Men in Black - Recap

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The episode begins and Henry has arrived to meet a rabbi who is on his deathbed. The rabbi asks to talk to Henry in private. He and Henry have been friends for over 30 years. The rabbi mentions that he doesn’t trust any other man more than Henry. He wants to make his younger son the rabbi, although tradition dictates his older son should be made the rabbi. He feels his younger son is more capable. Jamie and Cruz arrest two young girls who are busy smoking pot. One of the girls named Rebecca threatens them saying they will regret arresting her, as they don’t know who her father is. The rabbi passes away and his younger son Levi takes over.

After a prayer meeting he goes in a back alley to receive a call. He tells the person on the other side that he is consoling a grieving community; hence everything else has to wait. Just then, he is stabbed multiple times in the back by someone. Levi’s body is discovered a little later. Henry who is also at the meeting rushes out and is shocked to see Levi’s dead body. Henry calls up Frank and informs him about it. Danny arrives at the scene a little later. He sees there is a detective named Woolf Landsman, who is already at the scene. He mentions that he is Hasidic and grew up in the neighborhood. Woolf mentions to Danny how closed the Hasidic are to outsiders and only follow the word of their rabbi.

The next day, Danny talks to Jacob, who has now been made the rabbi. Danny hints at the fact that Jacob is a suspect, as he despite being the elder son was not chosen to be the rabbi. Jacob reads Danny’s hint and makes it absolutely clear that he respected his father and any decision he ever made, so there is no question of him killing Levi. Jacob in fact takes great offense to the suggestion; Woolf who is also present does his best to calm down the situation. At the station Woolf tells Danny “if you push these people they will shut down”. They later check some security footage from the alley and see that Levi’s bodyguard Roth came into the alley just 53 seconds after Levi. Roth is now Jacob’s bodyguard. Frank meets with the ex-mayor of New York. He says he has a problem and wants Frank to help him with it.

He says his daughter Rebecca was arrested smoking marijuana “in the park”. He is hoping Frank can talk to the arresting officer and let her go. He also informs Frank that the arresting officer is Jamie. Woolf and Danny on the other hand bring in Roth for questioning. Frank gives Garrett a piece of paper with something written on it and asks him to run it down for him. “Strictly confidential” he tells Garrett. Roth tells Danny that Levi was alive and talking on the phone when he got into the car to go to the cemetery to bury Levi’s father. Roth isn’t ready to volunteer any other information, but Woolf in the end manages to persuade him. “Levi’s killer isn’t a part of the community” Roth says. At home, Frank has a chat with Jamie about the ex-mayor and his issue. Jamie mentions the amount of disrespect Rebecca showed him.

Frank mentions how some people are pampered and made to feel special their whole life and in the end they “start to believe it”. Mac informs Danny that there was a long blonde hair found on Levi’s groin area. Danny concludes Levi was probably having an affair, as his wife isn’t blonde. Danny finds out from one of Levi’s advisers that Levi’s girlfriend’s name is Karen Waters and she owns a shop. They have a chat with Karen and she tells them about her affair with Levi. She reveals they were in love and she wanted Levi to move in with her. But, Levi refused to do so, as he did not want to betray his people and his father’s will. Levi in fact told her that if he did such a thing, it would be “a sin against god”.

Karen was apparently heartbroken with all that Levi told her. Karen also mentions that Levi’s wife Rifka suspected he had an affair and hence wanted a divorce. Later Woolf mentions that Rifka wouldn’t have been able to get a divorce if Levi didn’t want to divorce her. Hence, there was only one other way for her to get a divorce; “the death of her husband”. Rifka is questioned and says she would never kill Levi. She says she wanted children but Levi didn’t. She also mentions that his committing a sin by cheating is her sin too. Fox fur was found on Levi’s body. Woolf says it could be from his Hasidic hat, which is usually made from expensive animal fur. They decide to pay the city’s top Hasidic hat maker named Moshe a visit. Erin has a talk with the ex-mayor and basically suggests that he let Rebecca learn from her mistake, rather than cleaning up her mess for her.

Danny and gang find out from Moshe that Levi bought the hat as a gift for his adviser Ashier Levko, around 4 years ago. Danny concludes Levko is their guy, but they need concrete proof against him before they can arrest him. Danny feels they have to get Levko to confess. Danny feels Levko will confess if they go after what Levko loves. Basically, Levko is always by Rifka’s side, so they assume Levko has a thing for Rifka, so they can get to him through her. At home, Henry tells Frank he had an older brother. But, it turns out Frank already knew, as that is the errand he had asked Garrett to run earlier. Henry says Frank’s elder brother Peter died of leukemia and he was only 18 months old when he died. Frank was born a year after that.

They are having this discussion because Frank had earlier asked Henry as to why; Henry and his mother did not have any more kids, besides him. Henry says Frank wasn’t told about Peter because his mother did not want Frank “growing up missing someone he never knew”. “Neither did I” Henry adds. Danny and gang arrest Rifka in Levko’s presence, as they know it would have the desired result. Levko asks them to stop and admits to his crime. Rifka feels Levko is making up stories to protect her but he looks into her eyes and says “I killed him”. Woolf then places him under arrest. Levko says he killed Levi because he treated Rifka like dirt. “He didn’t deserve a woman like you” he tells Rifka while he is being taken away. Rifka is livid and says “you sinned against god and you sinned against me”.

Rebecca is sentenced to a 1000 hours of community service for what she did and the ex-mayor completely supports it. He tells the court that his daughter is a wonderful girl but deserves a punishment for what she did. Later, Frank and Henry have a chat about how they both have lost a son. Henry hands Frank, Peter’s photograph. Frank fondly stares at the photo. The episode ends at this point.