Front Page News - Recap

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The episode begins with Cruz and Jamie helping out a girl who is visiting New York for sightseeing. Cruz is extra nice to girl, but Jamie is onto him and realizes he is just trying to impress her. The girl is pleased as she had assumed New Yorkers are rude. Just then the two get a 911 call, about a man with a gun on the street; they are also given the man’s description. Erin is at Frank’s office. She wants advice on how to handle the mayor who is a witness, in a case where his campaign consultant stands accused of embezzling a huge sum of money. “The mayor is my star witness and he is a no show” Erin says.

The mayor made the excuse that he was held up in some “urgent city business”. Frank and Erin conclude that the mayor doesn’t want to be questioned under oath. Erin feels the mayor is hiding something from her. Jamie and Cruz in the meantime arrive at the scene where the gunman is and split up to search for him. Jamie sees a suspicious looking man who fits the description. The man starts hurling abuses at Jamie and then reveals his concealed gun. Jamie asks the man to drop the gun, but instead he points it to women and children standing nearby. Jamie is left with no other option and shoots the man multiple times. The man collapses to the ground and Jamie rushes to check his pulse. Cruz arrives soon after. Jamie is devastated that he had to take such a step.

Later, Danny checks up on Jamie to see if he is fine. Jamie is told by the Sergeant that he shall be put on administrative duty, till the matter is investigated. Danny is told by another detective that, the man Jamie shot, Gavin Brian, had no prior criminal record. Also, Gavin lived at a “swanky address”. Danny as a favor requests the detective to see if he can find out anything more about Gavin, as he feels Gavin isn’t clean. He is also worried as Jamie’s neck is on the line. Garrett tells the media during a press conference that Gavin was employed as a corporate headhunter, was married and had kids. He goes on to mention that Gavin led a regular life. “His motive is still not known but the investigation is still ongoing” he says.

A reporter grills Frank about Jamie’s involvement in the issue. The reporter suggests Jamie could have avoided killing Gavin. Frank maintains that Jamie did the right thing. At the station the detective handling Jamie’s case informs Danny that the caller who made the 911 call, hung up without telling his name. They both feel the caller might have had a connection with Gavin. Later, Danny tells Jamie he has found out the 911 call was made from Gavin’s cell phone. Basically, Gavin made the call himself. Jamie is shocked to hear this. Danny says, it looks like Gavin wanted to commit suicide and he used Jamie to do it. Jamie is even more disturbed on hearing the whole issue than he initially was. Jamie later arrives at Gavin’s house and meets with his wife.

His wife tells Jamie that Gavin had done volunteer work at a “sketchy neighborhood a few weeks ago” and was possibly carrying a gun for protection. She is unable to control her emotions and lashes out at Jamie for killing her husband. Jamie and Danny have a talk and Jamie tells Danny how he is beginning to feel he isn’t fit to be a cop anymore. Danny tires making him feel better and even promises to find out on his personal time, as to why Gavin committed suicide. Later, Danny is informed by the coroner that Gavin had a fractured a finger, because he had thrown a punch. Also, there was alcohol in Gavin’s blood, but within permissible limits. Danny finds this odd, as Jamie had told him that Gavin’s wife had mentioned Gavin was 15 years sober. At home frank has a chat with Jamie and assures him he did the right thing and therefore has nothing to feel guilty about.

Frank tells him how in his career he has been through similar things that Jamie is now going through, so he understands what is going through Jamie’s mind. Frank tells Jamie he doesn’t have to carry the burden of his guilt all by himself. At Gavin’s office, Danny is informed that Gavin had gotten in a fight with a guy at a job fair. Gavin gave the guy a black eye. Danny is also told the guy had later landed up at Gavin’s office. The guy’s name is Tyler Green, Danny is informed. Danny then finds out that Tyler and Gavin were roommates at MIT. Turns out, Tyler was a former drug addict but is now sober. Danny catches hold of Tyler and asks him about Gavin. Tyler realizes Danny can’t legally force him to say anything. “Gavin’s dead let him rest in peace” Tyler says and walks away. Danny later tells Jamie about his encounter with Tyler. The sergeant sends Jamie to see a shrink, as he can see Jamie needs help recovering from the incident.

The shrink concludes Jamie has PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). His irritability and reliving the bad experience that he had over and over again in his head, is an indication of that. Erin is still having her issues with the mayor, as she feels he is still not telling her the truth. At the dinner table, Frank tells Erin the mayor scratches his head when he is lying. Frank figured this out while playing poker with the mayor. Frank figures this information might be useful to her, as she is trying to find out if the mayor is hiding something from her. The family then discusses Jamie’s visit to the shrink. Danny and Jamie later arrive at a job fair where Tyler is.

Danny asks Jamie to hang back in the car, while he goes and meets Tyler. Jamie wants to tag along and is adamant about it. “Suit yourself” says Danny, visibly exasperated. Danny is told by the job fair organizer that Tyler is high and comments how what Danny told him the other day, must have set Tyler off. The two then meet Tyler, who isn’t in a right state of mind. Jamie asks Tyler why Gavin wanted to kill himself. Tyler replies that he just wanted Gavin to pay for what he did, but didn’t want him to die. “What did he do?” Jamie asks. Tyler instead of replying removes a knife from his pocket and begins stabbing himself. Jamie and Danny jump in to stop him. Jamie stops him.

Tyler collapses to the ground and begins groaning in pain. “Call an ambulance” Danny yells. Later at home, Danny tells Frank that Tyler’s condition is stable, but he is sedated. Danny feels something really “heavy” went on between Gavin and Tyler in college. Erin in the meantime sees the mayor scratching the back of his head after answering a question asked by her. She immediately recollects what Frank had told her and figures out he is lying. Danny gets his hands on a suicide note that Gavin sent Tyler. In it is the mention of a girl named Anna, who Gavin had supposedly killed.

Danny and Jamie ask Tyler about the note. He reveals that 15 years ago when both he and Gavin were high, Gavin had insisted on driving and had hit and killed a girl named Anna, with their car. Gavin after the incident told Tyler he would rather die than go to prison; so the two did not report the incident. Tyler says the incident ruined his life and it wasn’t fair that Gavin’s life turned out perfectly. Later at home, Danny, Frank and Jamie sit together and share a drink while discussing the case. The episode ends at this point.