Warriors - Recap

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The episode begins and Danny enters the station. The sergeant tells him about a shooting and says it's “possibly gang related”. While at it the sergeant also tells Danny he needs to work on his social skills, because he loses his cool all too often. They arrive at the crime scene and see that a 10-year-old boy named Devon Williams is the shooting victim. The victim’s distraught mother is nearby. Danny asks her if she has any idea who might have shot her son. “I don’t know” she replies. Danny is extremely disturbed by the fact that someone was cruel enough to shoot a 10-year-old kid. Frank is at a charity banquet with Garrett.

He isn’t at all comfortable being there. Garrett assures him they can make it out of there in the next 10-15 minutes. A woman walks up to Frank and introduces herself as Isabelle Nasser. Turns out, she is a famous musician and she performed at the banquet a little earlier. Frank makes conversation with her and asks her if she would be going back to her country of Turkey “tomorrow”. “I can’t go home because as soon as I set foot in my country I am going to be killed”, the woman replies. Next day, Carmen Castillo the deputy secretary from the state department pays Frank a visit. Turns out, Frank reported Isabelle’s request for asylum to authorities in Washington, which is why Carmen is at his office. Carmen wants to meet Isabelle and says she can’t seek asylum only because she had sex with an American.

Frank informs Carmen that Isabelle snuck out of her hotel to meet an American conductor and her chaperone reported it to her family in Turkey. In other words, he hints to Carmen that Isabelle would be killed for what she did, if she returns. Carmen feels Frank is overreacting and makes it clear to him that Isabelle is “the responsibility of the state department”. “You turn her over and then stay out of it” she tells Frank. At the hospital Devon’s mother tells Danny and the sergeant that, the building they live in is filled with drug dealers and gangbangers. She isn’t going to move because she doesn’t have money to do so. She feels a gangbanger might have shot Devon. Danny asks her for a name, so they could find him. “I only know the street name; Tiny Martinez” she says.

She says she tried to stop Tiny from selling drugs in her building, which is probably why he shot Devon in revenge. Later, Danny and the sergeant catch hold of Tiny. Frank on the other hand is having a chat with Isabelle. She says Carmen asked her for proof and some sort of evidence to support her claims, but says she doesn’t have any. She says her father is a man of great faith and protecting the family name, for him is more important than her life. “I’m a man of faith and I can’t imagine anything more important than protecting my kids” Frank says. “I brought shame and in my family that is unforgivable” she says. Frank assures her that he believes what she is saying. Frank says the ultimate decision would rest in the hands of the state department, but promises her that he will do everything to keep her safe.

Later, Carmen tells Frank that the Turkish government is demanding Isabelle be sent back. She says the state department can’t afford to strain relations with Turkey and hence it has to accede to Turkey’s demand. Carmen argues that Turkish laws have been amended and men who kill their female relatives for “transgressions” are severely punished. Frank in turn argues that, honor killings in Turkey have increased six times in the last few years and the amendment in laws was only to escape a UN sanction. Frank asks Carmen if she shouldn’t be protecting a woman whose life is in danger. Carmen says they have no proof that, Isabelle’s life is in danger. Carmen also admits that Isabelle’s fear is real, but says her hands are tied. In other words, Isabelle will have to be sent back whether they like it or not.

Tiny reveals to Danny that the Devon shooting was a “hit” and Devon wasn’t the target his mother Latisha was. At a press conference, Carmen officially declares to the media that Isabelle is being sent back because she is not eligible for asylum as per US immigration laws. Frank who is also at the press conference is extremely unhappy with the whole thing, but keeps quiet. At the hospital, Danny tells Latisha what Tiny told him. “Who’d want me dead?” she asks. Danny asks her about Devon’s father. She says his father was angry he lost custody, but adds that she doesn’t need to worry about him, because he is in prison. She says Daryl, Devon’s father, was sent to prison for manslaughter after getting into a fight in a bar with some guy. After he went to prison she filed for divorce and didn’t take Devon to see Daryl in prison and this drove Daryl crazy.

Later, Danny and the sergeant find out that Daryl was released from prison a week ago. Just then, Danny gets a call informing him that “Devon’s father snatched him up from the hospital”. Danny and the sergeant conclude that Daryl might go to his bungalow in Connecticut, with Devon. Danny concludes that Daryl might take a bus to Connecticut and finds out there is a bus leaving for Connecticut in the next 20 minutes. They conclude Daryl will try to leave on that bus and decide to apprehend him at the bus station, before he does so. Frank in the meantime is trying to pull a few strings to keep Isabelle in the U.S. Danny arrives at the bus station and rushes to the bus leaving for Connecticut.

The bus is stopped, just as it’s about to leave. Danny enters the bus and on seeing Danny, Daryl who is in the bus with Devon removes a gun. He tells Danny to “stay back”. Danny tries to calm Daryl down. He asks Daryl to put his gun down, but to no avail. Daryl threatens to use the gun, if Danny comes any closer. Danny says he understands how Daryl is feeling, because he too has kids of his own. “Believe me if anybody tried to keep me from them I would be pissed off too” Danny says, reasoning with Daryl. Daryl agrees with Danny and yells “no one is going to tell me that I can’t see my son”.

Danny asks Daryl to calm down and take control of his anger, before his anger takes control of him. “I need you to think about what you are doing here” Danny says. Daryl says he wants to simply take his son and leave. Danny says that’s “not going to happen today” and points out that the bus has been surrounded by a “dozen cops”. Daryl in the end calms down and asks Devon to go with Danny. He also hands over his gun to Danny. Frank manages to get Isabelle a job at the New York Philharmonic, using his connections. She therefore gets a work visa and can stay in the U.S. The episode ends at this point.