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Working Girls - Recap

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The episode begins with Erin defending her client in court. It’s a murder trial, involving the murder of one Boris Astrofsky’s, wife. The man being accused goes by the name of Yuri Denko. Erin calls Boris to the stand, as he was allegedly a witness to his wife’s murder. Denko in Russian threatens Boris’s children, claiming her knows their whereabouts. Denko is visibly disturbed by the threat, and Erin requests a moment with him alone. She in private reassures Boris that, his children will be safe. Erin calls for a recess, seeing Boris’s reluctance. Outside the press questions Erin about the case. She puts up a brave front. Meanwhile, the mayor suggests to Frank that Erin be made the deputy mayor.

Later, Erin reaches the crime scene where she sees Boris’s dead body. Turns out, Boris left without police protection as he was worried about his children, and was killed. Erin it turns out might not have much of a case with her star witness dead. Danny tells her, she can’t let Denko walk away. The only hope that Erin has now is the nanny, who claims she didn’t see anything. Erin thinks she knows more than she is claiming. Erin tells Sophia the nanny, what she wants. They try convincing Sophia to tell the truth, as Denko is a bad guy and needs to be punished. She reluctantly tells them that she came downstairs just as Denko’s men shot Boris’s wife. She admits she saw Denko shoot Boris’s wife. Erin assures Sophia that the detectives would keep her safe, till she testifies. She is skeptical after seeing Boris’s fate. Later, Erin is offered the deputy mayor position by the mayor. The mayor wants someone smart and confident.

Erin fits the bill. Erin accepts the offer, but she needs a few days to wrap up the case she has at hand. Meanwhile, Sophia is brought in for witness protection. She is also worried about her family in Russia. She is reassured that even the Russian authorities have been informed. Meanwhile, Frank and his boss are worried about Erin being made the new deputy mayor. Meanwhile, Danny and Jackie discuss her relationships. They hear a knock at the door, with the maintenance guy there to fix the broken air conditioner, they had complained about. They frisk the guy and let him in. While the man is repairing the AC, Danny realizes that the guy is a fake. This is just when the man was going to remove a gun from inside the AC. They then proceed to move Sophia out of there. Danny and Jackie thing there is a leak, as the gun was planted in the room beforehand.

Meanwhile, Erin and Frank talk about discussing the deputy mayor issue, but somehow don’t get to it. Meanwhile, the sergeant tells Danny that no one in the task force is aware what just took place, except the person who tipped off Denko. Danny and Jackie are hiding with Sophia at Jackie’s place. Later, Danny and the sergeant go through the files of guys who had knowledge of Sophia’s whereabouts. There are eight in total. Meanwhile, Erin comes in and is told about the leak. Erin wants more security. Danny advises against it; if more people know the danger of a leak increases. Frank is informed by the chief that a guy called Domiano is the agency’s choice for the DMO. Also that Erin wouldn’t know Frank is supporting Domiano. Frank tells the chief to do, what he feels is right. He also knows though, that the mayor will get his way and so will his daughter.

Meanwhile, Danny and the sergeant find out that all the cops are clean, from the looks of it. The only option now left, is to put them all in the same room and question them. Danny in the meanwhile, has other ideas. Meanwhile, Sophia has comes to know that the police had to move her mother in Russia from her home, as Denko’s guys were there. Sophia gets ready to go home. Jackie tries calming her down, telling her how Denko pulled the same stunt on Boris. She convinces her to stay, telling her how a man like Denko needs to be punished. In the end Sophia relents, and stays. Meanwhile, Linda and Erin discuss about the DMO issue, and how it would affect Frank. Meanwhile, the sergeant has gathered all the suspect cops in one room.

He enters and tells them he has Sophia’s new location. Just then, one of the guys walks inside an empty room to make a call, telling over the phone where Sophia is kept. Meanwhile, at the Reagan family dinner Erin is ragged for wanting to become a corrupt city official. Henry isn’t very happy with it either. Frank suspects the mayors intentions in wanting to appoint Erin. Erin is not pleased to hear this and questions Frank about it. The father and daughter then indulge in some verbal duel, regarding the workings of the police, and also the duties of a person in public office. Meanwhile, Sophia who is a gifted sketch artist draws a sketch and gifts it to Jackie. Sophia thanks Jackie for keeping her safe. Meanwhile, car parks near a building, sitting inside are two men. They enter the premises, and head for a house with guns in their hands. They kick the door in.

Inside they find armed policemen firing at them. One guy is killed, while the other is captured. Meanwhile, the bad cop sees one of the guys being brought in. He hurries out of the place, and is followed by Danny who catches up with him. He confronts the cop and tells him, Denko’s guy has named him. Danny tells the bad cop that, the moment he hits the street he is a dead man, as he gave Denko a bad tip. The cop allows himself to be arrested. Meanwhile, Sophia is being suited with a bulletproof vest, and being readied to be taken to court. Jackie gives Sophia the phone, and it’s Sophia’s mother on the other side. Meanwhile in courtroom Denko tries flirting with Erin. She tells him that the only thing that would make her happy is seeing him behind bars. Denko hopes that Sophia makes it to court, considering the rush hour traffic.

Meanwhile, Danny and Jackie are leaving with Sophia in tow. They are given a tight security cover. On the way, an SUV rams into one of the police vehicles. Men come out of the vehicle and begin firing mercilessly at the cop cars. Danny somehow manages to drive out of there, after running down one of the attackers. He then manages to reach the court. Sophia is then escorted inside by Erin. In court, Erin calls for Sophia. Once again, as Sophia is being sworn in Denko tries threatening Sophia, in Russian. He threatens to kill Sophia’s mother if Sophia testifies. Sophia unlike Boris musters up her courage and gives her testimony to the court. Later, Frank and Erin meet up. Erin apologizes to Frank for being rude earlier. Frank too tells Erin that he never thought for a second that Erin wouldn’t make a great DM. Erin tells Frank she turned down the mayor’s offer. She feels she can make more of a difference being a lawyer than a DM. The episode ends.