Nightmares - Recap

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The episode begins on a Halloween night with people walking the streets wearing Halloween costumes. Erin is out trick-or-treating with the kids, as Danny and Linda are at work. Jamie and Cruz are called to stop a drunken man who is trying to enter a building for a doctor’s appointment. The security at the building informs them that there is no doctor in the building. The man though is insistent and enters the elevator, with Jamie and Cruz latched on to the huge man, trying to stop him. Garrett places an envelope on Frank’s desk after he leaves for the mayor’s Halloween party. On the other hand a couple dressed for Halloween enters a deserted alley.

A man wearing a mask is seen approaching them from the front. The husband thinks it’s his friend Richard, and asks him. The masked man only says “nah” and then removes a sword and begins slashing at the husband, while the wife shrieks in terror. Danny later arrives at the scene and the wife describes the whole incident to him. Danny asks about Richard. The woman says Richard is her husband’s friend and squash partner. She is then taken to the hospital where her husband is admitted. Danny then meets a new detective who shall partner Danny from now on. She introduces herself to Danny as Detective Lansing. One of the bystanders caught the perp on his cell camera. Danny sees the video, in which the perp is shown running away.

Later at the station Danny sees the masked man removing his mask at a subway station and throwing it in a bin. “We got a grainy shot that could be a million guys” Lansing says, after looking at the footage. Danny later manages to get a clear footage of the unmasked perp. Copies of the man’s photo is then circulated. Danny and Lansing get a lead from the community affairs office, regarding the perp. They arrive at an address based on that. A woman opens the door and on seeing the man’s photo becomes visibly uncomfortable. She then reluctantly calls the two in. Lansing tells the woman who is a Voodoo priest, what the man has done. She tells her the man’s first name is Toosie. She also reveals how she hasn’t seen him for the past 2 months.

Danny and Lansing then arrive at Toosie’s house and knock on his door. Toosie who is inside, makes a run for it and manages to escape. Garrett’s letter reveals that he recently slept with a 30 year old woman in Atlantic City, and now the woman is threatening to charge him with sexual assault for forcing himself on her. “I have the text and emails showing, the relationship was consensual” Garrett tells Frank. “How much does she want to go away?” Frank asks. $50,000, Garrett says.

Garrett wants to resign so he can deal with this issue and doesn’t embarrass the commissioner’s office. “You have to accept my resignation” Garrett says. “I would appreciate it, if we could make the announcement in conjunction with naming your replacement” Frank says. Danny and Lansing get a lead about a catholic priest who might be connected with the Toosie case and therefore decide to pay his rectory a visit. They ask about the priest whose name is Fr. F Xavier, at the rectory. The priest they question at the rectory doesn’t seem too forthcoming. Later, Danny meets up with a priest named Walter. Danny and he know each other from before. Walter introduces Danny to Fr Ainsworth, who might know something.

Walter tells Danny, the church doesn’t want father Ainsworth’s relation with Toosie publicized. Danny makes it clear to Walter that, he will not protect anyone if they are wrong, even if the person is a priest. Walter interrupts Danny and says “Father Ainsworth is an exorcist”. Danny is visibly shocked to hear this and asks “we still do that?” “In exceptional circumstances, yes” Walter replies. Walter reveals that, Toosie was suffering from some sort of a mental disorder, therefore in conjunction with medical procedures; exorcism too was performed on him. Ainsworth clarifies how the devil was inside Toosie.

Basically, he exorcised Toosie of a demonic possession numerous times, but to no avail. Danny sees his broken wrist and asks him about it. Ainsworth says he broke it trying to fend off Toosie who became violent, the last time he was performing the rites on him. At home, Frank asks Henry to use his old contacts to help him deliver a message to the woman bothering Garrett, that “she has her hooks in the wrong whale”. He doesn’t want any trace of the message coming back to him and is therefore asking Henry to do it. “You sure about this?” Henry asks. Frank says the victim in this case is a good man, who would go to any lengths for the police department and therefore he wants to protect this man at any cost. “You got it” Henry says with a smile.

Jamie finds out that the huge guy named Malcolm is an Alzheimer’s patient and was an ex-hockey player. Danny and Lansing on the other hand return to meet the voodoo priestess. He tells a man standing outside her house that he has a warrant to search her premises. The man resists, forcing Danny to point a gun at him. He then asks the man to open the door to her house, which is a makeshift voodoo church. The two enter the church and see a voodoo ritual being performed. Danny sees the priestess performing a ritual around Toosie who is lying in a semi-conscious state on the ground. “What’s wrong with him?” Danny asks. Danny tries to pick up Toosie from the floor. The priestess begs Danny to not interrupt her ritual. She tells him that Toosie has to be freed from “the demons”.

Danny steps back and the ritual continues. Then with the ritual complete the priestess yells “he is free, the demons are gone”. Jamie and Cruz once again get a call for Malcolm, from the very same building he was at earlier. Jamie manages to talk reason with Malcolm, as he now knows who he really is. Malcolm responds positively to Jamie and he therefore manages to get Malcolm out of the building, without an issue. Danny on the other hand tells Lansing how Toosie is a nice kid who has never hurt anybody and he can’t imagine what really made Toosie do what he did. He suggests that there might have been some sort of a devil within him. Lansing is outraged by the fact that, Danny feels there might actually have been the devil inside Toosie.

Danny though, feels voodoo is something that might just be possible, after what he just witnessed. Garrett tells Frank “my problem seems to have gone away”. Frank plays innocent, but Garrett has an idea of how his problem went away. He asks Frank if he can still be trusted after he has done something so foolish. Frank though, wants Garrett back on the job, as usual.

Danny returns to the station and sees Jackie clearing her desk. “I’m going to take a leave of absence” she tells Danny. She basically tells him, she needs a break and needs to clear her head. The two then give each other an emotional hug, before Jackie leaves for good. The episode ends at this point.