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Scorched Earth - Recap

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The episode begins with Jackie coming to work and finding Danny doing some paperwork. The two then discuss about Danny’s 16th wedding anniversary, which is “today”. “It’s always been a lucky day for me” Danny tells Jackie. On the other hand, a couple all dressed for their wedding is shown getting ready to leave for City Hall. The two are basically eloping. Before leaving, the guy takes out his cell phone to shoot the whole. “Alison you look perfect” the guy tells the girl, while he is shooting her on his cell phone. “I love you Johnny Evans” she tells the guy before getting into the limo. Just then a drive by shooting takes place, with Johnny as the target.

The people in vehicle fire indiscriminately, but Johnny is pushed to the ground by the limo driver and survives. He then checks on Alison, who is sitting inside the limo. He discovers she has caught two of the bullets and is dead. At his office, Frank isn’t happy that a despot president of some South American nation is coming to New York for medical treatment. He tells Garrett that although he is venting, his office will have no comment for the press. Frank is later informed by his chief of intel that there might be an assassination attempt on the despotic, President Valverdi. He orders that the president be protected, whatever the cost. Danny talks to Johnny, who tells him he doesn’t have any rivals who would want to do such a thing.

Danny asks for Johnny’s cell phone so he can check if there are any clues in the video he has shot. Danny from the bullet casings concludes that it was a gang shooting. “What would a gang want with a couple like this?” he wonders. Danny receives a call just then informing him, he has been pulled off the case. At the precinct, he is informed how he has to guard a dignitary. Danny is outraged that he is being pulled off a case to guard “the scumbag president of a third world country”. Jamie and Vinnie are handed photographs of the car that was used for the drive by shooting earlier. The Sergeant asks that they keep their eyes peeled for the license plate seen in the photograph. Seen in the photo are three African American guys sitting in the car. The Sergeant tells the team to be careful and discern between gangbangers and honest citizens, during their investigation.

Danny is on the other hand escorting the President. Suddenly he sees a vehicle entering the one way street that he and the President’s security detail are taking. He and Jackie are immediately on the alert. The car swerves in front of Danny’s and stops, Danny too stops his car. A man comes out of the car with a gun, but is shot down by Danny before he can cause any harm. Danny is then told by one of the President’s men that the man travelling with them is a decoy and not the real President. Vinnie observes that when a gang member is being arrested, there is some eye contact between the member and a kid sitting on a stoop, at a distance. He feels there was some signal that the member gave the kid. Vinnie decides to question the kid, but Jamie says that the kid isn’t a known gang member.

Vinnie though, pays no heed to Jamie. They find a bag of weed on the kid and Vinnie arrests him. Jamie though, isn’t happy with what Vinnie is doing. Jamie reluctantly goes along with the whole thing but tells Vinnie they have nothing much to hold the kid on. Danny is still bothered about the drive by shooting and stops by Johnny’s house to talk to him, but sees that the lights in his apartment are off and assumes he isn’t home. Despite that, he arrives outside Johnny’s apartment and sees that the front door is ajar. He goes in and sees that the apartment has been ransacked. Danny calls up Jackie and tells her “we might have an abduction here and maybe even a possible homicide”. Next day, Danny finds out from Jackie that, the kid who was hauled up by Vinnie and Jamie had a key to a mailbox in which one of the murder weapons was found.

Erin informs the boy’s mother, he concealed a murder weapon which makes him an accessory to murder. The kid after a bit of persuasion agrees to name the three guys who were a part of the drive-by. Jamie and Vinnie are informed about it and Vinnie is overjoyed that he was right in arresting the kid. Jamie is still worried that, they arrested the kid although they had nothing on him, which could mean everything that the kid revealed could get thrown out, if in court the truth about his arrest is discovered. Danny and Jackie later look around Johnny’s apartment. Jackie finds out that, Johnny wanted to be a songwriter with his friend Edward. They also find a cut up, phony NYPD rain jacket in the apartment. A detective named Aaron Davis from the DA’s office, approaches Vinnie and Jamie. They are told he is there to question them about the “routine stop and frisk they conducted last week”.

Jamie tells Vinnie to not say anything to him. Vinnie though, feels they have nothing to hide. Aaron also reveals that Erin has sent him. Jamie later confronts Erin about it. “We did nothing wrong” he tells Erin. “Then why are you so upset?” she asks. Jamie explains that he is simply trying to do his job, but with her “jamming” him up like this, it’s difficult to do. Jamie assures Erin she has nothing to worry, and that the arrest was legitimate. “I need you to walk me through that stop” Erin tells him, completely unconvinced by his explanation. “We witnessed the kid doing gang signs, we warned him to stop; he tried to flee; he had drugs; the stop was clean” Jamie says. Erin confirms “you’re gonna sign off on that?” He replies “absolutely”. Danny on the other hand has a chat with Johnny’s friend Edward. Edward confesses to Danny “we ripped of this stash house”.

Danny is shocked to hear that, he and Johnny ripped off one of the gangs. Edward further reveals that they basically stole 12 pounds of weed. Danny tells him the value of 12 pounds of weed is $30,000 on the street, which in other words means they stole that amount of money from the gangs. “They are the bad guys, it’s a victimless crime” Edward says. Danny yells at him in outrage reminding him it isn’t really a victimless crime, as Alison is dead. Danny and Jackie later find out that Johnny is alive, thanks to him using his credit card at a hotel. They then catch hold of him. Danny tells Johnny, how he is to blame for Alison’s death. Jamie asks Vinnie to check with him first from now on, before he makes a move.

“That’s what partners do” he tells Vinnie. Vinnie readily agrees. Frank has a word with the President alone, in his hospital room. Frank asks the President to leave the city, now that his operation is done. The President says he is recovering and tells Frank he won’t leave the city for at least a week. Frank says he is pulling out his security detail immediately and also informs the President that, his men shall have to surrender their weapons which shall be given back to them when they are leaving the country. “It is not safe for me to return at this time” the President says, describing about the rioting that is taking place in his country. “Not my problem” says Frank. “Plane leaves in two hours” Frank tells the President before leaving. The episode ends at this point.