Higher Education - Recap

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The episode begins with Frank making a sandwich for himself. Jamie and Cruz in the meantime are on duty. Jamie sees a woman named Dana who he knows, handing clothes to a bunch of homeless people. She works for a group named “Homeless Avengers” who give out food and supplies to the homeless. She gives Jamie her number and says “call me, love to catch up”. Danny and his new partner arrive at a crime scene where a guy named Connor Riley has been killed. A detective named Eddie Stone from narcotics arrives and tells Danny that Connor was a drug dealer. Stone asks Danny to keep him in the loop and hands Danny his card.

Later, Danny and meets up with Professor Devlin who knew Connor, as he was a student. He says he had seen a white SUV on the campus with no number plate on the day of Connor’s death. Danny is informed that they will be working the case jointly with the narcotics division as the case is drug related. Danny isn’t happy to hear it but agrees. Turns out, Stone is the one who will be working with them on this case. Jamie and Dana are out on a date. The two seem to have a chemistry going on. Stone suggests they get a sting on the campus, as most students buy from a dealer in the campus. Danny agrees. Erin doesn’t want Nicky going to a college party as it’s not safe and wants Frank to talk to her about it. Frank is reluctant to, but Erin insists.

Danny and Stone wait for a drug dealer from the campus. Stone set up the “buy” from a website created by kids on campus. The dealer arrives and turns out, it’s a girl. The dealer is caught red-handed, by Stone while selling the drug to Danny’s partner Lansing. Later Lansing along with Danny and Stone, question the dealer; her name is Kelsey. Kelsey says her parents can’t cover the school fees and hence she needs to deal in drugs. Lansing says Kelsey can help herself by telling the police about Connor’s death. She says Connor was a good guy, and she has heard that he was selling to some guy “it went wrong and he got shot”. Stone says, Connor was executed and there was message in the killing. Lansing asks Kelsey who sent the message.

Kelsey reluctantly says it was a guy named Auto Jackson. Danny knows Auto and informs the other two that, Auto is a big time dealer. Turns out, Auto increased his prices and Connor was pissed as he used to buy from Auto. Connor therefore said he would buy from somewhere else. Danny and team decide to pay Auto a visit. Danny and team arrive fully armed and with backup, to Auto’s place. There is gunfire exchanged between Auto’s men and the cops. In the end, auto is caught. Dana is hurt by goons while distributing stuff to the homeless. Jamie finds her lying hurt on the pavement and she tells him about it. Later, Jamie pays Dana a visit at the hospital. She tells him, she is fine now.

She tells him how scared she was when those guys attacked her. Jamie says it will take some time for her to get past this incident. Jamie shows Dana a few photographs and wants her to identify the men. Dana seems terrified to see the photographs and says “I am sorry can we do this later”. Jamie respects her request and leaves. Auto Tells Danny “I ain’t killed no college kid”. Auto admits he talked to Connor the day he got shot. Auto says Connor was angry about the prices he was paying and asked Auto to help him out. “I said we could do business, I took off and he was still alive” Auto says. Auto basically suggests that someone else is running the drug trade on campus. Danny and team don’t believe him though. Auto says the dealer on the campus is “some white dude called Ghost” as no one has seen him.

Also, anyone who tries to muscle in on his turf gets killed, just like Connor. “I am not going down for something I did not do. No way” Auto says, looking Danny in the eye. Jamie pays Dana a visit at her home. The two end up making out. Dana then questions Jamie about his job. She then questions Jamie if he only joined the force, because his brother was killed in the line of duty. Jamie is visibly disturbed at the question and storms out. Stone later tells Danny that Auto might be telling the truth, as he has made his inquires about Auto. “Auto’s not our guy” Stone says. Later, at the Regan family dinner, everyone discusses about Nicky’s party. Erin is surprised to find Frank supporting Nicky, but then he also supports her. Basically he speaks from both sides.

Henry and Danny too don’t feel Nicky should go to the party with a college guy, as she is too young. Jamie though, is supportive of Nicky. Frank eventually says he trusts Nicky to do the responsible thing, so he feels she can go. Erin is shocked to hear this. “Thank you grandpa” Nicky says happily. “Don’t thank me, it’s still your mom’s decision” Frank says. Erin is livid that Frank did not back her up and gives Frank an earful for it. Danny and team later round up Kelsey and question her again. They ask her as to why she lied to them. She says she had no choice. “He made me lie to you” Kelsey says. “Who is ‘he’ Kelsey?” Danny asks. “His name is Brian Devlin” Kelsey says. Basically, it’s Professor Devlin, who is the dealer on campus. “He is a genius and a total freak” Kelsey says about Devlin. “If he finds out I told you this, I am dead” she adds.

Dana meets Jamie and says she is sorry about what she said. She says she simply doesn’t want anything to happen to him, and that is why she said the things she said. The two, patch up and decide to grab a bite. Danny and gang are waiting for Devlin’s guy to pick up Devlin’s supply so they can catch him red-handed. The guy enters a van full of drugs and is driving away, but Stone has already rigged it and kills the engine of the van with a remote. The guy is then arrested by them. They get the guy to talk about Brian Devlin. The guy says he just moves the “stuff” and it’s Devlin who calls the shots. Danny and team then catch hold of Devlin, while he is on his way to class. Devlin is arrested and the charges against him are read out.

Danny and Lansing then part ways with Stone, now that the case is over. They do so amicably despite their initial friction. Frank and Erin have a talk. He tells her how he used to be worried about her when she was young, but trusted her and therefore gave her freedom. Just then, Nicky is back from her party safe and sound. She says she had the most amazing time. She thanks them for letting her go. Erin finds out Frank had told a few of his retired friends from the force, to keep a watch on Nicky. The episode ends at this point.