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Secrets and Lies - Recap

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The episode begins with Henry telling Frank he is going to lunch with an ex-mayor named Kincaid. Danny is at a massage parlor which is a crime scene. A patron was shot in the parlor. The owner of the parlor an Asian woman isn’t ready to cooperate as she feels all cops are corrupt. Danny has found out that the perp entered the parlor, shot the guy who was on the massage table and walked away. The victim is a 33 year old car dealer named Michael Reid. Turns out, Michael was caught for possession 5 years ago, but cut a deal with the ADA and testified “against some heavy hitters”. Henry is at the ATM removing cash, when a punk comes up to him and takes the money.

Henry tries to stop him, but the punk hits him with the butt of his gun and he falls to the ground and is unable to move. Garrett tells Frank about what happened with Henry. At home, Henry describes the punk who attacked him to a police sketch artist. Danny is informed that Michael has a partner in the car dealership, a man named Adrian Baez. Michael’s last call was to Adrian. Adrian too has a prior police record and Lansing feels “two ex-cons sharing profit together” is motive enough for her. Later, Danny and Lansing have a talk with Adrian. Adrian informs them that, Michael was going through an ugly divorce.

Danny and Lansing tell Michael’s ex-wife about him being shot and she is happy to hear it. “I hope he dies” she says. In the hospital, Linda hears Michael tell a priest that, he was shot by someone named Tony. Later, Danny meets Linda at the hospital and asks about Michael. She tells him Michael has died. Linda tells Danny; before Michael died he talked to a priest named Quinn. She also adds that Michael told the priest someone named Tony shot him. Danny later meets Father Quinn and asks him about Michael. Quinn isn’t ready to divulge any details as a confession made to a priest has to be kept confidential. Danny tries to reason with the priest that, if he doesn’t cooperate he would in effect be protecting a killer.

But, the priest is adamant about not divulging any details. Danny later finds out that, a guy named Anthony Casper, who Michael had testified against a few years ago, is out of jail and back on the streets. Jamie and the rest of the cops are shown surveillance footage of Henry being robbed at the ATM. The Sergeant tells his team that capturing the perp is their “number one” priority. Anthony Casper is brought in for questioning by Danny and Lansing. Caper says he and Michael used to sell drugs together “back in the day”, until Michael “ratted” him out. Danny suggests Casper killed Michael as revenge, but Casper says “I am all about positive energy these days”.

Danny and Lansing find that Casper might have an alibi and ask him if he can think of anybody else who would want Michael dead. Casper basically tells them he has no idea. Danny gives Casper his card and asks him to give a call if he thinks of something. Frank finds out about a mob hit that is going down and informs his team about it. Garrett in private asks Frank, how he got the information about the hit. Frank makes it clear to Garrett that, he doesn’t want to tell him. Jamie in the meantime is doing his best to find the perp, who attacked Henry. Cruz asks him to take it easy and stops for a sandwich. While waiting for Cruz to come back with the sandwich Jamie is alerted on the walkie about a robbery taking place at a nearby ATM.

Jamie, calls out to Cruz but on seeing that Cruz is taking his own sweet time, Jamie drives to the scene on his own. He arrives at the scene and sees that an old woman has been mugged by the perp. A bystander points to the direction in which the perp ran. Jamie runs to the direction shown by the bystander. Then at a distance Jamie sees the perp and warns him to stop, but to no avail. Jamie runs after the perp and eventually arrests him, after he has saved the perp from falling down a building. Erin meets Frank and asks him about the information he has on certain mob members. She needs to know as she is going to be prosecuting a few of them.

“Just this once, ask me everything. But it can’t leave this room” Frank tells her. Frank gives Erin all the information she requires. Danny receives a call from Linda telling him that Father Quinn has been shot. Danny is visibly shocked to hear this. Later, Danny meets Quinn at the hospital and tells him he is a lucky man to have survived despite being shot. “Do you know who did this to you?” Danny asks him. Quinn says he doesn’t. “Do you know why they did it to you?” Danny asks. Quinn is adamant and says he can’t give Danny any information. Quinn tells Danny he is a good cop and appreciates the effort Danny is making. “Then why don’t you let me help you” Danny says, but to no avail.

Visibly frustrated at Quinn’s noncompliance, Danny eventually walks out. Lansing later tells Danny that the gun used to shoot Michael and Quinn are the same and it’s owned by a man named Emilio Flores. Turns out, Flores was given a work visa to work at Michael’s car dealership yet in the 4 years he has been at the dealership he hasn’t sold a “single car”. Danny asks Flores about it. Flores’s lawyer is with him and informs Danny that she has advised her client to not answer any of his questions. Danny in turn informs Flores and his lawyer that, he is being charged with murder and is looking at a jail term of 25 years.

Flores is worried on hearing this and blurts out that he shot Quinn in the leg, as he did not want to kill him. “Who was it that wanted you to kill him?” Danny asks. “It was the same guy that wanted me to kill Reid. His business partner Tony Baez,” Flores replies. Flores reveals that Adrian came to be known as Tony, once he came to the US. Flores reveals that Michael was killed because he found out Baez was “running guns through the dealership”. Michael had threatened to go to the cops if Baez didn’t stop. “There is a shipment coming in tomorrow” Flores tells Danny. Danny in return for all the information promises to put in a “good word with the DA” for Flores. At home, Frank reprimands Jamie for the way he apprehended the perp.

Jamie says he was only looking for justice, but Frank counters “you weren’t looking for justice, you were looking for vengeance”. Danny and team catch Baez in the act. Baez makes a run for it and Danny goes after him. Eventually Danny apprehends him with Lansing’s help. Later at home, the Reagan family shares a few drinks and a few laughs. The episode ends at this point.