Domestic Disturbance - Recap

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Danny and Jackie arrive at a supposed crime scene. A woman had called 911 about a fight with her boyfriend, but now she is claiming she fell off the stairs. The boyfriend is missing. Angela the girl who called tells Danny that her heel got caught on “one of the steps” that’s all. She assures Danny and Jackie that, she fell and her boyfriend who has taken off had nothing to do with it. The two question a neighbor who tells them she heard Angela and her boyfriend fight. She says Angela had a bad breakup with a guy named Kevin, and then points out to guy standing nearby and says “that’s the Kevin”. They question Kevin and he tells them “I don’t date Angela anymore”.

Kevin is taken in for questioning. Later, Danny arrives at the hospital to question Angela, where he runs into his wife Linda who is working as a nurse there. She tells Danny that, Angela is asleep and also hands him a list of chores that needs to be done around the house. Later, Kevin tells Jackie and Danny, he hasn’t seen Angela in weeks. He says she is now dating some “big shot”. “I wasn’t with her last night” Kevin then reiterates. Later, Danny and Jackie are informed by the intel division that Kevin wasn’t with Angela last night. Frank on the other hand had introduced ‘stress training’ for the officers, but the mayor wants it scrapped, as part of a city budget cut. Frank isn’t happy about that.

Danny tells Jackie he spoke to a super outside the building who said he saw a limo parked outside Angela’s house “last night”. Danny then finds out that the limo was booked in Councilman Mancini’s name. Turns out, Mancini is Frank’s friend. Later, Danny and Jackie arrive at Mancini’s office to talk to him, and are surprised to find Frank there. Mancini has a chat with them in his office and admits that, he has been seeing Angela for a couple of months now. “We have a good thing, but sometimes she gets a little dramatic” he says. He also says that he and Angela got into a fight in the night and she in anger threw an ashtray at him, then “the next thing I know she was calling 911”.

He then says Angela took her cars keys and headed out of the house in anger. He tried to stop her but; she tripped and fell down the stairs, before he could do so. He did not try to do anything about it, as Angela was going nuts, and he therefore decided to take off. Once outside, Danny tells Frank about what happened with Angela. “Someone beat up this girl sir and Mancini was at the apartment when it happened” Jackie tells Frank. Frank tells the two that, they make sure of all the facts before they go after a “sitting city councilman”. “Do your job no more no less” he in the end tells the two.

At the hospital, Linda and Angela talk about the guy she is dating, she talks a bit about him, but makes sure that she doesn’t reveal anything much, despite Linda trying her best to get the truth out of her. Later in the night, Danny gets a call about domestic disturbance at Angela’s apartment. They arrive at Angela’s house, and from the outside hear a gunshot. They kick her front door in and inside are shocked to find Angela with a gun in her hand yelling, and also Mancini, who they see falling to the ground with a bullet wound in his stomach. Later at the hospital, Mancini gains consciousness, turns out the bullet missed all his major organs. “I brought this on myself, I knew she had a screw lose” he tells Frank, who is there to see him.

Frank asks Mancini as to what exactly happened. He says, he wanted to break it off with her so he went to her apartment and said so. She in turn went ballistic, slapped him, then she got hold of his gun from his coat and shot him. At the precinct, Angela tells Jackie and Danny that she wanted to end things over the phone, but Mancini insisted on coming over. Danny tells Angela about what Mancini’s version is, but she claims he is a liar. Danny asks Angela if Mancini hit him “tonight”. She says, when she told him she doesn’t want to see him anymore, he lost it. He then slammed her against the wall and threatened to kill her, and that is when she grabbed the gun. “I know he was going to hurt me” she says. “It was an accident” she adds.

Later at home, Frank and Danny have an argument about whether Mancini is innocent in the whole thing or not. Frank feels, until proven guilty Mancini is innocent, but Danny feels Mancini might just be able to get away because he is a powerful man. Danny tells Frank with a great amount of certainty that; he feels Mancini’s hands aren’t clean. Later, at the office Frank tells Garrett, he too feels Mancini might have slapped Angela. Garrett reminds Frank that, the law is on Mancini’s side as there hasn’t been any conclusive evidence found to prove that Mancini physically abused Angela. Later, Frank meets up with the Police Lieutenant in a park. He tells the Lieutenant that, he would like to talk to him about Angela’s case.

Frank asks if “Anthony Mancini had problems in his relationships with women”. He feels the Lieutenant might know, as he was Mancini’s CO (Commanding Officer) for 6 years. Later at the hospital, Frank tells Mancini “the DA is moving to indict Angela on attempted murder”. “I feel terrible for her” Mancini tells Frank. Frank asks Mancini to tell the truth that the shooting was an accident, if he really cares for Angela. “We both know she was defending herself against you” Frank tells Mancini. Mancini says “after all we have been through; you are going to take this girl’s word over mine”.

Frank says it’s not just Angela’s word, and then names three other women. “All three lodged assault complaints against you” Frank tells Mancini. “All three just went into the wind, with no official record” he adds. Frank tells Mancini, Angela could go to prison for 25 years, if she is convicted for attempted murder. Mancini is enraged at what Frank is suggesting, and warns him that he could very easily “cut his budget”. “That’s the worst thing you could have said Tony” Frank tells him. Mancini tells Frank that, he didn’t mean to hurt her. “Somehow I don’t see you putting her away for something you are responsible for” Frank says. “But then maybe I am just a lousy judge of character” Frank adds and then leaves.

At home in the night, Erin calls up and informs Danny that, Mancini is dropping all charges against Angela and is going to testify that the shooting was an accident. Danny and Linda conclude that Frank had something to do with it. Danny then tells Linda that he is going to fully stand by her, as far as her decision to go back to work is concerned. The episode ends at this point.