Family Business - Recap

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The episode begins with the Reagan family cheering for Jack at a soccer game. He in the end shoots a goal amid loud cheers. Just then Danny receives a text that visibly worries him. Linda notices this and asks him about it, but he doesn’t tell her anything. Jamie at the precinct gets introduced to his new partner Vinnie Cruz. In the night, Linda asks Danny about earlier. Danny though, tells her everything is ok, and there is nothing to worry about. Jamie and Vinnie on the other hand arrive at a crime scene of a robbery. The victim tells them that his wallet and laptop have been stolen. Jamie and the sergeant enter a nearby apartment building and look around, while Vinnie waits at the entrance.

While inside they see the robber escape from behind them. Vinnie apprehends the robber at the entrance. The sergeant too arrives there. The two then hear a gunshot outside, and Jamie and the sergeant go to check it out. They see that one of the other cops standing at guard has shot a man, and he is lying on the ground bleeding. The cop is panicky and tells the two he saw the man come out of nowhere and shot him in panic. Danny at home shows Linda the video text message that has him worried. The video shows a man addressing Danny and telling him how long it has been since they have met. He also says that he has been thinking about Danny. “I just got out and am looking forward to seeing you very soon” he says and signs off.

The two, figure out that, the man is a criminal by the name of Benjamin Walker, who Danny had put away years ago. Danny and Linda both believe that Walker is capable of taking revenge. Next day, Frank meets the cop Officer Blake, who shot the man in panic, the earlier night. He recounts to Frank how the sergeant on the radio had said that the “perp” was running and little later someone kicked open the door of the building and he assumed it was the “perp” and shot him in panic. Frank tells him the shooting team shall investigate the whole thing, and also asks Blake to get a lawyer. “Please tell the victim how sorry I am” he tells Frank before leaving.

Danny tells Jackie about Benjamin Walker and how he caught him when he was pulling off his last heist, so he could pay his pregnant girlfriend back, for all she had done for him. The two then look for Maria, Walker’s girlfriend. Maria as it turns out took off after Walker was called in. As a result Walker never got to see his kid, and is possibly angry for that reason. Later, Jackie goes for a coffee and is held hostage by Walker. Walker takes Jackie’s phone and talks to Danny. As it turns out, Jackie is handcuffed in chains inside a van. He asks Danny to meet him at the park where he had arrested him.

Garrett tells Frank that the shooting team’s report has declared the shooting an “accidental discharge without malicious intent”. Danny on the other hand, readies himself, wear his Kevlar jacket, kisses Linda and leaves to meet Walker. At the park there are police snipers all around. Danny arrives and waits for Walker, but there is no sign of him. He then sees Jackie sitting on a park bench, with a bomb handcuffed to her. Later, Walker tells Danny over the phone, to ask his “sharpshooters and undercovers” to go home. Danny does as is told. He then asks Danny to take the bomb from Jackie and cuff it to himself. He then tells Danny to throw away the key and walk to the east end of the park, where he is sitting in a yellow taxi.

Danny does as is told. Once near the cab, Walker asks Danny to drop his radio, his gun and his cell phone. Frank is informed that, Danny has been taken hostage. Danny on the other hand, sent Linda a text from his cell before throwing it away. It says “1z96”. Linda asks Erin about it. Erin figures out that, it’s a taxi medallion number. Walker takes Danny to his girlfriend’s and his son’s grave. Walker in tears tells Danny that, there was a home invasion, and a couple of junkies killed them and turned their place upside down. Danny tells walker that, he understands his pain, and also tells him “you haven’t done anything yet that you can’t come back from, you understand me”.

He asks Walker to help himself, by giving him the gun, so they can both “walk away from this”. Walker instead, hands Danny a shovel and asks him to dig his own grave. Frank is informed that Officer Blake has locked himself into a room and put a gun to his head. Jackie on the other hand, tracks down the cab and arrives at the graveyard. She then points a gun at Walker and asks him to drop his weapon. A whole police team arrives along with her. Walker though threatens to kill Danny, if anybody makes a false move. Danny asks Walker to drop his gun as he has no way out. Walker contemplates what to do, just then Danny hits his hand with the shovel and the gun falls from his hand.

He goes to pick it up and is shot multiple times by the police team and Jackie. Walker collapses near the grave of his wife and child. Frank arrives at Officer Blake’s house. He then goes inside to talk to him. Inside, Officer Blake is standing with a gun to his head, trembling all over. Frank asks Blake to lower his weapon, so he can talk to him. Blake does as is told. “I took an oath to protect and to serve and I did neither” he tells Frank. “I killed an innocent man” he adds. Frank asks Blake to stop feeling sorry for himself. “You are still here he is not” Frank reminds him. Frank tells Blake that, some day he can probably even the score by saving a life, for the one he accidentally took. He asks Blake to stick around “otherwise you are just one of those good men who did nothing”.

Frank then reiterates that, what’s been done can’t be taken back. “I need you to do something for me, try to find you way back to the man I met in my office this morning” he tells Blake. Blake in the end is shown walking out of his house unarmed. Frank then steps out of the house and heads towards his vehicle, and on the way he is saluted by all the cops posted outside the house. Later, during the family meal Frank tells everyone he “wasn’t worried a bit”.

Everybody is also glad that Danny came back in one piece. Danny also thanks Linda for standing by him like a rock. Everyone then jokes around about Danny being romantic. Frank looks a bit worried for a few moments, but says everything is fine when asked about it, by his father. Erin then says the grace, before they begin their meal. The episode ends at this point.