Greener Grass - Recap

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The episode begins with Danny working on Linda’s car. The two then discuss their money problems. Frank and Henry on the other hand have a drink right before dinner. Henry figures out, Frank has something on his mind and asks him to “split it”. Frank then asks Henry about the dent on the bumper of his car. Henry is angry at the question and feels Frank is insinuating Henry doesn’t know his way behind the wheel anymore. Henry angrily explains he doesn’t know, as he went into a diner for lunch and when he came out the bumper was busted. “Damn it pop you shouldn’t be driving” Frank says. “Got to hell” Henry replies angrily.

Erin arrives at an art do of a man called Vance. She reminds Vance he had promised to lay low till he testifies on Monday. Vance in turn tells her it’s his show; therefore he could avoid being there. “Do you not care at all that Bill Greenfield has threatened your life?” she asks. He makes it clear to her that he isn’t scared. Erin though, insists that they leave the show immediately. Vance reluctantly calls up his driver and says “Marvin it’s time to go home”. Erin escorts Vance outside and waits for the car to arrive. The car arrives and tries to run down Vance. Erin pulls Vance behind just in the nick of time. Erin then calls 911 as Vince is hurt. Later, while he is being hauled away to the hospital, Vance tells Erin he is fine.

Next day, Erin pays Frank a visit at his office. Erin tells Frank Danny and Linda, are going through a rough patch financially. “Your grandfather had another fender bender” Frank in turn tells Erin. Erin is shocked to hear this, as it’s the 4th time in 2 months that Henry has had an accident. Erin warns Frank that Henry could hurt himself or someone else. Frank feels it’s not going to be easy having a talk with Henry. Later at the hospital, Erin informs Vance that he is being put under Danny’s protective custody. Jamie and Cruz on their rounds are told by a woman named Holly to check on her son Justin who hangs around with some wrong kids. She gives them the address, where he is at. The two arrive at the address kick the door open and are shocked to see a bunch of guys sitting around a table packaging kilos of weed.

Danny pays Dr. Bill Greenfield a visit. “I wanna know where you were last night when someone tried to kill Vance Bradley” Danny says. “I am a physician I save lives” Greenfield tells Danny. Danny reminds Greenfield how he is guilty according to the DA’s office, and also reminds him about a girl named Becca Reynolds, who ODed from prescription narcotics from his inventory. “That was a glitch in our dispensing system” Greenfield says. Greenfield says Vance is only trying to “smear” him. He then mentions how Vance himself is heavily into drug use. Cruz and Jamie tell their sergeant about Holly who led them to the apartment with the weed. They feel her son Justin doesn’t even exist and therefore want to know the reason why she did what she did. Danny and Cruz ask around about Holly and are told her real name is Rhonda.

They are also told Rhoda smokes pot and so do lot of her customers. The two, then plan to ID Rhonda from a necklace which she gave Cruz. Frank has a chat with Henry about his driving. He hesitantly tells Henry that he shouldn’t be driving anymore. Frank tries explaining to Henry how dangerous it is for him to continue driving at his age. Henry reminds Frank, he is neither his father nor his boss. “I decide when its time not you” Henry tells Frank emphatically. Linda calls Danny and tells him that her car caught fire, because of an electrical fault. Danny tells her he will talk to her later, as he is working. Just then two people on a motorbike arrive near Vance’s car. Danny who is standing outside the car sees them and immediately asks Vance to get down.

One person on the bike fires at Vance who is in the backseat, but misses. The bike then speeds away. Later, Erin emphatically asks Danny to get Vance home, as she needs him alive for the grand jury on “Monday morning”. Danny then takes Vance to his apartment and sits guard in it. Later in the night, a woman enters the apartment. Danny is immediately on the alert and accosts her. She begins yelling and calls out Vance’s name. Turns out she is Lizzy Hughes, Vance’s wife. Jamie and Cruz manage to catch hold of Rhonda, thanks to her fingerprints on the necklace. In her jewelry box they find weed. She admits that she tipped them off because she wanted to get rid of the competition. Frank asks Erin to talk to Henry.

“Sweetie he listens to you” Frank says. Erin protests, but Frank reminds her “he is your only grandfather”. “I’ll think about it” Erin in the end says. Vance asks Danny to work as his security consultant for triple the pay that he gets at NYPD. Danny initially dismisses the idea, but then is forced to think about it. Later at the Reagan family lunch, Linda and Danny tell everyone that, they are considering Vance’s offer. Henry, Danny and Erin are shocked to hear that Danny is even considering the offer. Danny explains to them that he taking up Vance’s offer would take care of all his family’s money problems. “It’s your decision son” Frank says.

After the meal Danny receives a call from Vance informing him that the cop he has left at his residence as his replacement has passed out. Vance says it seems as if the cop is drugged. Vance then reveals how his wife Lizzy gave the cop an orange juice. Danny asks Vance where Lizzy is. Vance reveals that Lizzy left 10 minutes ago for a dinner with an art dealer. Danny asks Vance to take the passed out cop’s gun and wait for him to arrive. He also asks Vance to shoot anyone besides him who tries to enter the apartment. “I’m on my way” Danny says. At the apartment building Danny is informed that, a repairman just went up to Vance’s apartment to fix the dishwasher.

Turns out, Vance’s wife had called for the repairman. Danny arrives outside Vance’s apartment and hears a gunshot. He then enters and sees that Vance has shot the repairman, who is lying on the floor with a gun in hand. Danny later places Lizzy under arrest. Later at the precinct, Lizzy confesses to everything and Danny then tells Vance how Lizzy went about hiring the hitman and trying to kill him. Also, Lizzy panicked and flew back when the car didn’t kill Vance. Lizzy did not like the fact that, Vance was giving away his millions to charity. “Reagan work for me” Vance once again tells Danny.

Danny seems tempted, but turns down the offer saying he wants to work for the NYPD. Erin has a talk with Henry and finds out that he has already given his car to Danny and Linda. Frank and he then make up and give each other a hug. The episode ends at this point.