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Framed - Recap

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The episode begins with Danny and Linda discussing which utility bills to pay first. The two discuss about household chores and Danny then heads for office. At work, Danny and Lansing discuss with the Sarge about a bookie named Greer who is handing out beat downs to people for not paying up. In the night Danny arrives at a bakery from where Linda has told him to pick up a cake, for the family dinner on Sunday. He picks up the cake and on the way home he is pulled over by a cop. Danny tells the cop that he is a detective and shows his badge.

The cop still wants to check his trunk, as 911 got an anonymous call about a drug sale made from a car driving around in the area and the caller gave a description that matches Danny’s car. Danny is more than willing to cooperate and opens up the trunk. They see two stacks of cocaine in the trunk. Danny says those are not his, but the cop doesn’t believe him and places him under arrest. Back at the station the cop tells the Sarge about the two kilos of cocaine found in Danny’s car and also tells him about the anonymous call. The Reagan family convenes and gives Linda and kids the bad news. Linda is shocked to hear the news. Henry later meets Erin’s ex-husband Jack and asks him to take Danny’s case.

Jack agrees. Jack arrives at the precinct and Danny is surprised to see that Jack has taken up his case. Next morning, Danny posts bail and is released. He returns home and Linda is relieved to see him. He finds the Captain there and the Captain tells him to hand over his off-duty weapon. Danny opens the closet to remove the weapon but finds it missing. He figures out that whoever set him up has stolen the weapon and was basically in his house. The NYPD begins searching for his missing gun. Danny is absolutely frustrated at all that is happening and snaps at Linda when she tries to ask him as to who could have set him up. Danny tells her, he doesn’t have the faintest clue as to who could have done all this.

Frank is frustrated that he can’t use the resources he has at his disposal to help his son. Garrett suggests Frank help Danny without letting anyone know including him, just like Frank help him out some time ago. Jamie meets the baker Mr. Voychek, from who Danny had bought the cake the night of the incident. Voychek tries to avoid eye contact and tells Jamie; Danny did not come into his bakery the night of the incident. Jamie gauges something is wrong and asks him if someone threatened him to change his story. Voychek pretends to be angry that Jamie is calling him a liar and he begins to yell. He then asks Jamie to get out of his store.

Danny in the meantime is up to his own investigations and is trying to find out, exactly who could have set him up. Danny asks his neighbor Burt who walks his dog frequently throughout the day if he saw some car parked outside his (Danny) house on the day of the incident. “Just yours” Burt says. He then elaborates he saw Danny’s sedan parked outside his house. “The unmarked police car?” Danny asks. “Right” Burt says. “That wasn’t me” Danny says finding the whole thing rather odd. Danny later tells Jack about all that he just found out. Danny tells Jack it is a cop who has set him up. Jack says it can’t be the cop Officer Ritter who pulled him over, as Jack checked and Ritter is clean as a whistle.

Danny feels even if it’s not Ritter it’s some other cop. Jack suggests that even Lansing could be involved. He feels Danny only knows her for a few months, so her being the culprit is a strong possibility. Danny is worried on hearing this and begins considering what Jack has said. “No offense but I am gonna take a closer look at your partner” Jack says. Danny doesn’t mind that and asks him to go right ahead. Next day, Danny tells Frank how worried he is about the fact that the man who has framed him has done such a good job of it. Danny later begins keeping a tab on Lansing and finds her meeting the Captain on the street. He is visibly worried on seeing this. He sees the two having a conversation and sharing a laugh in the end.

Danny confronts Lansing about it. He then tells her to hop into his vehicle for a chat. Once inside Lansing tells Danny that she and the Captain are friends and have worked together in the past. She says the Captain shared his marital problems with her and asked for her perspective. “I think he is a good guy” Lansing says. “I think he is a rat” Danny retorts. Lansing says she understands what Danny is going through and also can understand him being paranoid, but she assures him, she isn’t his enemy. “I believe you Danny” she tells him assertively. Danny seems to believe her and says “ok”. Danny then tells her he thinks it’s some cop who he pissed off that is trying to frame him.

Danny feels the whole thing has something to do with the bookie Greer. Danny comments on how he was framed just hours after he asked for a warrant against Greer, which is the reason for Danny’s suspicion. Lansing assures Danny she will help him out. Later, Lansing manages to get a warrant and storms Greer’s home. Inside she finds Greer lying dead. Later, Erin tells Frank, the ballistics report says Greer was killed using Danny’s off-duty gun. Erin comments how, there is now murder attached to the case. Erin wants to be a part of the case but Frank tells her they can’t interfere. Later, Garrett gives Lansing a clue that the culprit might be their common acquaintance.

This prompts Lansing to call the Captain to the precinct for a meeting. Danny is also going to be a part of this meeting. “You set me up” Danny tells the Captain. He denies it outright and says that Danny is out of his mind. Danny also suggests it was the Captain who stole the gun from his home. He then shows the Captain Greer’s black book, which has the name of all his clients. Lansing and Danny suggest the Captain was searching for the book but couldn’t find it in his safe. She tells him the safe had a false bottom and the book was hidden there. “What does all this have to do with me?” the Captain asks feigning ignorance.

Danny replies by telling him how the black book has the record of every bet the Captain ever made and even dime he sunk into gambling. Lansing suggests his gambling problem caused a financial problem which in turn caused a marital problem; which was the reason why, he killed Greer and framed Danny for it. The Captain has nothing left to say and asks to see his attorney. The Sarge then places the Captain under arrest.

Later, Danny thanks Lansing for everything and she tells him she has been called back by Internal Affairs to work for them, so she will be leaving Monday morning. Later at the family dinner, Linda realizes that the whole Reagan family helped out Danny in one way or the other, with this case. The episode ends at this point.