who sent the text. At the station, Danny and Curatola are trying to get information and Danny suggests that they go to the hospital and see if the shooter went back to the hospital out of guilt.

Frank talks to Perez and tells her that she is going to get a little punishment for breaking the rules, but says that she wouldn’t mind riding with her. Later on, Jamie goes up to Nicki and says that Diane sent that picture to everyone herself. Nicki realizes that she sent that picture to get noticed. Back at the station, they have the video of the hospital and they find the guy. They realize that it is Terrance Banks, Benjamin’s brother. They go to the address and Benjamin says that Terrance isn’t there. However, Danny sees him run out and manages to catch him. Outside Benjamin says that his brother can give up the guys he was running with. However, Danny isn’t having any of this and takes Terrance into custody. Nicki goes up to Diane and tells her that Jamie couldn’t find anything. Diane says that she knows what she did wasn’t normal and they make up as friends. Erin comes up and asks Nicki if she wants to hang out and Nicki says that she wants to watch a movie at home.

Frank meets with Potter and Poole. He says that the Mayor got some praise on the Gun Buy Back Program, but it was Potter who got most of the praise. Potter pretends to be humble with the information until Frank says that one of the guns that they got was involved in a shooting earlier. If that news were to get out, it would mean the worst to everyone involved. Frank baits Potter with the information and he pretends not to be interested in it. However, it is clear that he wants to know the information. Later at the house, Danny talks to Frank and tells him that he knows that he broke the rules because he works with people who worked with Frank. He says that he got lucky and that he is worried that Danny’s luck is going to run out and that he was only looking out for him. The episode ends with Danny saying the prayer.