Old Wounds - Recap

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The episode begins with a man sitting on a park bench having a smoke, with his dog for company. A hand with a gun suddenly appears from behind and shoots him in the head. Frank has been subpoenaed by a drug dealer for the police entering his house without permission and searching it. The dealer’s attorney is Jack, Erin’s ex-husband. Later in court, the dealer David Powell’s case is announced. Erin is shocked to see that Jack is his lawyer. Later outside the courtroom, Erin tells Jack it would have been great if he would have given her a “head’s up”. He says he would like to do something special for their daughter’s 16th birthday, which is imminent.

Erin asks him to check with Nikki, before he makes any plans. Frank is told by Garrett that, he doesn’t have to appear for his subpoena, in person. Danny arrives at the crime scene where the man on the park bench was earlier shot. “Two gunshots one on the back of the head, one on the crotch” Jackie informs Danny. The ammo used is the same as the one used for a previous murder. Even the circumstances of both the murders are exactly the same. “Looks like we got ourselves a serial killer” Danny says. At his office, Frank tells Erin how he is worried about Jack disappointing Nikki “one more time”. “He knows how to get to you” Frank tells her. “I’ll keep that in mind” says Erin with visible irritation.

The coroner tells Danny that the victim’s name is Eduardo, and then describes to him how he was shot, and from what range. Nikki tells Erin that, Jack wants to take her out for her birthday. Erin is cool with it till the time Nikki is. Danny finds out that, both Eduardo and the previous victim John Ramos were acquitted by the courts for rape in the first degree. Detective Frejo, who worked the case and arrested the two, is introduced to Danny by Erin. Frejo tells Danny how four guys raped an 18-year old girl after a party. Two of those guys were the victims. The girls ID'd them, and Frejo arrested them, but the courts let them go due to lack of evidence. Besides the victims the two other guys named Cabrera and Turku and still “on the streets”. Frejo says the rape victim Lily Rivera is in rehab.

Jackie and Danny later meet up with her at the rehab. Danny asks Lily where she was between “4 & 6 in the morning”. She says her mom checked her in “this morning” and she has been at the rehab since then. Danny tells her the reason he asked her this question. “I honestly wish someone would kill me” she tells Danny and begins to sob. Later, Danny and Jackie keep a watch on the other two rapists, who are still alive. Danny isn’t too happy about the fact that he has to protect “a bunch of rapists”. Jackie reminds him that they did not get convicted. “They did not get convicted because of a technicality” Danny in turn reminds her. Danny and Jackie proceed to ask Martin Cabrera a few questions and in the process Danny shows him his badge.

Cabrera on seeing the badge makes a run for it. Danny in the ends catches up with him. He says he ran because he thought Danny wasn’t a real cop and was there to kill him. At the precinct, Cabrera tell the two that, Turku is staying at his grandmother’s house. He then gives them the address. Jackie asks Cabrera who he thinks could be committing the murders. Cabrera says it could be Lily’s brother, who had threatened the four in court, after they were let go. Then her brother is questioned. He admits that he did threaten the rapists, but he hasn’t committed the murders. Later, Jackie and Danny find out that the ballistics reports match the one, of a gang shooting 2 years ago. The gun was owned by a man named Paco Flores.

The two arrive at Paco’s doorstep and ask him to open the door. “You got a search warrant?” someone yells from inside. Danny kicks the door open and tells the guys sitting inside that they are there for Paco and not them. He urges them to not do anything stupid. Danny finds Paco in one of the rooms, and asks him about the gun. He says he doesn’t have the gun “cop took it”. He then takes Detective Frejo’s name. Danny figures out that it was Frejo who has committed the murders. He asks Jackie to catch hold of Frejo, while he goes over to Turku’s place. Danny then arrives outside Turku’s house and is shocked to see Frejo’s car parked outside. Danny immediately calls for backup. He then enters the house through the backdoor, and hears someone pleading. He sees Frejo threatening Turku with a gun.

Danny asks him to stop, but Frejo is in no mood to do so, and threatens to kill Turku, if Danny steps any further. Frejo tells Danny how he had promised Lily he would get her justice, but he wasn’t able to do so. “I did everything by the book” Frejo says. “I know it wasn’t your fault” Danny tells him. Danny tries to reason with him, telling him how they all get cases that don’t go the way they want them to. Fejo feels killing Turku would give Lily justice, even if it means him going to jail for it. “Do me a favor lower that gun so we can talk here” Danny tells Frejo. Danny tells Frejo Turku will surely make another mistake the kind of guy that he is, and when he does, Danny promises to “be there” to take him down. “One cop to another I give you my word I will get him” says Danny.

Frejo in the end hands Danny his gun. Later, Danny tells Jackie, in a similar situation as Fejo’s he too would have probably done the same thing that Frejo did. Later, Jack arrives at the Regan house for Nikki’s 16th birthday party. He meets Erin at the door. Jack tells her that, Nikki has invited him. “I figured if you had wanted me not to come, I would have heard from you” he tells Erin. Nikki reminds Jack its Nikki’s party, hence she is free to invite whoever she wants to. Jack also congratulates Erin for the case they were fighting, having being ruled in her favor. He then compliments Erin on how beautiful she is looking. She then asks Jack to go and say ‘hi’ to her family. “Jack it’s good that you are here” she tells him, before he leaves to meet her family.

He then nervously walks over to Frank, at the table where is sitting with the rest of the family. None of them seem too happy to see him, but despite that they all exchange niceties. “I am sorry about that subpoena it was nothing personal” he tells Frank. Frank assures him how it’s no big deal, and then taunts him for leaving Erin. Jack as a result, quietly retreats from the table. Erin next day has ‘Boyle’ removed from her name, on her office door. The episode ends at this point.