Inside Jobs - Recap

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The episode begins with Frank watching a television broadcast about how whites are losing importance in America and other communities and religions are taking over. Frank is visibly bothered by the content of the program and asks Garrett to “turn it off”. The guy who is hosting the show and is making these statements is soon slated to come to town. The man heads a group called the “American Way”. Garrett mentions how this man created unrest in other cities that he visited earlier. Danny is assigned a new female detective named Candice. Turns out, she is a newbie. Candice is a war veteran who has served in Afghanistan. “People call me Mac” Candice tells him.

Erin is on the other hand asked to head a charity, by a society lady named Sophia, who goes by the nickname Goddess. Erin mentions that she doesn’t have a deep pocket, but Sophia argues that Erin has a wide network. Sophia believes Erin would be a “tremendous fundraiser” and “an asset at any given table”. Danny and Mac arrive at a scene, where a man was seen being thrown out of a car and driving away. The man is in a bad shape and is rushed to the hospital. A dead rat is found in the victim’s pants. Mac takes a picture on her cell phone of Danny holding the rat and smiling.

Rank is in a meeting with the leaders of the Black and Latino community, in the mayor’s office. They are discussing the visit of the talk show host Swint who Frank was watching earlier. The leaders are agitated by his visit and don’t want him coming to town. Frank has a different opinion and feels muzzling Swint will make him a hero and hence he should be allowed to come and do his thing. At the hospital Danny questions the victim who isn’t very forthcoming. The victim named Jimmy doesn’t want to file a complaint as he doesn’t want any trouble. Jimmy says if he talks things will only get worse for him. Danny before leaving hands Jimmy his number and says “I am going to find out who did this to you whether you like it or not.

But I am gonna appreciate some help”. Erin agrees to Sophia’s proposition of heading the charity. Jimmy’s liquor distributor lives on the same block Jimmy was dumped in, hence Danny and Mac question him. While they are doing so, Danny looks out of the window and sees a man trying to sabotage the owner’s truck. Danny chases after saboteur but he manages to make a getaway in a car. Danny asks Mac to run the plates of the car. The distributor admits to Danny that he has “union problems”. He reveals that a union is forcing him to join, although he doesn’t want to. Mac in the meantime gets a name and address on the plates. Frank briefs his team to keep their feelings aside while making arrangements for Swint’s visit.

Frank is then briefed about the arrangements that shall be made for his visit. Garrett informs Frank that Swint has come to pay him a visit. Frank isn’t too happy about it, but reluctantly agrees to meet him and schedules the meeting for the evening. Danny and Mac pay Richie Tomlinson the guy in whose name the getaway car is registered, a visit. The duo place Richie under arrest and haul him to the station for questioning. Frank on the other hand meets Swint. Swint thanks Frank for showing the hospitality of allowing him to be in New York. “It’s not hospitality sir, I am just doing my job” Frank says with a smile. Frank makes it clear to Swint that although he has allowed him to be in the city, it doesn’t mean he endorses his beliefs.

Frank mentions how he has been called to his office, so he can give Frank a “threat assessment”. Swint tells Frank about the kinds of threats he gets. Frank and Swint then discuss about what Swint truly believes. Swint says his position is the same as what Frank heard him say on television. Next, Swint mentions how it must be difficult for Frank to work under a mayor who is Black. Swint then goes on to make comments against Jews and immigrants. Frank apparently isn’t at all happy with the things Swint is saying, but he chooses to keep mum. At the station, Richie’s lawyer arrives before Richie can say anything to Danny. The lawyer is a man named Eddie Crumfeld, who Danny apparently knows from before. Eddie is explained the whole situation and what Richie has been brought in for.

Richie on Eddie’s prompting agrees to give Danny the nickname of the person he works for. He reveals that the person’s nickname is Goddess. Later at the Reagan family dinner, the members discuss about the 1st Amendment in the constitution, which is the right to speak. Basically, they are discussing about Swint’s right to say the things that he says. Frank admits that he has to let Swint say whatever he wants to say, as the constitution gives him the right to do so. Later, Danny discusses with Erin his case. Danny during their conversation mentions that the person who is pulling the strings, goes by the nickname Goddess. Erin is visibly shocked to hear this name, but plays it cool.

She apparently figures out that Sophia might somehow be connected with Danny’s case. Danny and Mac later get Jimmy to talk and he too mentions Goddess and the charities she is involved in. Jimmy says he doesn’t know her real name, but she is well connected and her family owns a restaurant. Jimmy basically; let some rats into a charity event being hosted by Goddess, as he had some issues with her men. Goddess assumed the distributor did it and hence sent her men to sabotage his trucks. At home, Frank tells Henry how conflicted he is that he has to protect the first amendment rights of a man like Swint. Danny on the other hand talks to Erin about Goddess and suggests that Goddess might actually be Sophia. Erin on her part admires and trusts Sophia too much to believe him.

She mentions how Sophia has clean rap sheet. Danny says they don’t have to jump to conclusions, but adds that Richie has agreed to ID Goddess. Erin is at a benefit being hosted by Goddess and hangs up without finishing the conversation. Next day, Danny tries reasoning with Erin, about Goddess, but she is still resistant to the idea and feels Richie and Jimmy are simply trying to throw Sophia under the bus. In the end, Danny manages to convince Erin to arrange for Richie to take a look at Sophia and if doesn’t recognize her she can be on her way. Later, Erin waits for Sophia at a restaurant, Danny and Richie are shown sitting in another table, waiting for Sophia to arrive. Sophia arrives and Richie immediately recognizes her.

Danny texts Erin about Richie recognizing Goddess. Danny and Mac then place Sophia under arrest. Sophia is livid and warns Erin that she will be sorry for what she has done. Frank on the other hand places a large number of cops in the venue where Swint is about to hold his conference. He makes sure that a Black police office stands guard on the stage right behind where Swint is going to sit. Swint isn’t very happy about it, but can’t do a thing. The episode ends at this point.