Collateral Damage - Recap

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The episode begins with Danny with Jackie at the hospital. Jackie has been having stomach aches for nearly a week, and Danny wants it checked out. Meanwhile, a guy with a bloody nose walks in, Danny asks him if he can help in any way, he says it not a big deal and that he just settled a friendly bet the hard way. He introduces himself to Danny as Phil Gibson. Meanwhile, Jamie is told by two detectives to escort them, while he is buying coffee. They have been given orders to pull him in forthwith. Meanwhile, at the hospital the Phil Gibson keels over and falls to the ground unconscious. Danny is visibly worried to see this, and tells the doctors what Phil told him. Meanwhile, Jamie is brought to Frank who tells him that Philip Sanfino has put a hit on Jamie.

He tells Jamie to sit this one out, till it can be ascertained there is no price on his head. Meanwhile, Phil passes away. The doctor tells Danny that he has died of severe concussion and a swelling of the brain. Danny observes that Phil’s hands do not indicate to him having been in a fight, as there are no injuries or marks on them. Meanwhile, Jamie is agitated with being grounded at home. Henry later explains to Jamie where Frank is coming from, and how worried he is about Jamie’s well being. Jamie feels Frank worries more about him than for Danny. Meanwhile, at Phil’s office, Danny watches Phil’s boss give him a eulogy, with everyone in the office listening silently. Meanwhile, Danny asks two girls in the office if Phil had a beef with someone.

They say they can’t think of any such person, or haven’t heard anything to that effect. Later, Danny has talk with his bosses in private, and is told Phil was an alcoholic, but was great with his job. Danny is also given names of his friends he used to hang out with after work. The bosses believe Phil got into some sort of a fight that proved to be fatal. They also tell Danny that they will have their own security team look into it. Danny doesn’t take to this too kindly, especially when he is told by the bosses that they don’t trust the cops to do a good enough job of investigating it. He makes it amply clear to them that he will arrest anyone who interferes with his job. Later, Danny is given the list of Phil’s friends who he used to hang out with.

He is also informed that one guy from the list called Grant Hilbert didn’t show up at office, as he was suppose to fly to Boston regarding office work. Danny later finds out that he wasn’t allowed to board the flight, as he was in an agitated and an inebriated state. The doorman of Hilbert’s building has meanwhile informed Danny that Hilbert left for his flight, and hasn’t been back since. Meanwhile, Danny receives an email from Phil Gibson, the man who has died. The mail says for Danny to arrive at a particular street, with a couple of $100 bills, with damaged written on them. Later, Danny meets a guy from narcotics, when standing in line with Jackie to enter a club which the email has told him to. He and the guy from narcotics do not seem to see eye to eye. They are allowed to enter the club when they show the notes with damaged written on them. Inside, they are led through a door on the guy at the door seeing the bills. They climb down to a basement area where they see guys fighting with boxing gloves on.

It’s basically fight club of sorts, and the boxing gloves explain the clean hands Phil had. Danny then blends in with the crowd and gets talking to a few guys. He realizes that the guys have bet huge money on the fight. Then he is told about the fight Phil was in, he is also told that Phil ended up in the hospital. They tell him who the other guy was, and how the fight went, although they do not seem to know the guy’s name. Danny then tells them that he works for NYPD and takes their cards. Danny then leaves with Jackie to meet Grant Hilbert, who has come back. They see cars from Grant’s office parked outside his apartment. Danny knocks on his door, telling him to open up. He then enters the house on his own and sees an inebriated Hilbert with a group of people. Danny asks the guys present about Damage the fight club. The company lawyer who is present stops Gilbert from saying anything.

The bosses and the lawyer try to convince Danny that Grant is hurt by Phil’s death, but looking at his injuries Danny assumes he was the one who killed Phil. Danny leaves with Jackie telling Grant to meet him at the precinct the next day morning. Meanwhile, Jackie has found out a sleeping medicine prescribed to a girl, in Grant’s bathroom. The girl is Sarah, the same girl Danny spoke to in Phil’s office earlier. Meanwhile, Frank tells Jamie to do what he feels is right, but also to think about the repercussions while he is doing so. Meanwhile, Danny meets up with Sarah and asks her about the Xanex in Grant’s bathroom. She tells him that she dated Philip a little, and Grant must have picked it up from him as Phil and Grant were really close. Sarah tells Danny that Phil dying was an accident. Meanwhile, when the case is brought in front of Erin, she feels the case is stupid and tragic, but also Phil and Grant stepped into the ring of their own free will.

Meanwhile, Noble arrives to meet Jamie outside a diner, but it turns out it wasn’t Jamie who had called him there. Jamie tells him that he called Noble only to tell him that there is a hit out on him too. Just then a car speeds towards Noble, with someone shooting at him through its window. Noble catches a few bullets. Erin tells Danny that the only way there is going to be a conviction is if Danny can find out that, the bosses in the company had money on the fight or a paper trail that they organize the event. Meanwhile, Danny has Grant’s gloves sent to the lab to see if there are any modifications done to them. Later Danny leaves for the hospital, as he is informed that Grant is in the hospital with an overdose of medication. Meanwhile, Frank tells Jamie to call Noble who has survived and meet Jamie.

Meanwhile, at the hospital Grant tells Danny that the gloves he uses for fighting seem to have something extra in them, but they aren’t the ones Danny found in his gym bag. Later, Danny and Jackie ask the doorman to see the security footage of Grant’s apartment to see who might have entered his apartment and switched the gloves he used for the fight. Meanwhile, Noble meets Jamie outside Jamie’s house. He wants Noble to testify against his uncle. Meanwhile, Jackie and Danny see the narcotics guy Gary from earlier, in the video footage. Danny then meets up with Gary.

Gary tells him that he switched the gloves, and wanted Danny to know it; hence he looked right at the camera. Gary is private eye now, and someone had told him to switch the gloves. Noble in the meanwhile agrees to testify. Danny in the meanwhile has found out that some saltwater solution was injected into the gloves which made the padding hard. They then arrest Josh, one of Phil’s bosses, who was the one who doctored the gloves. It was just so Josh could win a bet. Meanwhile, Jamie bids Jack a goodbye and thanks him for standing by him. The episode ends.