Mother's Day - Recap

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The episode begins with Erin and Frank fishing at the bay. The two then talk about Erin’s mother and Frank’s wife who has now passed away. The two would miss her as next day is mother’s day. Meanwhile, Danny comes in and tells a team of New York cops that they need to keep an eye out for a man. He then shows them his photograph on a wanted poster, and tells them his name is Leo Packer. He attacks unsuspecting citizens, especially sweet old ladies carrying bags and robs them. His latest victim is in the hospital with broken jaws and he needs to be found immediately. Meanwhile, Leo is shown shouting at a traffic cop for writing him a ticket for illegal parking. Jamie in the meanwhile sees him and catches hold of him.

Meanwhile, Secretary of State Price has come to meet Frank. He tells Frank that Homeland security has received information; New York City would come under attack in the next 24 hours. The government has basically lost 3 Al Qaeda sleepers, who might now attack NY. Frank comes to the conclusion that the attack would be biological. Meanwhile, Jamie and Danny debate over who would handle the Leo Packer case. Frank and his team meanwhile, discuss the measures they would need to take to avert the impending crisis. Frank is informed that, the delivery mechanism of the biological weapon would most probably be from a backpack sprayer. He is told that if released in a place like Times Square, the virus would spread to about 50 people, and would in a week multiply to thousands, and so on and so forth. The worst part is that there is no vaccine for this virus.

Frank tells his team to keep this information confidential, as the only weapon they have is that, the terrorists do not know that the police know about them. Meanwhile Jamie and Danny debate alone in a room about who would take over the Leo Packer case. The two then nearly come to blows, Jackie and other cops come in and stop them. Meanwhile, Frank tells the Mayor to not go public with the terrorist attack issue, as it would cause chaos, with 8 million people trying to leave the city at the same time. The mayor feels he can save lives, and decides to go against Frank’s advice. Frank then give the mayor 5 different dates, and tells him that all those occasions had a potential to be as deadly as Sept 11th, but the PD managed to get a lead and consequently averted crises. The mayor gives Frank six hours, after which he plans to go public.

Meanwhile to avoid conviction, Leo tells Danny and Jackie that he knows who killed a kid called Patrick Goodwin, while he was coming from school. Danny is visibly agitated on hearing this and attacks Leo. Meanwhile, Frank is informed that they might have a lead, with the three terrorists being situated in Queens at the moment. Later Danny tells Jackie that it was his cold case that Leo was talking about. Danny hasn’t yet managed to make headway in that case, and it manages to keep him awake in the nights. Jackie tells him that Leo confessed that he knew a guy from his neighborhood who, got drunk and talked about Patrick as if he knew something. She then tells him the name of the man is Keith Daley, and he dropped off the radar right after the little boy went missing. Meanwhile, Patrick’s mother tells Danny on seeing Keith Daley’s photograph that, she recognizes him.

He used to work in a parking garage across the street from where she used to live. Meanwhile, the cops enter the apartment in Queens where the suspected terrorists are hiding. Turns out, they just missed them, and they aren’t in the apartment. Meanwhile, Linda tells Danny to mend fences with Jamie. Meanwhile, Jackie tells Danny that Keith has gone off the grid, with no records of him available. It was around the same time Patrick went missing. Meanwhile, Frank’s 6 hours are up. He maintains that going public isn’t a good idea. The mayor is adamant and wishes to hole the press conference in an hour. Frank then tells the mayor that he would resign after the press conference. Later, Frank and Nicky have a heart to heart in his office. Meanwhile, Keith’s mother tells Danny and Jackie that she knows nothing about Keith’s whereabouts.

They feel she knows more than she is leading on. Later, Frank tells Henry about the quandary he is in, and the threat he has made to resign, which he now regrets slightly. Turns out, two of the terrorists have been arrested an hour ago. The terrorists were heading for Grand Central Station. Frank tells Henry he is tired of the secrets and lies. He is also sad about how his job is affecting his family. Meanwhile, the media is shown reporting about a car that has been cordoned off by the NYPD. Garrett in the meanwhile tells the media that it’s just an exercise, a fire drill of sorts. Later, a worried Erin asks Henry if everything is fine, and if Frank is ok. Henry tells him it’s a serious issue, and that Frank was talking about resigning the last night. Meanwhile, Jamie and Danny sort of patch up. Meanwhile, Danny receives information that Keith had called his mother. He tells Jamie to back him up.

Meanwhile, Frank congratulates his team for a job well done. Meanwhile, on seeing Danny at this doorstep, Keith makes a run for it. Jamie and Danny manage to catch up with him. He tells Danny that he never hurt Patrick or ever laid a hand on him; even before Danny can begin questioning him. He also reveals that his girlfriend Robin told Keith to kidnap Patrick. She told Keith that if she can’t have a baby she would kill herself, hence he kidnapped Patrick. Danny is surprised to know that Patrick is still alive, and at the park with Robin. Just then Robin enters the house with Patrick. Later, Danny brings Patrick back to his real mother. She is overjoyed to see him, but he doesn’t after so long, recognize her. Danny later apologizes to Jamie for earlier.

He tells Jamie that, he knows, he and Jo were close, and Danny too misses Joe every day. The two then decide to work towards becoming best friends, and not just remain brothers. Later at the dinner table, Linda tells Danny and Jamie how proud she is for them managing to return a child to his mother on mother’s day. The boys of the Regan family are basically waiting on the women, for mother’s day. Frank in the meanwhile comes in and serves his favorite mash. Frank indirectly tells Henry that he did not resign, and hence did not send any letter to the mayor. Henry is visibly gladdened by this news. Then everyone at the table proceeds to thank the lord for the food on the table and for their mother’s love. Each one at the table thanks the lord for one thing that, their mother taught them. They then proceed with the dinner. The episode ends at this point.