Some Kind of Hero - Recap

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The scene opens at Sean’s school, where Danny and Linda are looking at a self portrait made by their son. Just then Sean’s friends Mike and his family walks in and they exchange a formal greeting and decide to go have coffee. Mike’s father is a fire fighter and Danny figures out that they are divorced. Next, Jamie and his colleague are grabbing a bite, when a fire breaks out in a building nearby. There is a small child stuck in the building. Just then there is a blast on one of the floors. They manage to recues the baby and the baby is taken by the med team. Jamie doesn’t know who the parents are. The fire team arrives. Danny is having dinner with his family.

Just then Linda receives a text saying that Chris Keenan; Mike’s father, hanged himself. Frank issues orders to pull out Jamie, as he rescuing the baby during his meal break was a breach of protocol. Jamie arrives at the office. They are worried as the press wants to meet the officer responsible for rescuing the baby and putting his picture on the front page of the papers in the uniform, could blow their undercover operation. Jamie and Frank have an alone time where Frank tells his son that he is really proud of him. Danny and his wife go to visit Keenan’s widow. Sean wants Danny to talk to Mike. Mike tells him that his dad had promised to take him to the Islander’s Rangers game. He also wants to know if Danny could prove that Keenan didn’t kill himself and Danny reluctantly agrees. Meanwhile, the baby’s rescue news is all over the television.

Anthony, the officer present with Jamie during the fire breakout, arrives at Frank’s office. Frank asks Anthony to take credit for Jamie’s action to satisfy the press’ appetite and also ensure Jamie’s safety. The hardest part is that Anthony cannot tell anyone the truth; not even his wife. Next, Danny goes to the autopsy lab to check on Keenan’s reports. The COD appears to be strangulation. There were others marks like trauma to the head, elbow scarped etc; but those were dismissed as he was a fire fighter. Danny wants the doctor to redo the autopsy and she asks him to come back with a strong reason. Danny’s officer asks him the reason for investigating a suicide. He tells him that it is his off and he is not going to cause any worry to the department. Danny goes to the fire station. Keenan’s friend and partner, Dylan, tells Danny that Keenan was going through a divorce he did not want and he also had some financial troubles. His house was up for foreclosure.

The friend also tells Danny that Keenan had a live insurance of 5 million dollars and Keenan knew that would help his family get by. So the friend tells him that Keenan had told him that it’s better to be dead than to be alive in this situation. Danny meets Frank and appraises him about the situation. Frank wants to help. Anthony is upset with Jamie that he did not tell him that he was an undercover. He feels that Jamie doesn’t trust him. Danny is at Keenan’s place and inspecting the suicide spot. Just then Detective Patellae arrives and tells Danny that he has closed the case. Danny tells Patellae that he found some footprints on the chair that Keenan used for committing suicide and that did not match Keenan’s size and he is not convinced with the report. Patellae takes offence and there is scuffle. Frank calls Danny and tells him that the ME had redone the autopsy and the report has been changed to pending investigation; as now the ME is not sure about the blow Kennan received on his head.

The Chief questions Danny about the tussle he had with Patellae. Just then Jackie arrives. They tell the Chief that Keenan died with a trauma that was caused by someone hitting him and the ME has confirmed that. Danny also points at the footprint size on the chair and tells him that it did not belong to Kennan. He is approved to carry on with the investigation; but NO FIGHTS! Meanwhile, Erin is at Frank’s office and she is upset that she wasn’t told about Jamie being undercover and also that his life is at risk. She is also upset that her father did not tell her about it and she had to know it through Danny. Frank tells her that its his job! No one in the family knows it other than Danny. He tells Erin that he can’t lose another son. Danny finds out Keenan had made a lot of calls to Dylan Carney, his partner and Jackie tells her officer that they had a huge disagreement the day Keenan died.

The co-workers heard the two shouting at each other and Dylan threatened him. Jackie and Danny meet Dylan. Dylan tells them that he wanted to bribe the building inspector for the house issue and Keenan did not agree to it. Dylan tells them that he did not want to jeopardize his standing. Keenan told Dylan that he was going to meet the inspector and set him straight. The inspector’s name is Thomas Reed. They decide to bring Reed in. Danny has a plan. He will call up Reed as a contractor finishing the Keenan job and set up a meeting and try offering him a bribe. Frank is addressing a press meet and they declare Anthony as the hero who saved the baby. Danny is at the house with the inspector. The inspector readily takes the bribe and Danny arrests him for bribery. Danny wants Erin to get him a search warrant to search the inspector’s house.

Jamie and Anthony are in a pub, at the bar counter. Anthony is upset because after all this his wife feels he is something special. Jamie tells him that he too does consider him to be special, as he has done him a great favor. Erin is upset that Danny asked her to get a warrant to search for evidence for bribery and instead got in a pair of shoes as some evidence of Keenan’s murder, again a breach of protocol. Danny tells Erin that the shoe patterns match with the print found on the chair. Also Reed’s GPS location matched with Keenan’s death spot at the time of his death. Erin warns Danny against questioning him without his lawyer but press charges on Reed for murder. Danny enters the room and tells Reed that he is under arrest for murder. His lawyer advices him against saying anything. But Reed panics and tells Danny that Keenan was shouting at him that he will not pay the bribe. There was a tussle between them. When Keenan took a swing at him, he panicked and took a 2x4 and swung at him. it was an accident and Reed says that he didn’t mean to kill him. And he tried to make it look like a suicide.

Danny meets Mike and tells him about the investigation. He also tells him that he is as brave as his father was; as both fight for the right. And also that not many 11 year olds would be brave enough to have their father’s death investigated. Danny tells Mike that he would take him to the Islander’s game. Next, the Reagan family is enjoying a special meal; and all of Jamie’s favorite dishes. So we know the reason! But Sean wants this to be his father’s day; as Danny helped his friend in finding his father’s killer. Erin raises a toast to her brothers. Next, Frank and Jamie are having a talk. Jamie tells him that it is hard on him; but Frank tells him that there is no greater reward than saving a life. He calls it a day and leaves. Jamie finds a small box in his jacket. It’s a reward from his father, for his act of valor. He is now, proud and happy. The episode ends.