Risk and Reward - Recap

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The episode begins with Frank honoring a detective named Bobby Mulrough in his office. Bobby basically helped capture a terrorist drug lord in Malaysia. Jamie and Erin are busy shooting some pool at a bar. At his office Frank is shown a video that popped into his email. In the video a man with a covered face shows Frank that he had Bobby in custody. The man asks Frank to return a man named Abdul Sayid who the NYPD have in their custody, and in lieu of that Bobby shall be returned safe and sound. Frank is told Bobby will be killed if Frank fails to comply.

Later, Frank meets an officer named Reynolds, who is the head of the Malaysia bureau. Frank is then show a photo of a man named Omar Sayid a drug lord, whose cartel Bobby helped decimate while he was in Malaysia. Abdul Sayid is Omar’s brother. The Sayids have a history of executing their prisoners and they never negotiate Reynolds tells Frank. Reynolds also tells Frank, given the track record of the Sayids, Bobby might already be dead. Frank later hands Danny and another detective named Croft, who has worked in Malaysia the case. He tells the two that, they would be reporting directly to him. Frank tells Garrett, he doesn’t want the press involved as it would then be difficult to control the situation.

Frank asks Erin to write an order to remove Abdul Sayid. “Who should I put down as the requesting officer?” Erin asks. “Put me down” Frank says. “That’s a first” she says, visibly surprised. Frank later tells Garrett he wants to give the terrorists the impression; he is doing all that, he can. Danny has a talk with Abdul in the lockup. Abdul tells Danny, Bobby stuck his nose where it didn’t belong and paid a price for it. Danny retorts that Bobby was simply doing his job. “If you want your detective back in one piece, give my brother what he wants” Abdul says. Danny and Croft later decide to question a guy named Jamal Khan who is a low level associate of the Sayids.

The only problem is, Khan wasn’t found in his home and they fear he might have gone into hiding. Danny and Croft decide to go to a bar called the Barood Bar, which is very popular with the Malaysians. Jamal was a regular at the bar, and therefore Danny is hoping to pick up some clues there. At the Barood bar, Danny asks everyone present about Jamal Khan. One of the guys at the bar says, if anyone there talks Sayid will kill that person. A little later Danny is handed a piece of paper by one of the guys, with the relevant information. Danny and Croft later catch hold of Jamal Khan. Jamal assures Danny that he is done with the Sayids.

Danny asks him to prove that by identifying one of the kidnappers who was photographed by a toll booth security cam. Jamal recognizes the man as Karim, who used to be Abdul’s driver. Jamal also gives the two his address. Karim sees Danny and begins shooting at him; Danny and Croft eventually shoot Karim down. There is a girl with Karim who takes cover. The two take her into custody. Danny finds out that Karim is dead, and is visibly exasperated as he was the only lead to Bobby’s kidnapping. The girl later tells Danny, Karim was addicted to prescription drugs, and would get them by breaking in medical stores. Bobby’s wife meets Frank and begs him to give the terrorists whatever they want, to set Bobby free.

She tells Frank with tears in her eyes that she needs Bobby and so does his son. “I’ll get him back” Frank assures her. Danny finds out that a drug store that was broken into also had the owner’s credit card in it that was stole. It has also been discovered that the card was used after it was stolen. It was used to pay the bill for an apartment, where it could possibly be that Sayid and his guys keep their drugs. The apartment in question is then raided. Although it’s empty now, Bobby police jacket is found in the apartment. Jamal must have given Sayid’s guys a heads up, Danny concludes. Frank receives a video of Bobby being tortured. Erin readies the necessary paperwork and Danny collects Abdul from jail.

Frank instructs that the kidnappers be informed via email that they have Abdul Sayid and are waiting for further instructions. Frank then waits for a reply from the kidnappers, but somehow a reply isn’t forthcoming. Frank is worried because there is just an hour and twenty five minutes left, for the deadline to get over. Reynolds comes to Frank’s office just then and informs him that Omar Sayid was killed 20 minutes ago in Kuala Lumpur by Malaysian Special Forces. Frank is angry about the fact that the Malaysian Government wasn’t informed about an officer of his, being in captivity of Sayid. “Your work here is done” he tells Reynolds in anger. Danny is informed by Frank about the news he just got.

Danny is worried that if Omar Sayid’s men in the US come to know Omar has been killed, then Bobby is a dead man. Frank asks Danny to get Omar’s brother to talk so they can find out what he knows. Frank asks Danny to use any means necessary to acquire information from Abdul. Danny and Croft later stuff Abdul in the trunk of their squad car. The two then drive him to an isolated location. Two guys from the Malaysian Special Forces then arrive at the scene. Danny threatens to hand Abdul over to the guys from the Special Forces, if he doesn’t begin talking. The choice Abdul is given is that, he either reveal Bobby’s whereabouts or be sent to Malaysia where he would be handed the death penalty. Abdul is also shown the photo of his dead brother, so he knows his brother is no more alive to protect him.

Seeing no way out Abdul eventually gives the two the address to a warehouse basement where Bobby is being held hostage. Danny and Croft later arrive at the warehouse with their team. On Frank’s order they storm the place. The warehouse is a labyrinth which the team walks through. On the way they kill the goons they encounter. Eventually, Danny finds Bobby tied up and bleeding on the floor of a room, but he is still alive. “Danny what took you so long man?” Bobby asks him with a smile on his face. Frank is relieved to be informed that Bobby is alive. Later, Garrett and Frank share a drink and Frank tells him, how he is getting too old for all of this.

Garrett asks Frank whether he would have negotiated had Omar not been taken out by the Special Forces. “Very often this job comes down to choosing between two lousy options” Frank says. “So I am not going to get a straight answer” Garrett says with a smile. Later, the Reagan family has Pizza for dinner. Then a cake with candles on it is brought to the table, as its Henry’s Birthday. The candles are blown and the whole family then eats cake. The episode ends at this point.